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21 Ways To Do A Social Media Detox This Year

Many years ago, I went through a phase where I was exhausted all of the time and overwhelmed by things that I didn’t even realize were overwhelming me. When I spoke about this feeling with my doctor and my therapist, both of them questioned how much time I was spending on social media and how it was affecting my mental, emotional and physical health. And that’s when I realized: I needed to do a social media detox.

Ever since then, I have mastered the art of doing a social media cleanse or break every year just in time for the new year. The main thing I like to do is clear out my followers and the people I am following. I make sure to take stock which social media apps are still useful to me and let go of the ones that are causing me more harm than good. In the end, I’ve learned 21 tips for doing a social media detox that have helped me to let go of the harmful relationships I have and to focus more on being present in the moment… Without totally giving up social media for good.

1. Go through your phone and delete any apps you haven’t used in the past 6 months.


I know many people who are what I call app hoarders. They download any and every app they think they might someday use and hang on to them for dear life. But you know what that really creates? Clutter! And, even worse, sometimes it creates various social media accounts that you never plan to use since so many apps have their own communities. But if you have an app and haven’t used it in a while, why are you keeping it on your phone? So the first step to a social media detox is to go through your phone and delete anything you don’t use. Be realistic with yourself, not aspirational. After all, you can always re-download something if you find that in three months you actually DO want to or need to use it. But you know what? In all of my years of doing this, I’ve only had to re-download an app two or three times.

2. Before deleting apps, make sure you delete your accounts on them, too.


This one is crucial because, often, we delete apps but don’t go and delete those accounts. This can create a certain amount of chaos because, for instance, I am still getting emails from my old FitBit account even though I haven’t had the device or the app in over two years. So as you are clearing your phone of all the stuff you don’t use, be sure that you delete your accounts BEFORE deleting the app… Otherwise, you will be stuck in the super awkward position of having to re-download the app just to delete it again. Or, worse, finding a customer service person to delete your account for you. What a hassle!

3. Pick your 2-3 favorite social media apps.


When going into a social media detox of cleanse, you will want to do a big thing first: Think about the apps that you truly love. What are the ones that bring you joy? Where is it that you see most of your friends and loved ones? Which apps make you smile on a regular basis? I would bet that you can’t use those descriptors for 100% of your social media apps, so this is the perfect time to let go of some of those. For me, Instagram is my favorite, followed closely by Facebook and then Twitter. Although I still maintain a Pinterest account (mostly to track recipes I want to cook), I don’t focus on it and I don’t have the app on my phone. And when it comes to new social media that springs up? Sure, I will try it but it’s crucial not to sign up for too much — so if something new comes out in four months that I just LOVE, then that means I have to delete one of the other ones that I use in order to keep to the 2-3 rule. 

4. Pick 1 app per day and take a few hours to go through who you follow.


Here’s how you detox: After you have gone through and figured out which apps are actually worthwhile to you and deleted the rest, you need to go through everyone that you follow on those apps. One thing that I have found is that I will often follow people and then forget how I know them or why I care about them. What purpose are they serving in my life? Am I actually enjoying their accounts or are they simply adding clutter to everything else? Evaluate everyone you follow in these terms. And speaking of…

5. As you go through the people you follow, check out their profiles.


Going through the profiles of the people you follow is crucial because it helps to remind you not only why you may have followed this person in the first place but also allows you to see if their profile has changed since you first followed them… And whether that change is something that you care to continue looking at on a daily basis. Maybe it’s not and that’s okay. Be real with yourself, your likes and dislikes, your interests and who you truly care about. Especially because…

6. If looking at someone’s profile makes you feel ANYTHING bad, evaluate why.


Here’s where the word “detox” really comes in handy in your social media quest for the new year. When you are going through all of the people you follow on social media and reviewing their profiles again, are there any people that make you feel not-so-great? Are there any people that you know you are mostly following because you are jealous of their life? Is there anyone that you’re following that make you feel as if your life isn’t enough? Is there anyone that you follow who you do so out of obligation or because you love to hate-follow them? Think about all of these issues, and then…

7. Then, act accordingly: Delete, unfollow or silence them.


Seriously. This might be one of my best pieces of advice but you DO NOT need that kind of negativity staring at you every single day from your phone (or wherever else you access social media). Sure, you might secretly like to feel a bit bad about yourself because someone else has a better life than you but, ultimately, you aren’t doing yourself any favors here. It’s nice to get an extra kick in the butt for motivation when you follow a friend who seems to be a couple steps ahead of you. But, in general, we follow a lot of people on social media who ultimately make us feel less-than. If someone you follow makes you feel as if you are not measuring up, then why are you even following them? Take action steps now and delete, unfollow or silence those people so that you no longer see their content unless you choose to actively seek it out.

8. Do this on all of your accounts, one by one.


Repeat steps 5-7  on all of your social media accounts, one by one. I know it may be a hassle and take you a long time but that’s why I recommend taking a whole day to do this kind of clearing out for each social media account. I know it can take a while. In fact, it takes hours. Many, many hours. Make sure that you clear your schedule or do this on a day when you don’t have much else going on. My recommendation is to put on a favorite movie trilogy (Hunger Games, anyone?) and start your social media detox ASAP.

9. Next, go through the people that follow YOU and note if any of them make you feel uncomfortable.


Just as you want to make sure that you are not following anyone that makes you feel icky, you’ll want to make sure that the same can be said for the people that follow you. Although you don’t always have tons of control over this, sometimes you do. You can block people or delete them from your page. You know there’s at least a couple people that come to mind immediately when you think of doing this. For me, it’s usually some dude that not-so-subtly tries to hit on me on various social media channels. This is creepy and weird and, yes, you better believe I deleted that guy.

10. Figure out WHY you like to use social media.


A bit part of a social media detox or cleanse is going back to the basics and figuring out why exactly it is that you like to use social media. This can be a much more complicated question than we often give it credit for. Are you using it to keep up with old friends? To see what the family is up? All of that is good. But what else? What are you getting out of social media that you might not be getting out of your real life? What are you getting out of social media that you can’t get out of a catch-up phone call or texting more often with your college bestie? Examine these reasons and figure out whether social media is ultimately really adding to your life in a positive way.

11. But also journal about whether it’s causing you any mental anguish.


Look, I’ll be honest: Social media can be great and wonderful but it can also be tricky and problematic. There are people that you might be following or that follow you who aren’t the best for your mental health (though, hopefully, you would have deleted them by now as outlined in the steps above!). When you are thinking about what social media truly brings to your life, you need to also think about whether it is causing you any real issues. Is it making your anxiety worse? Is it making you depressed? Is it making you feel as if you are not enough? I find it really helpful to journal about these feelings in order to get to the bottom of them so that they can help you evaluate whether social media is doing more harm than good in your life.

12. Decide if you need to do a social media break, too.


After you’ve gone through and figured out what the positives and negatives of social media in your life, you are now more equipped to figure out if you need an actual break. I like to think of a social media detox as the steps above, where you clear yourself of people you shouldn’t be following and figure out whether it’s really adding to your life, but sometimes you need to go a step further and take an actual social media break. Is this something that you feel you might want to do? A good way to try it might be to delete some more social media apps off your phone and only access them when you are on the computer. Another idea might be to dedicate a week (or even a month!) to not checking ANY social media channels and see if that improves your life in whatever way you need it to improve right now.

13. Tell your friends.


Here’s where you can expand your social media detox beyond just yourself. It’s important to tell your friends about what you are going through and your reasons for cutting back on social media, deleting certain accounts or just taking a week-long break. Why? For one, some of your friends may be able to relate or tell you stories of their own social media breaks. Other friends might learn a thing or two, so you may inspire them. And ultimately, you probably WANT to keep in touch with them, right? So tell them about your social media detox in an effort to talk to them more offline and less on Facebook messenger.

14. Take the time to discover new interests or reconnect with old ones.


Here’s where a social media detox can really help you in a big way: Since you are spending less time online and with your phone, you should, in theory, have time to devote to other things. Is there a business idea you’ve always wanted to try? Or is there an old interest that you’ve meant to go back to for years and just haven’t had the time? Whatever it is, I bet you can think of at least two or three things that you don’t currently “have time for” because you likely spend more on social media than you’d like to admit. Well, thanks to your social media detox, you should be able to have more time for hobbies outside of the online world.

15. Plan to be more present in the moment.


One of the best parts of having less social media in your life is that you can now devote more time to just being in the moment. Yes, that partially includes hobbies (see above) and time with friends (also see above) but that can also mean a lot of other things. For instance, do you find yourself reaching for your phone every time you Netflix and chill? Or are you mindlessly scrolling through Instagram while having dinner? All of these things are taking you out of enjoying the movie or enjoying the simple pleasures of eating a nice dinner. So, stop it. Now that you have less social media to focus on, you can focus on the things that really matter.

16. If you aren’t taking a break, then plan to put your phone down at a certain time.


Even if you aren’t taking a social media break for a week, you can still cut back on your social media use. Not only will you likely automatically cut back on social media when you follow the steps above to reduce the number of people you follow but you can also take steps to be more mindful of social media consumption. For instance, are you checking your phone while out to dinner with a friend or during movie previews? That would be a good time to put your phone down. One of the best things I started doing after my husband and I met is that we both started putting our phones down when we started dinner. Once dinner is on the table, our phones are gone and they do not reappear again until we are going to bed. Why is this such a great idea? Well, for me, it gives me some much-needed time with my partner and several hours when I am thinking about nothing else but my own happiness… And not checking my email or Instagram obsessively like I used to.

17. Leave your phone at home next time you do something outside.


Here’s a novel idea: Try leaving your house without your phone at your side. I know what you’re going to say: But that’s impossible! Is it, though? If you are going somewhere that you know how to get to, do you really need your phone for directions? If you are meeting up with a friend, do you really need your phone at your side to tell your bestie that you’ll be 5 minutes late? Honestly, she probably won’t even notice. Try it. Within reason, of course, but it IS possible to leave the house without your phone and the ability to check social media 24/7. Trust me, you might even like it.

18. Stop and think: Am I just #DoingItForTheGram?


Are you just doing it for the likes on Instagram, or whatever your preferred social media outlet is? It’s okay. We have all fallen into this trap of stopping and doing something (or not doing something) because of how it will appear on our social media channels. Even if you are mostly following friends and keeping your social media private, you’re still projecting some sort of image on social media. And while the basic concept of that is okay, what you shouldn’t be doing is investing your valuable time and, even worse, money into projecting an image that isn’t you. This is where the #doingitforthegram hashtag comes in and, if you find that you are doing more of that than not, then you might want to evaluate why.

19. Call your friend.


Did you see something on Facebook and immediately want to tell your bestie about it, so you went to go send it to her on FB messenger…. Only to realize that you’ve made a commitment to do less social media in 2019, and now what? Well, here’s an idea: Call her! Every time that you see something on social media that reminds you of a loved one, reach out to them. Don’t smile and think, “oh man, Johanna would love that.” Instead, send it to her and give her a call to talk about it. Don’t wait. Reconnecting with the people you truly care about is one of the reasons you’re doing a social media cleanse in the first place, isn’t it?

20. STOP with the comparing.


Comparing yourself to others on social media is the number one reason why a lot of us want a social media detox and a reason why a lot of really NEED to take a social media break. It’s easy to compare yourself to the perfect lives that everyone projects on social media. But that’s the thing about it: You’re looking at that person’s highlight real. Most of us don’t post photos on social media where we look scruffy or our hair is unwashed or we’ve been crying or dealing with family drama. Most of us keep quiet about those moments, continuing to post gorgeous photos of our latest travel adventures or favorite dish that we are or cooked. But that’s not reality, and you need to keep that in mind. Don’t compare your real life to someone else’s highlights. It will get you nowhere fast, which is why I highly recommend that you don’t follow the people that make you particularly feel bad when comparing yourself to them. 

21. Trade your FOMO in for JOMO.


It seems as if everyone experiences FOMO, the fear of missing out, these days and a lot of that is because of social media. You know it and I know it. It’s almost impossible to look at social media and not feel a sense of jealousy or wonder over what someone you know or follow is doing… and wish that you were doing the same thing. My main culprit? Travel. Some of my friends get to travel a lot more than I do and I can’t help but feel jealous of that, I admit. But you know what you can embrace instead? JOMO. That stands for the JOY of missing out. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that there are a lot of great things about missing out, including having more money in the bank account and better mental health. So focus on those things first, embrace JOMO and let go of FOMO.

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Babies Trying Pan Dulce For the First Time is the Instagram Content We Didn’t Know We Needed


Babies Trying Pan Dulce For the First Time is the Instagram Content We Didn’t Know We Needed

There are few things more delicioso than pan dulce. Whether it’s served with café con leche or grabbed as a quick breakfast indulgence, it really is the perfect treat. This variety of sweet bread has become a big part of the Latinidad.

When we’re talking pan dulce, conchas, puerquitos, orejas and empanadas are just a few of the mouthwatering options. No matter which sweet bread is your fav, you can relive your first taste over and over again with every fresh bite.

Thanks to social media, we can also see the adorableness that comes with baby’s first sweet bread. Hashtags like #BabysFirstConcha or #BabySweetBread are where to go to find cute pics of babies taking their first bites of sweet pan dulce.

Here are some super cute pictures of babies eating their first pan dulce.

1. Enjoy your matching concha, preciosa.

Instagram / @alanah.aya

Just like the color pink, conchas are perfect for every occasion. This little preciosa doesn’t hold back as she takes a mighty chomp out of her pan dulce. From the looks of it, this first bite won’t be her last. Enjoy, mija.

2. Matching concha costume = GOALS.

Instagram / @gr_twins

Pan dulce-themed birthday parties are now a thing — and we really wish they were back when we were kids. What better way to celebrate your special day than to dress like your favorite food. That frosting-covered face confirms how awesome pan dulce birthdays can be.

3. You don’t need teeth to enjoy pan dulce.

Instagram / @nadyaaglae

Not having teeth doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the goodness that is pan dulce. If you’re a babe taking your first bite, just working that sweet treat with the gums you’ve been given is good enough. Just imagine how much pan dulce this cutie will take down once he actually gets those baby teeth in.

4. Just a little nibble for now.

Instagram / @ainsley_belle_511

While some babies might go mouth-first into their conchas, this little lady prefers to nibble. In her matching concha onesie, this sweetie is more proper with her first bite. However, once she gets a taste, there’s no doubt this little conchita will go pan dulce-crazy.

5. That smile says she knows this is going to be good.

Instagram / @lapasteleriadesofia

Look at the awe on her face. Look at that little grin. This baby knows she’s got something special in front of her. This pic was taken before the big chomp but that look on her face tells us it’s coming soon.

6. Nothing beats twinning with your pan dulce.

Instagram / @gr_twins

Can you really claim conchas are your favorite food if you don’t regularly dress up like them. Twinning with your favorite pan dulce is an awesome look no matter what day it is. Top it off with a concha cake and you’ve got a party.

7. Pan dulce: the perfect party food.

Instagram / @shopoliposa

Piñatas and decorations are all well and good, but a real party needs one more ingredient — pan dulce. This little lady knows what’s up as she snacks on her vanilla concha. What’s even better is the absolutely gorgeous photoshoot she had to immortalize her first bite.

8. If you are what you eat, eat lots of conchas

Instagram / @kaylaa_baylaa1

Have you ever seen a cuter conchita in your life? The answer is obviously no. This giggly little sweet bread is just as lovable as the pan dulce that she’s dressed as. Of course, her happy face could have something to do with all that colorful sugar.

9. Sweet like pan dulce.

Instagram / @madamemariposa

Those sweet, soulful eyes and that face buried into a soft concha are guaranteed to make you say, “Awwww.” This adorable shot doesn’t need any extra props or colorful backgrounds to make us swoon. If you don’t have baby fever yet, you probably do now.

10. Waiting for the sugar to kick in like…

Instagram / @normlone

Her face is telling us a lot. Namely that this little chula is lost in the flavor of her delicious pan dulce. We can admit that this state of pre-sugar high is super relatable. At least baby will be able to enjoy a nice nap after that sugar hits.

11. When you can’t wait to get home to start digging in.

Instagram / @aandylove

Sometimes you can’t wait to get home from the panderia before you start digging into the pan dulce. This sweetheart didn’t even wait to get out of her car seat to start snacking. Also, did anyone else notice that this concha is as big as her head? That’s a big project she’s working on.

12. Conchas are serious business.

Instagram / @lamonarcabakery

Although this little preciosa has a serious look on her face, those puffed out cheeks give away her secret. They’re stuffed with yummy concha. She’s obviously contemplating which piece of pan dulce she should take down next.

13. Go ahead and take a big bite, mija!

Instagram / @tres.marias.and.mama

For her “Coco”-themed birthday party, this little cutie has everything from flower crowns to guitars to complete that mood. Of course that means she also has the ultimate treat, pan dulce. We wonder if she waited to blow out the candles before she dug in.

14. We know that feeling, baby girl.

Instagram / @rlocreativedesign

That feeling when the pan dulce hits that sweet craving just right. This little cutie looks like she’s experiencing just a bit of euphoria with that first bite. The matching concha tee and pink tutu really complete this adorable look.

15. Her face says it all.

Instagram / @little_mia_sanchez

As perfect as pan dulce is, it’s also pretty messy. However, that mess is just proof that you’re thoroughly enjoying that sweet treat. This baby isn’t at all worried about the sugary mess on her face; she’s got her eyes on the prize.

16. Never too young for pan.

Instagram / @mrs.sotelo.official_

While many babies have pan dulce parties for their first or second birthdays, this little lady just couldn’t wait. As a celebration for her nine month b-day, she not only had a taste of delicious pan dulce, she also had a little photoshoot to commemorate it. After all, you’re never too young for this sweetness.

17. Now that’s a mouthful!

Instagram / @truegrumpybaby

Some babies nibble, some take a practice bite before they jump in. This baby isn’t afraid to take the plunge and go at it with a big ol’ bite. We hope he approaches every challenge in his life with the same bravery and commitment.

18. La Princesa de Conchas.

Instagram / @concha_bunny

First of all, we LOVE this look. Secondly, this little princesa looks absolutely in love with that sweet bread. No doubt, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between conchas and this little cutie pie.

19. The look of true love.

Instagram / @iscjuanita

This sweet smile can only mean one thing: this little one is in love with pan dulce. The sweet simplicity of her first bites is what this list is all about. It’s a reminder of what pan dulce is all about: sugar, bread, and all things good in this world.

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21 Small Things You Can Start Doing Today To Better Yourself

hide from home

21 Small Things You Can Start Doing Today To Better Yourself

It’s a new year and, for a lot of us, that means resolutions to lose weight, save money or finally embrace the single life. But I’m not a New Year’s resolutions person primarily because I have learned that, time and again, they simply don’t work for most people. What does work, however, is making small changes that dramatically improve your life over time.

When I started making small changes myself (like going to bed earlier and eating more veggies), I discovered a great resource on reddit. Sure, you might have some bigger goals that you are going after in 2019 but there are also a ton of small things that you can do right now — as in TODAY! — to be a better you. If you’re hoping that 2019 will be your best year yet (and who isn’t?), here are 21 small things that you can start doing right away to become your best self in no time.

1. Make a budget and stick to it.


As someone who has over $150,000 in debt, you might think that I am terrible at my finances but the truth is that I have spent the better part of the past couple of years trying to figure it out. The #1 lesson I’ve learned (and something which has especially helped me over the holidays) is to make a budget and stick to it. I prefer the YNAB app but there are tons out there that you can try. If you want to jumpstart your 2019, then this is definitely the first thing you should do.

2. Write down the stuff you’ve been putting off and schedule yourself time specifically to get them done.


We all have that stuff on our list but having in only in your mind causes extra anxiety. Take some time to write down everything you need to get done on a sheet of paper then, little by little, start doing it. Having it written down and out of your head will definitely help with actually doing it instead of just stressing about it.

3. Forgive your past self and learn from your previous mistakes.


This one is going to take time but it’s something that you can slowly work towards in 2019. We are constantly beating ourselves up for one thing or another but there’s a lot you can do to let go. If there’s something particularly deep or painful that you are dealing with, then I suggest getting a therapist or subscribing to one of the many talk therapy apps out there.

4. Call your loved ones, especially the ones who have loved you even through your shit times.


It’s nice to have people to depend on and it is especially nice to have those people through the good times and the bad. However, if you only reach out to your friends and family when you are dealing with something tough, they will begin to feel used. Instead, make an effort to keep in touch at any time of time… and don’t forget to ask them how they’re doing as well.

5. Take deep, controlled breaths.


There are several different breathing exercises you can do but a favorite of mine is to breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for eight seconds, then breathe out for seven seconds. If you are having a major anxiety episode or just feeling stressed out, this can be a great thing to do at the moment.

6. Allocate time more directly to the maintenance of body and home.


Your body is your temple and your home is where you keep it, so it would make sense that you should treat them well. This means improving your diet (eating more veggies!) and scheduling the time to improve your home (new paint, getting those curtains you’ve been meaning to buy, etc).

7. Give someone else a compliment at least once a day.


This is something that can improve your life as well as the lives of others. If you strive to give someone else a compliment at least once a day, you’ll feel better and so will they. It doesn’t even have to be anything major since you can start with something small like “nice shoes” or “I like your hair.”

8. Do your dishes before you go to bed.


This one is small and kind of silly but trust me when I say it can really help. I’ve been making sure to do my dishes (or have my husband do them) every night before we go to bed and it has seriously helped with stress in the mornings. That is one less thing that I have to do when I wake up and having a clean kitchen is always nice.

9. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.


This is a piece of advice you have probably heard over and over again but there’s a reason for that: It truly helps! You don’t have to make a huge point of doing something big but even taking a walk or doing some at-home yoga can count as your daily exercise.

10. Set a sleep schedule and try to stick with it.


This is by far the best thing I have done for myself in the past year or so. After reading the book Why We Sleep, I completely revolutionized my sleep schedule and now go to bed fairly early (though that’s not necessary) and make sure to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night (which is the most important thing). Seriously, this is a MUST for all humans since lack of sleep causes so many physical and mental problems.

11. Make more time to hang out with friends and be there for them.


Just as your friends are there for you, you should be there for them. Spending a bit more time with them this year will definitely bring some added happiness to your life. It doesn’t have to be a ton of time if you don’t have it to spare but trust me when I say that more time with friends will help you be a healthier, stronger person overall.

12. Read a book for at least 10 minutes a day.


This is something that can help you a lot since there is always some new book to read and something new to discover. I know that many of us set reading goals every year and this small change will help to make that reading goal a reality. After all, 10 minutes a day is quick.

13. Take care of your mental health.


A key way that you can improve your life is to devote as much time to your mental health as you do to your physical health (see above). You can seek out a therapist (I highly recommend this) or engage in apps that can help. You can meditate (see below) and figure out what you need in your own self-care routine in order to help your mind… Whatever it is, figure out how to improve your mental state and DO IT.

14. Start putting $20 away from each paycheck into a savings account.


Guess how much you will not miss a simple $20 from your paycheck every other week? You won’t. It is truly a small amount that can end up adding up in the end. Just think: If you do this, assuming you get paid every other week, you will have $520 in your savings account at the end of the year.

15. Take a break from screens every so often.


I know it’s funny to read this as you are staring at a screen right now but this is truly something that can help. Not only can it improve your mental health (see above) but it can also help with some of your smaller goals, like more reading (also above) or having the time to meditate (see below).

16. Drink more water.


This one’s simple. Drink more water, period. I highly recommend getting a gallon-sized water bottle that you can refill in order to track that you are drinking a good amount every day. I got one a couple of months ago and I am definitely feeling MUCH better about my water consumption these days.

17. Start meditating.


Meditation is something that I have been meaning to try for ages and it’s always difficult for me to keep up… but I also know how much it helps. Not only does it help others with their focus needs but also with their mental health. As someone who has anxiety, meditation has helped tremendously. The best part is that you can easily do it for free or try one of the various meditation apps out there, all of which have content that is free (though most also have memberships to access premium content).

18. Spend 5 minutes tidying up in the room you are in.


This is yet another thing that can really help you and add up in the long run. If you have a messy home, then you will especially benefit from this one. All you need to do is spend five minutes a day cleaning up after yourself. That could mean vacuuming that room (we both know it won’t take you more than 5 minutes) or picking up everything off the floors or wiping down the surfaces.

19. Start your day with some stretching exercises.


Stretching is a great exercise to get your blood pumping in the morning. You only truly need a few minutes a day in order to do this but it’s something that will get you more energized. You can incorporate this into your regular exercise routine, too.

20. Brush your teeth twice a day.


I often forget to brush my teeth at night, sadly, but dental hygiene is VERY important. Flossing is an important part of it, too, but especially brushing morning and night can help in the long run.

21. Put moisturizer with some SPF on your face.


I live in Florida and yet always forget to put on moisturizer. Well, sadly, it’s beginning to show. A friend recently commented that my skin is looking dry and I realized that this is the cause. You should especially do this in the winter if you live in dryer climates but don’t forget the SPF. That will help with the overall look of your skin… And, let’s face it, it’ll help you look less old in the long run.

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