21 Ways To Do A Social Media Detox This Year

credit: luv_mylif/Instagram

Many years ago, I went through a phase where I was exhausted all of the time and overwhelmed by things that I didn’t even realize were overwhelming me. When I spoke about this feeling with my doctor and my therapist, both of them questioned how much time I was spending on social media and how it was affecting my mental, emotional and physical health. And that’s when I realized: I needed to do a social media detox.

Ever since then, I have mastered the art of doing a social media cleanse or break every year just in time for the new year. The main thing I like to do is clear out my followers and the people I am following. I make sure to take stock which social media apps are still useful to me and let go of the ones that are causing me more harm than good. In the end, I’ve learned 21 tips for doing a social media detox that have helped me to let go of the harmful relationships I have and to focus more on being present in the moment… Without totally giving up social media for good.

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