Demi Lovato Lays Into Time Magazine For Making Donald Trump Runner-Up ‘Person Of The Year’

credit: @ddlovato

Anyone who has ever even momentarily fangirled over Demi Lovato shouldn’t need to listen to her “Sorry Not Sorry” hit to figure out how unapologetic she can be when it comes to expressing her opinion. From calling out big names for exploiting the feminist movement to criticizing celebs who bully, Lovato has a history of putting people in their place when she feels things should be set straight. Her latest strike on Time Magazine is no exception. After the publication gave its “Person Of The Year” title to the women of the #MeToo movement, it looped Donald Trump (the title’s runner-up bearer) with the millions of honored victims.

It didn’t take long for Demo Lovato to call out the magazine for what she’s calling a hypocritical move.

Time has resolved that it’s POTY pick has always been “for better or for worse,” about the year’s most impactful person.

Last year, the magazine’s decision to put Trump on the cover of its annual issue was met with quite a bit of shade. This year the magazine is being hit similar complaints of displeasure after putting it’s much celebrated “Silence Breakers” alongside the same self-admitted assailant. 

In a series of tweets, Lovato slammed the magazine for making the women of #MeToo share a page with the country’s commander-in-chief.

After all, while men of high power are quickly being picked off across industries for sexual misconduct allegations, a man with 16 accusers remains at his spot in the Oval Office

Despite what she described as her better judgement, Lovato spoke up against the magazine’s “disrespect toward the women” on the cover.

In her mind, Lovato thinks the issue should have based its criteria for the selection on different standards.

Time has remained steadfast in its decision to grant Trump the runner-up title by highlighting how he has “changed the rules of the presidency” in his first administration year.

Following her string of shutdowns, Lovato’s followers gave her some back up with opinions of their own.

Some disputed Time’s notion that the title acts less like an honor but more as a recognition of a person’s impact.

Some have even argued that Time’s pic is problematic solely for the reason that the egomaniac in the White House seems to take it seriously as an honor.

Others expressed their dismay at seeing Trump receive another big title from the magazine for a second year in row.

Of course, most of us aren’t feeling so peachy about having to endure another image with Donald Trump’s face splashed across it. Still, it’s worth mentioning Time did do it’s job in highlighting Trump’s role as a harasser in the stories cover story on the #MeToo movement at eight different points.

It’s not exactly the rip we would have served him if we had our hands on the issue’s final draft, but there’s always next year.


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