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On International Women’s Day, The Freeform Network Bleeped Out Every Instance Of The S-Word. No, Not That One

As the world celebrated International Women’s Day with social posts honoring the women activists, artists, and general badasses that fight for equality and inclusivity, one television network used the day to do something all women need to do – ban the word “sorry” from their vocabulary.

Freeform, the network that regularly gifts its viewers with Harry Potter marathons and viewings of “Bring it On,” observed Women’s Day by bleeping out every time a woman said “sorry” for something she didn’t need to apologize for during the entire day’s programming.

During every TV show and movie aired, they kept a “sorry count,” giving movies like “Love and Basketball” and “Miss Congeniality” a final sorry score.

Glee / Fox

Interesting, right? That score served as a reminder of how often women apologize though they’ve done no wrong, and how normalized its become that our favorite movies and shows reinforce it without us even noticing.

The network also created an accompanying social media campaign, using #NotSorry and encouraging women to share exactly what they’re not sorry for.

And in case anyone needed help understanding what they should and shouldn’t be sorry about, Freeform shared a handy flowchart.

Viewers were all about it, getting in on the #NotSorry spirit by tweeting out all the things they aren’t sorry for.

As women, we’re trained early in our lives to apologize for all matter of things, denying our feelings and often our existence. But that has to stop.

How often do we start a question with “I’m sorry, but”? Or move out of the way when a man is walking in front of us, saying “sorry” as we make room for them? Or apologize when we state an opinion or when someone else interrupts us? Or feel guilt and apologize when we make a decision that means something great for our lives and careers?

Being constantly apologetic about the things we say and do — and even what we don’t say or do — implies we’ve done something wrong simply by existing. It leads to an erasure of our humanity.

Men are taught that their success comes from being bold and claiming what they deserve — from not allowing anything to hold them back and being unapologetic about it. They’re rewarded for it, while women are often punished or deemed difficult for the same thing. Bold women have their femininity and even their gender and sexuality questioned when they follow the same social standards.

The double standard is old and tired, and no longer has a place in our world. And as women fight for social, economic, and political gender parity, one of the things that absolutely must go is saying “sorry.”

Freeform taking the time to remind us that we don’t have to, nor should apologize for living is exactly what we needed on International Women’s Day.

So say it with me one last time, and loud so everyone in the back can hear it too:


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Are you tired of apologizing? Tell us: What are you definitely not sorry for?

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