This Is What You Need To Get Ready For This Weekend’s Women’s March

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The 2017 Women’s March — the largest single-day protest in U.S. history — showed the world that women are present in the revolution, and after a year of resisting — with plenty of feminist wins — on Jan. 20, the second nationwide demonstration will relay the message that we’re not going anywhere.

For those hoping to spread a personal notita to humankind as they take to the streets for the 2018 Women’s March, a protest sign is a must. Here, a little poster inspo for the raging Latina feminists who know that calladita no te ves más bonita.

1. Tell Trump that he — not Haiti, Central America or Africa — is the real “shithole.”

2. Get protesters hip to the intersections of reproductive justice and immigrant rights.

3. Remind people that your power stems from the innermost parts of your full panza.

4. Express your whole multidimensional self.

5. Retire that “act like a lady” BS.

6. Let the world know that revolutions always have and always will need women.

7. Form a chingona sisterhood.

#womensmarchlasvegas #fighttrumpeveryday #chingonasunidas?????

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8. Include your abuelita.

Abuelitas ?✊?

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9. Welcome mujeres to the movement just as they are.

One love ?????????? @womensmarch #womensmarathon #soulsister #Alia

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10. Inspire them to see their capabilities, strength and invincibility.

1/21/17 Women's March #3

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11. Let Washington know that you can’t be silenced.

12. That you ain’t leaving.

13. And that your resistance was alive in your ancestors and will continue burning in your descendants, because it just can’t die.

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Have a great idea for your sign? Let us know in the comments!