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This Instagram Queen Claps Back At Her Online Harassers And It’s Beautifully Savage

Online dating can be a nightmare for women. A 2013 report by the Pew Research Center found that 42 percent of women experience harassment when online dating. Compare that to the 17 percent of men the study reports have experienced harassment, and it’s clear to see there’s a major disparity. Bottom line: harassment and misogyny, both online and IRL, are very real and very prevalent in women’s lives at an alarmingly high rate.

Yesika Salgado won’t stand for that shit. The self-proclaimed “fat, fly poet” and activist has been clapping back at the men who slide into her DMs with gross messages, and it’s glorious.

Yesika Salgado. Photo credit: Aaron Solórzano

She posts the screenshots of the interactions on her Instagram page to teach these harassers a lesson.

Credit: @yesikastarr/Instagram

“There’s three different points that I’m making with this,” she explains. “1. I’m validating every woman’s experience. 2. I’m showing men how other men behave with women. 3. I’m showing how fat women of color are overly sexualized. My goal is to open up the conversation.”

The messages she receives often vary from overtly sexual…

Credit: @yesikastarr/Instagram

To seemingly well-intentioned until they’re, well, not.

0 to damn homie

A post shared by Yesika Salgado (@yesikastarr) on

Sometimes they’re just creepy af.

We found love in a hopeless place

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And other times they’re entitled, rude and can’t handle rejection.

Cara de melón partido

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The men she calls out often find her posts, and aren’t too happy about being put on blast for the world to see. However, posting the DMs make her feel like a “vigilante” seeking justice for women who experience harassment.

“I just tell them if you weren’t fucking up I wouldn’t have anything to post,” she says.

Even so, some men place the blame on her,  asking her what she’s doing to solicit these messages.

Credit: @yesikastarr/Instagram

“They’ll ask, ‘What do your pictures look like?’ or ‘What are you wearing in your pictures? Why are you on there if you don’t like what they tell you?'” she says. “Because I’m a fat woman, people think I should be thankful men are interested in me.”

There was one guy whose messages she hadn’t answered, to which he responded by calling her “fat” and insinuating she was obligated to respond to him.

“What the dumb ass didn’t know is he had his Instagram linked on his page, so I tagged him on an Instagram post,” she says. “My followers found his sisters and tagged them to see if they knew of their brother’s behavior.”

Unfortunately, the sisters took the opportunity to attempt a lesson on politeness.

“They defended him, saying I should have been nice enough to answer,” she says.

Saldago says her size plays a huge role in how she’s treated by men online.

Credit: @yesikastarr/Instagram

When her sister was also online dating, the messages she would receive were way different in tone than the ones Salgado got, even when those messages were from the same guys. While the two look alike, Salgado’s sister is smaller.

“With me it was ‘Do you suck dick” or “Are you down to fuck.” Those type of things. Or always referring to me as BBW, which is used in fetishizing,” she says. “And with my sister it was ‘Hello, how are you,” ‘You have a beautiful smile” or referencing anything she actually wrote in her profile.”

It’s these realities of online dating life she wants to call attention to, and Salgado hopes her posts will encourage men to call out their male friends.

When her male friends get angry about the screenshots or nasty comments from guys on her Instagram page, she turns it around on them.

“Men only care by ownership, whether it’s their mother, daughter or sister,” she says. “But when you ask them if they stop their friends from catcalling, they don’t have an answer.”

It’s time they not only have an answer, but they do the work to keep all women safe online and off. In the meantime, Salgado will keep clapping back and calling out the misogynists.

“We have to be able to laugh sometimes,” she says. “As a woman, how else would we be able to exist?”

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Babies Trying Pan Dulce For the First Time is the Instagram Content We Didn’t Know We Needed


Babies Trying Pan Dulce For the First Time is the Instagram Content We Didn’t Know We Needed

There are few things more delicioso than pan dulce. Whether it’s served with café con leche or grabbed as a quick breakfast indulgence, it really is the perfect treat. This variety of sweet bread has become a big part of the Latinidad.

When we’re talking pan dulce, conchas, puerquitos, orejas and empanadas are just a few of the mouthwatering options. No matter which sweet bread is your fav, you can relive your first taste over and over again with every fresh bite.

Thanks to social media, we can also see the adorableness that comes with baby’s first sweet bread. Hashtags like #BabysFirstConcha or #BabySweetBread are where to go to find cute pics of babies taking their first bites of sweet pan dulce.

Here are some super cute pictures of babies eating their first pan dulce.

1. Enjoy your matching concha, preciosa.

Instagram / @alanah.aya

Just like the color pink, conchas are perfect for every occasion. This little preciosa doesn’t hold back as she takes a mighty chomp out of her pan dulce. From the looks of it, this first bite won’t be her last. Enjoy, mija.

2. Matching concha costume = GOALS.

Instagram / @gr_twins

Pan dulce-themed birthday parties are now a thing — and we really wish they were back when we were kids. What better way to celebrate your special day than to dress like your favorite food. That frosting-covered face confirms how awesome pan dulce birthdays can be.

3. You don’t need teeth to enjoy pan dulce.

Instagram / @nadyaaglae

Not having teeth doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the goodness that is pan dulce. If you’re a babe taking your first bite, just working that sweet treat with the gums you’ve been given is good enough. Just imagine how much pan dulce this cutie will take down once he actually gets those baby teeth in.

4. Just a little nibble for now.

Instagram / @ainsley_belle_511

While some babies might go mouth-first into their conchas, this little lady prefers to nibble. In her matching concha onesie, this sweetie is more proper with her first bite. However, once she gets a taste, there’s no doubt this little conchita will go pan dulce-crazy.

5. That smile says she knows this is going to be good.

Instagram / @lapasteleriadesofia

Look at the awe on her face. Look at that little grin. This baby knows she’s got something special in front of her. This pic was taken before the big chomp but that look on her face tells us it’s coming soon.

6. Nothing beats twinning with your pan dulce.

Instagram / @gr_twins

Can you really claim conchas are your favorite food if you don’t regularly dress up like them. Twinning with your favorite pan dulce is an awesome look no matter what day it is. Top it off with a concha cake and you’ve got a party.

7. Pan dulce: the perfect party food.

Instagram / @shopoliposa

Piñatas and decorations are all well and good, but a real party needs one more ingredient — pan dulce. This little lady knows what’s up as she snacks on her vanilla concha. What’s even better is the absolutely gorgeous photoshoot she had to immortalize her first bite.

8. If you are what you eat, eat lots of conchas

Instagram / @kaylaa_baylaa1

Have you ever seen a cuter conchita in your life? The answer is obviously no. This giggly little sweet bread is just as lovable as the pan dulce that she’s dressed as. Of course, her happy face could have something to do with all that colorful sugar.

9. Sweet like pan dulce.

Instagram / @madamemariposa

Those sweet, soulful eyes and that face buried into a soft concha are guaranteed to make you say, “Awwww.” This adorable shot doesn’t need any extra props or colorful backgrounds to make us swoon. If you don’t have baby fever yet, you probably do now.

10. Waiting for the sugar to kick in like…

Instagram / @normlone

Her face is telling us a lot. Namely that this little chula is lost in the flavor of her delicious pan dulce. We can admit that this state of pre-sugar high is super relatable. At least baby will be able to enjoy a nice nap after that sugar hits.

11. When you can’t wait to get home to start digging in.

Instagram / @aandylove

Sometimes you can’t wait to get home from the panderia before you start digging into the pan dulce. This sweetheart didn’t even wait to get out of her car seat to start snacking. Also, did anyone else notice that this concha is as big as her head? That’s a big project she’s working on.

12. Conchas are serious business.

Instagram / @lamonarcabakery

Although this little preciosa has a serious look on her face, those puffed out cheeks give away her secret. They’re stuffed with yummy concha. She’s obviously contemplating which piece of pan dulce she should take down next.

13. Go ahead and take a big bite, mija!

Instagram / @tres.marias.and.mama

For her “Coco”-themed birthday party, this little cutie has everything from flower crowns to guitars to complete that mood. Of course that means she also has the ultimate treat, pan dulce. We wonder if she waited to blow out the candles before she dug in.

14. We know that feeling, baby girl.

Instagram / @rlocreativedesign

That feeling when the pan dulce hits that sweet craving just right. This little cutie looks like she’s experiencing just a bit of euphoria with that first bite. The matching concha tee and pink tutu really complete this adorable look.

15. Her face says it all.

Instagram / @little_mia_sanchez

As perfect as pan dulce is, it’s also pretty messy. However, that mess is just proof that you’re thoroughly enjoying that sweet treat. This baby isn’t at all worried about the sugary mess on her face; she’s got her eyes on the prize.

16. Never too young for pan.

Instagram / @mrs.sotelo.official_

While many babies have pan dulce parties for their first or second birthdays, this little lady just couldn’t wait. As a celebration for her nine month b-day, she not only had a taste of delicious pan dulce, she also had a little photoshoot to commemorate it. After all, you’re never too young for this sweetness.

17. Now that’s a mouthful!

Instagram / @truegrumpybaby

Some babies nibble, some take a practice bite before they jump in. This baby isn’t afraid to take the plunge and go at it with a big ol’ bite. We hope he approaches every challenge in his life with the same bravery and commitment.

18. La Princesa de Conchas.

Instagram / @concha_bunny

First of all, we LOVE this look. Secondly, this little princesa looks absolutely in love with that sweet bread. No doubt, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between conchas and this little cutie pie.

19. The look of true love.

Instagram / @iscjuanita

This sweet smile can only mean one thing: this little one is in love with pan dulce. The sweet simplicity of her first bites is what this list is all about. It’s a reminder of what pan dulce is all about: sugar, bread, and all things good in this world.

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Cardi B Got Her Baby Girl A Nameplate Bracelet And It’s Giving Latinas All Of The Nostalgia


Cardi B Got Her Baby Girl A Nameplate Bracelet And It’s Giving Latinas All Of The Nostalgia

Cardi B ain’t the only one who likes “stuntin’” and “shining.” Apparently, baby Kulture also has a taste for the sparkly things.

On Wednesday, the “Money” rapper showed off her 7-month-old daughter’s new rose gold, diamond nameplate bracelet. In the photo, posted on Instagram, Kulture Kiari Cephus is seen holding mami’s hand as her wrist blings over her Versace pants.

View this post on Instagram

KULTURE @shynejewelers

A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

The customized piece of jewelry was designed by Shyne Jewelers, who also shared the “masterpiece” on their instagram.

“Thank you @iamcardib for letting us make Kulture this masterpiece,” they wrote.

David Goldstein of Goldstein Diamonds told Hollywood Life that he estimates the piece has “approximately 140 diamonds,” weighs around “2 [carats]” and cost approximately $5,900.

The dazzling gift comes after Kulture started saying “mama” and “papa” for the first time.

Fans admired the lavish gift, while others joked about its expensive price tag with comments like, “This baby got my whole college tuition on her wrist and the age of not even 1 must be nice” and “Damn shorty got my mortgage on her wrist smh.”

“She really gonna love that bracelet for her whole life,” one user wrote. “Youre such a good mom i cant believe it, i love you cardi. Youre an inspiration to us younger girls i swear. Anything goes and nothing is impossible???? hands down a great role model.”

She really gonna love that bracelet for her whole life. Youre such a good mom i cant believe it, i love you cardi. Youre an inspiration to us younger girls i swear. Anything goes and nothing is impossible???? hands down a great role model

It looks like baby Kulture might have mami’s love for glitz and glam. It’s a good thing her parents are superstars with bank accounts to afford her young but exorbitant taste in diamonds and designer brands.

Adding a cherry on top of an exciting week for Kulture fans…

Queen Cardi B also posted a video of her baby girl and this time included her face! Baby Kulture’s face has been a rare sight, and the fact that we’ve only seen her face once before makes this quick Instagram appearance a sight for sore eyes. Can’t wait for more!

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