Receiving High Praise, J.Lo Uses Gender Neutral Pronouns To Describe Her Sister’s Second Child

A month after penning a love letter to her LGBT fans through Billboard’s gay pride month letter series “30 days of pride celebration,” Jennifer Lopez is once again on the newsroom floor for her usage of gender-neutral pronouns to describe a family member of hers.

On J.Lo’s Instagram post, Lopez used “they” as the pronoun to refer to her sister’s second child Brendan.

Brendan was chosen to represent their school in Washington D.C. at the Global Young Leaders Conference, and, like a proper tía, J.Lo se puso las pilas and went to social media to celebrate their achievements.

J.Lo’s usage of the gender-neutral pronoun opened up a dialogue about gender norms and the versatility of language on social media.

CREDIT: @jlo / Instagram
CREDIT: @jlo / Instagram
CREDIT: @jlo / Instagram

A lot of the support for Brendan was positive.

Some folks, however, weren’t following J.Lo’s usage of gender neutral pronouns:

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One person even commented on J.Lo’s grammar.

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Despite the common belief that the utilization of ‘they’ as a gender-neutral pronoun is incorrect, organizations like Merriam-Webster have explained that using “they” in a singular format is correct.

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This usage of “they” has been used throughout history. Merriam-Webster even classic Victorian writer Emily Dickinson’s comments on the nonbinary usage of the ‘they’ to describe someone without explicitly mentioning a gender.

J.Lo has previously been vocal about her support for the LGBT community.

Her involvement and executive producing “The Fosters,” Freeform’s award winning show about a lesbian couple who open their home and foster youth in the system.

In 2014, GLAAD awarded Lopez with the Vanguard award, an award members of media receive when they have made a “significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance of LGBTQ people”

As always J.Lo is slaying the game, one Instagram post at a time.

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