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‘Prison Break’ Actor Attacks And Insults Latinx Woman For Her Women’s March Protest Sign

This year’s Women’s March brought hundreds of thousands of marchers in cities around the country, all standing up to the Trump administration and the unequal treatment of women.

Still, many see the march as an event severely lacking in inclusivity, where the rights and issues facing women of color weren’t paid the same respect and acknowledgment as those of white white women. Many women at the march took the opportunity to call out white women’s complicity in white supremacy, especially as it relates to the fight for equality.

Among them was Patty Delgado, owner and founder of the Hija de tu Madre shop, an online store selling cute clothing and accessories inspired by Lartinx culture.

On the day of the Women’s March, Delgado posted a photo of herself on Instagram holding a protest sign calling out white women.

Credit: @hijadetumadreshop / Instagram

The image included this caption:

“Being my best ‘divisive’ self ? If your feminism is only about pink pussy hats, that ain’t feminism girl. Also, white apologists, just keep scrolling away ? You fail to understand that the polls show that 53% of your white women voted for trash. You made that happen. So stop saying I’m spreading hate. You voted for the hate. White supremacy is going to a March one time, posting to Instagram to prove your [sic] woke, and going on with your life not caring about how POC are being treated everyday in America. So stop commenting to try to educate WOC, go educate your racist grandma and neighbors on how to not be so racist.”

That post somehow caught the attention of actor and media personality Michael Rapaport.

Rapaport, whose Wikipedia page also lists his nicknames “Gringo Mandingo,” “Mr. White Folks,” and “White Mike,” took a screenshot of Delgado’s image, threw on a sepia filter, and added his two cents, writing:

“White People mad at White People is the Whitest, White People shit ever. It’s all the rage in 2018. Fade to White! Is the new Fade to Black The Guilt is Real!”

Apparently, he believed Delgado was a white non-Latinx woman.

As his followers rushed to his comments to ridicule Delgado, she jumped in to defend herself. That led Rapaport to slide into her DM’s.

“I apologize if you were offended” strikes again.

When she didn’t accept his apology and challenged him to acknowledge his mistake publicly, Delgado then took to her personal Instagram stories to call Rapaport out.

So naturally, the actor decided to message back saying Delgado could “eat dix.”

Credit: @hijadetumadreshop / Instagram

He then continued gaslighting Delgado, calling her “CrazySadAlone.”

Credit: @hijadetumadreshop / Instagram

This led to the Hija de tu Madre Instagram page to be bombarded with Rapaport’s fans insulting Delgado and even tagging Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), writing “@icegov found one! MAGA or get out.”

“That was probably the lowest of the low,” Delgado tells FIERCE before explaining how she felt extremely frustrated and angered by the situation.

While she acknowledges that as a light-skinned Latina she could pass as white, Delgado says that doesn’t give Rapaport the right to use her to spread his own offensive message and then repeatedly insult her.

“This white dude somehow found my photo and completely changed it to fit this narrative of white guilt and white people hating on white people. That’s so 2018,” she says.

“It was obviously not my message. And for him to make this joke completely diminishing my efforts to make a criticism of white people like him and hold them accountable…it’s some typical gaslighting fuckboy rhetoric,” she adds.

Rapaport has since blocked Delgado.

The whole thing became, for Delgado, yet another example of how a white person with “more social power” will “attack women of color.”

Luckily, she had solid backup.

“I was really well supported. So many mujeres came to my defense and other allies of color, which was very comforting because I don’t know these people in real life, but they felt the need, and [felt] strong enough about this guy’s nasty message, that they could defend me. That solidarity was very awesome and very much appreciated.”

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