Sofia Vergara Was Not About To Let This Reporter Reduce Her To Just A ‘Hot’ Actor

“I’m not hot in the movie.”

Sofia Vergara gave her obligatory interviews on the red carpet of the Emmys and that, of course, included E! Live from the Red Carpet host Giuliana Rancic. Rancic asked Vergara what she had been up to lately and Vergara mentioned a new movie she was filming in Rome, Italy. When Vergara mentioned she was a spy, Rancic assumed it was the hottest spy of all time but Vergara pushed back using humor. There are several think pieces from Latina Magazine and Huffington Post talking about how Vergara relying on being over-sexualized and having a thick-accent can perpetuate these characteristics as Latina stereotypes. Vergara has even defended her Latina stereotype shtick but it appears she was not interested in playing that up during the Emmys. Her clapback to Rancic was playful but it is a common phrase that there’s a grain of truth in every joke. Here’s a quick break down of the moment.

After some minor small talk, Vergara told Rancic about one of her newer projects “Bent” directed by Bobby Moresco.

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Bent” has been billed as a thriller that deals with secrets of a murder conspiracy in connection with a top spy agency. Vergara confirmed that she is indeed playing one of the spies and Rancic assumed that Vergara was there for her looks.

Rancic tried complimenting Vergara by pointing out the physical aspects she brings to the role.

CREDIT: E! Live from the Red Carpet / YouTube

Granted, Vergara is a gorgeous woman but she is also a good actor. She wouldn’t be where she was if she didn’t have the chops to sell a movie or tv show.

Vergara quickly told Rancic that just because she is in a role doesn’t mean it has to be sexy.

CREDIT: E! Live from the Red Carpet / YouTube

Say it a little louder for those in the back. ??

But, as someone full of grace, Vergara made a couple of jokes herself to move the moment along to the next part of the interview.

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She told Rancic that her character didn’t have fake eye lashes and wore bad makeup to downplay her physical attributes. She sealed the joke with a smile and proved to be the queen of red carpet interviews.

Way to go, Sofia.

CREDIT: E! Live from the Red Carpet / YouTube

That’s how you get yourself out of an uncomfortable comment with style.


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