These Photos Put The Curvy Latina Stereotype To Rest Once And For All

credit: Rommy Torrico

Latinas are curvaceous mamis with plumped breasts, small waists, thick thighs, hips that don’t lie and a tremendo behind – at least that’s the way we’ve been portrayed. In reality, we come in all shapes and sizes, from fly flacas to big babes, making the curvy Latina stereotype inaccurate at best and harmful at worst.

Like every other beauty ideal, the voluptuous myth, though sometimes praised for being “healthy,” can be dangerous for those who don’t measure up. It’s yet another unattainable standard that places a woman’s worth – and Latinidad – on every arch of her body. Not fulfilling this stereotype can lead to body image and identity issues, which can lead to serious mental illnesses like eating disorders.

That’s why it’s crucial that we challenge the curvy Latina myth. We have to remind ourselves, and the rest of society, that our bra cup sizes range from AA to off the charts, and that the coveted Latina ass ain’t always as round as J.Lo’s or Tahiry’s. Here, 15 proud and poppin’ non-curvy Latinas do just that.

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