These Are Some Of The Most Annoying Comments You Hear When You’re A Woman Who Likes Sports

I grew up in a family of sports fan. My Mexican dad watches almost every Liga MX game even when his Chivas aren’t playing. He’s been a Dodger fan since before he came to the U.S. and my brothers and cousins follow different football teams. At home we watch basketball games until we can’t keep our eyes open anymore and we watch the Olympics and World Cup even when we don’t have any kind of emotional connection to the teams playing. Yes, we love sports.

Being a sports fan was normal to me. I never saw myself as an outsider or thought my gender would make people question how much I liked sports or why. My brothers and cousins didn’t care much when I interjected in sports talk. To them, this was also normal. To this day my dad asks me if I’m going to watch the Chivas game with him (and it melts my heart each time) or if I heard about the crazy home run Puig hit. And, shocking, but he asks me before asking my brothers.

But not everyone is this nonchalant about a woman who like sports. To many its rare. To others it doesn’t make sense. And then there are those who try to try to make you prove yourself.

When you’re a woman and mention anything sports related you usually get this reaction:


Yeah, pretty accurate. First comes this initial shock because, I mean, who would ever think that a woman would be into sports. Like, why?


Then it’s ‘What chu know about so-and-so?’

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Enough to contribute to this conversation otherwise I wouldn’t be wasting my breath.


And guess what? Then it’s pop quiz time!

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Usually they start with the basics. Like, ‘So, uh, what’s your favorite sports team?’

As you go, the questions get tougher and tougher. You know, just to make sure you’re a “real” fan.

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Oh so you like the Dodgers? When did they last win the World Series? Who was the first Dodger coach? Who holds the record for most home runs in the team? Who was the team’s 22nd pitcher? What color boxers was Kike Hernandez wearing when he hit his third home run during the NLCS game 5?


You also get shut out of conversations. A lot.

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It happens with friends during everyday conversations. It happens at sports bars with strangers. It even happens at work.

Not to get into it, but this one time…  Someone was making a sports reference in front of about 8 other people and that punk looked at me and said ‘Don’t worry about it Wendy, you probably don’t know what we’re talking about.’ Well actually, I did. ?

When you chime in, you usually get this look:

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The I’m confused as to why you’re contributing to this conversation kind of look. Most of the time silence follows.


People also assume you wear sports gear as a fashion statement.

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But the only statement I’m making is that I’m a fan of this team.



Even my mom is guilty of making comments like “pareces hombre.”

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Or deja eso, es cosa de hombres. Why, mom? Whyyyyyyyy?!


I’ve also gotten the ‘You’re girly but also into sports. I don’t get it’ talk.

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What’s there to get? Who said sports were exclusive to men? That’s what I don’t get.


But for every 10 people who question you, there’s usually one or two who appreciate your different interests.

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I love you, thank you, I love you!



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