The 20 Most Instagrammable Wall Murals To Get Your Selfie Fix On During Your Next Visit To Los Angeles

amor eterno

When you visit Los Angeles, you are probably thinking of many things: The great restaurants, the beach, Hollywood. But there’s so much more to see in L.A. than celebrities and palm trees. In fact, one of the greatest things about the City of Angels is the absolutely gorgeous street art. There’s the “Made in L.A.” wall, the “Hello” wall, and the wall that looks like a Mona Lisa recreated as a Mexican revolutionary.

In honor of all of the murals, we’ve gathered a list of the 20 most Instagrammable murals to visit in Los Angeles, but the list doesn’t stop there. With so much street art on what seems like almost every corner, you will likely need a full day to explore what L.A. has to offer. You can even spend time exploring JUST the art of certain people, like Levi Poncé who created three of the works of art on this list. All in all, you should bookmark this list for the weekend, then grab your phone, and dress in your most Insta-worthy outfit, and head out there. 

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