‘The Real’s’ Adrienne Houghton Knows How To Throw One Heck Of A Fiesta, Here Are Her Tips


Adrienne Houghton lives the fiesta life. The Puerto Rican-Ecuadorian actress and tv personality recently hosted the party of all parties and had Instagram all kinds of buzzed and loca about it. After all, it was Selena themed. The elaborate affair might have looked completely over the top (Houghton rented the exact version of Selena’s car to make a selfie booth for guests) but in a recent “how-to” video that followed the event, Houghton shared her different tips for hosting a themed party without breaking the bank.

Check it out:

1. To start, pick a theme

“The Real” host opted for a Selena- themed party for her fiesta (because duh) and went 100% in with the theme when it came to her costume. To bring the full effect of Selena to the party, Houghton hired a friend’s mom to recreate Selena’s famous Grammy dress to wear. She also bought a follow up costume on Etsy.

2. Get the right music.

Houghton suggests hosts hire live music for their events because “there’s nothing like it” and have the music playing before the first set of guests arrive to get everyone into the right mood. For her party, Houghton had the award winning band Mariachi Divas play for friends and family.

3. Get the food out.

“When I walk into a party I’m like where’s the food and where’s the drink,” Houghton joked while speaking about the importance of keeping your company’s stomach’s happy at the party. To ensure everyone who attended felt at home and content, Houghton said she kicked off the party with chips and guac which were set out in every corner of her house. For the main course she did a taco bar, which she says the price of food down “you can actually feed a lot of people with a taco bar versus like super expensive fancy catering.” For dessert, she opted for churros.

For the Latina on a tight budget: Houghton suggests creating your own taco bar and letting your guests make their own tacos. Her big tip? Make sure to include at least a few items that are vegan/ gluten-free friendly.

4. Keep the drinks flowing.

To keep up with the theme of the event, Houghton says there’s nothing more fun than signature cocktails. The host says that she had her bartenders create drinks with names like “Como La Flor,” “Dreaming of You” and shots called “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” Houghton also gave her guests a chance to take part in tequila tastings.

For the Latina on a tight budget: Houghton says that “you can be the bartender, one of your girls can be a bartender or better yet you can set everything out and they can create their own cocktails.”

5. Provide activities

Speaking of tequila tastings, Houghton emphasizes the importance of making sure your friends and family have tons to do at the party (you don’t want your friends complaining that they have nada que hacer). For her Selena-inspired event, Houghton had an “art installation” set up so that her friends could take photos. To do so, she rented a 1987 Porshe red convertible which was the kind Selena drove and covered it in white roses (her favorite flower) for people to take photos. Still, forking over that kind of money can be pricey. To do something similar, Houghton says that you can still create a cool photo back drop with your own ideas. Just make sure it goes with your theme!

Houghton kept her other activities spread out so that everyone can do things in different places. For her party, Houghton also had a piñata, a karaoke station and a makeup station where friends could take home their own red lipstick (which Houghton bought from a 99 Cent store) and sign a guest book.

For the Latina on a tight budget: Copy Houghton’s approach and find any party favors you’d like to give away at cheap dollar store. If you want to bring karaoke to the party but don’t want the expenses of an actual station, Houghton suggests tapping into your phone tech and downloading a karaoke app.

Check out Adrienne’s full tips for throwing a themed party below!