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‘The Real’s’ Adrienne Houghton Knows How To Throw One Heck Of A Fiesta, Here Are Her Tips

Adrienne Houghton lives the fiesta life. The Puerto Rican-Ecuadorian actress and tv personality recently hosted the party of all parties and had Instagram all kinds of buzzed and loca about it. After all, it was Selena themed. The elaborate affair might have looked completely over the top (Houghton rented the exact version of Selena’s car to make a selfie booth for guests) but in a recent “how-to” video that followed the event, Houghton shared her different tips for hosting a themed party without breaking the bank.

Check it out:

1. To start, pick a theme

“The Real” host opted for a Selena- themed party for her fiesta (because duh) and went 100% in with the theme when it came to her costume. To bring the full effect of Selena to the party, Houghton hired a friend’s mom to recreate Selena’s famous Grammy dress to wear. She also bought a follow up costume on Etsy.

2. Get the right music.

Houghton suggests hosts hire live music for their events because “there’s nothing like it” and have the music playing before the first set of guests arrive to get everyone into the right mood. For her party, Houghton had the award winning band Mariachi Divas play for friends and family.

3. Get the food out.

“When I walk into a party I’m like where’s the food and where’s the drink,” Houghton joked while speaking about the importance of keeping your company’s stomach’s happy at the party. To ensure everyone who attended felt at home and content, Houghton said she kicked off the party with chips and guac which were set out in every corner of her house. For the main course she did a taco bar, which she says the price of food down “you can actually feed a lot of people with a taco bar versus like super expensive fancy catering.” For dessert, she opted for churros.

For the Latina on a tight budget: Houghton suggests creating your own taco bar and letting your guests make their own tacos. Her big tip? Make sure to include at least a few items that are vegan/ gluten-free friendly.

4. Keep the drinks flowing.

To keep up with the theme of the event, Houghton says there’s nothing more fun than signature cocktails. The host says that she had her bartenders create drinks with names like “Como La Flor,” “Dreaming of You” and shots called “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” Houghton also gave her guests a chance to take part in tequila tastings.

For the Latina on a tight budget: Houghton says that “you can be the bartender, one of your girls can be a bartender or better yet you can set everything out and they can create their own cocktails.”

5. Provide activities

Speaking of tequila tastings, Houghton emphasizes the importance of making sure your friends and family have tons to do at the party (you don’t want your friends complaining that they have nada que hacer). For her Selena-inspired event, Houghton had an “art installation” set up so that her friends could take photos. To do so, she rented a 1987 Porshe red convertible which was the kind Selena drove and covered it in white roses (her favorite flower) for people to take photos. Still, forking over that kind of money can be pricey. To do something similar, Houghton says that you can still create a cool photo back drop with your own ideas. Just make sure it goes with your theme!

Houghton kept her other activities spread out so that everyone can do things in different places. For her party, Houghton also had a piñata, a karaoke station and a makeup station where friends could take home their own red lipstick (which Houghton bought from a 99 Cent store) and sign a guest book.

For the Latina on a tight budget: Copy Houghton’s approach and find any party favors you’d like to give away at cheap dollar store. If you want to bring karaoke to the party but don’t want the expenses of an actual station, Houghton suggests tapping into your phone tech and downloading a karaoke app.

Check out Adrienne’s full tips for throwing a themed party below!

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Now You Can Throw Your Own Coco-Themed Party Thanks to Etsy

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Now You Can Throw Your Own Coco-Themed Party Thanks to Etsy

I was recently rewatching Coco on Netflix for what felt like the 1,000th time when I realized that I really, really want to honor the movie more. And by “honor” I mean that I want to throw myself a Coco-themed birthday party for my next birthday. I’m going to be 33 years old. But I think that just goes to show what universal appeal this beautiful story has. And, unsurprisingly, when I went down the internet rabbit hole to see if anyone else felt like I did, I found that I was certainly not the only one.

If you’ve ever thought about throwing a Coco-themed party, whether it’s for your own birthday or the party of the kids in your life, then what are you waiting for? Thanks to Etsy, I’ve been able to find the 20 cutest Coco party decorations, favors and more. So no matter what your favorite scene is from the movie, you can now have a little extra Coco in your life. And you know the best part? Most of these decorations don’t have to be reserved just for a party. So, enjoy!

1. Coco Birthday Shirt for Kids


The first thing you’ll want to get for your Coco-themed birthday party is one of these custom t-shirts. They can have whatever age you want, plus a name. And the best part? They actually come in three different colors so that you can pick exactly how you want them.

2. Printable Coco Altar Character Photos


If you’re setting up for a big party, then you will definitely want to recreate a Coco-style altar in your home. These photos come in handy to help you set up and keep the party moving. It’s certainly going to look pretty, anyway.

3. Coco Inspired Mask


If you’re hoping to dress like some of your favorite Coco characters, then look no further! These adorable masks are the way to go. The good thing is that you (and the little ones) will have plenty to pick from with these outfits.

4. Coco Favor Bags


Any party needs to end with some party favors, amirite? Well, if you’re doing something for Coco, then you will want some Coco-themed baggies to pack up your goodies into. There are three different colors so you have plenty of options.

5. Coco Theme Family Shirts 


If you’re planning to throw a Coco-themed party, then you are going to need something to wear, right? Well, these family shirts are pretty perfect. You probably shouldn’t be surprised if you end up wearing it more than just for the party.

6. Coco Disney Cupcake Toppers


If you’re planning to make dessert for the Coco party, then can I suggest cupcakes? They’re everyone’s favorite because you can have an entire mini cake for yourself… And, of course, it can be super cute thanks to these Coco cupcake toppers.

7. Papel Picado Coco Fiesta Banner


One of the party decorations you’ll definitely want is to have a banner, and what better banner than this papel picado with Coco characters? It’s absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up leaving it hung up around the house long after those party guests have left.

8. Disney Coco Photo Booth Props


If you are planning to throw a party, then you will need evidence of the festivities. And by that, I mean fun photos, of course! Your photos will be made even cuter with these photo booth props. Sure, you might not have an actual photo booth, but you will surely enjoy these.

9. 32″ Miguel Coco Birthday Party Balloon


It’s not a party without balloons and, of course, you need a big old Miguel balloon for your Coco-themed festivities. This balloon will have all of the kiddies at your party totally freaking out because of how CUTE it is.

10. Coco Birthday Party Invitation


Every party begins with an invitation. If you’re planning to do a Coco-themed party, then you need Coco-themed invitations. This adorable party invite is just perfect for whoever is the guest of honor, whether they’re turning 6 or 26.

11. Coco Centerpieces


Every party needs more decorations than just balloons and streamers, right? Well, these centerpieces are just the thing. Whether you have one big table for everyone invited or a bunch of little tables, the centerpieces will make it feel just like the movie.

12. Coco Inspired Disney Tutu


If your little princess is the one having a birthday, then you simply must get this adorable Coco tutu. And even if she’s not, then you might want to get this tutu anyway because it’s just that cute. And, um, maybe they make adult sizes, too?

13. Coco Inspired Guitar


Everyone knows that Coco is all about that magical guitar and what it means. Well, now you can have your very own guitar for the party! It’s an adorable addition to any party or, really, any home.

14. Coco Birthday Party Banner


Make your party really stand out with this BIG, customizable banner. You can write whatever you want on it and the party will be that much better because of it. Just don’t forget to get those papel picado banners too, since they will perfectly go with this banner.

15. Coco Cookies


Okay, I already told you about Coco cupcakes… but what about Coco cookies, too? They’re absolutely irresistible but I would highly encourage you to take all of your Instagram pictures early because these are guaranteed to go fast.

16. Disney Coco Figures


Just like you’ll want to decorate your house with Coco-themed banners, centerpieces and balloons, you’ll also probably want to have the Coco characters around the house. These figurines can be placed everywhere as part of the decorations or, better yet, be put into those cute favor bags for the kiddies to take home.

17. Coco Letters and Numbers 


Another great decoration for your home is these cute cut-out letters that are Coco-themed. Just like the banner, you can create letters and shapes that fit your party needs. And the best part is that you can use these in the future for many things, so it’s kind of a win-win.

18. Coco Digital Paper


I’m not entirely sure what this Coco digital paper is for except that you can use it for basically anything. You can create activities or you can use it to wrap presents or you can just decorate with it. Whatever you choose, though, it’ll look pretty amazing.

19. Coco Birthday Party Balloon 


I mentioned that adorable Miguel balloon but you didn’t think that I would keep it to just one, did you? These Coco balloons are the perfect way to decorate for any party and the good news is that there’s a bunch of them, so your house will be filled with the beauty and wonder.

20. Coco Custom Cake Topper


Last but not least, your guest of honor will need their very own Coco-themed cake. Whether that’s you (hey, no shame!) or the little person in your life, they will love this adorable (and customizable) cake topper.

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9 Latina TV Characters We Were Obsessed With In The Early 2000s


9 Latina TV Characters We Were Obsessed With In The Early 2000s

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to a time when young Latinas had TV and film characters, even if limited, they could relate to: the early 2000s.

From Nickelodeon’s Taina to the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, we laughed and enjoyed watching girls who looked like us and shared our experiences on screen. While these representations, especially compared to that of young white girl leads, weren’t enough, they did provide us with characters and actresses to look up to. During these years, as young girls ourselves, having these Latinas play main roles broke barriers in film and television. Even more, they showed many of the different ways latinidad exists, with characters, of different shades and cultural backgrounds, from major cities on the Northeast and the Southwest. These personalities demonstrated different sides of what it meant to be a Latina, each uniquely bringing their brown or Black pride to television and showcasing the culture.

Here, some of our favorite Latinas we watched growing up.

1. Taina’s Taina Morales

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“I know I can’t wait to see my name in lights. No one’s gonna stop me, you’ll see,” went the theme song to the Nickelodeon hit series Taina. The two-season show was about a young Latina, played by Puerto Rican actress Christina Vidal, growing up in Queens, New York who had dreams of becoming a star. With her determination and dedication, we watched her try to make it to the top and conquer her superstardom in high school. The Nuyorican teen showed us what growing up Latina was all about. In Taina, we saw a girl like us, someone hoping for the perfect quinceañera, gushing over crushes, struggling to write in Spanish, trying to understand the African, indigenous and Spaniard influence on Latinx culture and relatives who always worked to instill Boricua pride. She stayed true to her heritage while never giving up on her dreams, and we needed to see that.

2. “The Cheetah Girls’” Channel Simmons

(花豹少女隊!窩因而噯上Barcelona )#thecheetahgirls

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Over on the Disney Channel, Channel “Chuchie” Simmons brought all the Latina flavor to the hit TV film “The Cheetah Girls.” The movie is about four New York teenagers who are trying to get their music group to go big time. Chuchie, played by Puerto Rican-Ecuadorian singer-actress-host Adrienne Bailon, particularly embraced her Latina culture in the second film, when the girls visited Spain, but she was relatable to all young viewers. While juggling friendship problems, her mom’s dating life and trying to make it to the top, she was never afraid to speak her mind, just like the Latinas we know and love in our real lives. Even through the Cheetahlicious breakups (because there were many), she remained strong and held the group together.

3. Lizzie McGuire’s Miranda Sanchez

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Lizzie McGuire’s right-hand girl was BFF goals: loyal, funny and always stylish — oh, and she’s mexicana. In the hit series, Miranda Sanchez, portrayed by Filipino-American actress Lalaine Vergara-Paras, celebrated Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition showing her character getting in touch with her roots, and spoke Spanish. Miranda always had a unique fashion sense and bold hair styles in every episode, which is part of what made her character so interesting. She embraced sisterhood and friendship, making her the best friend many young girls wished to have in real life.

4. Wizards of Waverly Place’s Alex Russo

Mexican-Italian Alex Russo, played by Selena Gomez, was the protagonist of Wizards of Waverly Place, a Disney Channel series about siblings whose parents were teaching them how to master their wizardry. Alex, a New York-based high schooler, had a very strong personality and bold attitude. The series was one of the first to portray a biracial Latina lead, showing the teen struggling to speak Spanish and embracing her mother’s traditions by having a quinceañera. As more Latinas intermarry, this representation is evermore imperative.

5. The Proud Family’s LaCienega Boulevardez

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Also on the Disney Channel was Lacienega Boulevardez, an Afro-Latina character on the cartoon The Proud Family. Voiced by dominicana Alisa Reyes, Boulevardez wasn’t always the nicest. She was the frenemy and neighbor of Penny Proud, the protagonist of the show. But with her name and bold personality, there is no forgetting her. She was vital because she was one of the first representations of a Black Latina, allowing many young viewers to be able to say, “she looks just like me.”

6. “Spy Kids’” Carmen Cortez

Carmen Cortez was the definition of a badass Latina! The lead in ”Spy Kids,” a film about young siblings who become spies in attempt to save their parents, her strength and courage were important to display on-screen, not just for young Latinas but rather for girls everywhere. Played by colombiana Alexa PenaVega, Carmen was a strong, fearless and outspoken girl who cared immensely about her family and always fought for what she believed in. In 2001, when “Spy Kids” released, we didn’t see many females, let alone young girls, portrayed in media as brave leaders. It hasn’t been until recently, with shows and films like Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, ”Black Panther,” ”Hidden Figures” and, for the youngsters, Elena of Avalor, that we are beginning to see strong and intelligent women of color being represented in the media, so “Spy Kids” offering this representation was major.

7. Ugly Betty’s Betty Suarez

Betty Suarez was not portrayed as the stereotypical Latina. Her character, played by Honduran-American actress America Ferrera, wasn’t seen as the ideal beauty standard. Typically, Latinas are depicted as sexy, curvy, spicy and sassy women. But Ugly Betty, an ABC series about a smart and hardworking Latina from Queens, New York who lands a job as an assistant for a major fashion magazine, showed young Latinas a different kind of beauty. Betty wasn’t just focused on her looks but was goal-driven and determined to break into media, which she did — even though she dealt with tons of ups and downs along the way. She was unapologetically herself, a trait that every young Latina needed to see.

8. The Brothers García’s Lorena Garcia

Oh the Garcia Fam – we miss you all so very much. #thebrothersgarcia

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The Brothers García, a Nickelodeon series about a Mexican-American family growing up in San Antonio, Texas, was centered on boys, but Lorena, the sole sister and a twin, stood out. Being the only girl in her family, she had a lot to prove. Played by Puerto Rican-German-Russian actress Vaneza Pitynski, she did just about everything to get her parents’ attention in a home filled with boys — something anyone of us who grew up with brothers knows all about.

9. Victorious’ Tori Vega

The 4 Beauties? #victorious #tori#cat #jade #Trina

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“You don’t have to be afraid to put your dream in action. You’re never gonna fade. You’ll be the main attraction. Not a fantasy, just remember me, when it turns out right,” goes the score for Nickelodeon’s Victorious, a series about a Latina teen who attends a performing arts school. Tori Vega, played by the part-Puerto Rican Victoria Justice, was a character that many young girls could relate to — or aspire to be. She was determined, strong-minded and confident in chasing her dream of becoming a singer while helping her friends achieve their own goals along the way.

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Who were some other Latina characters you cherished in the early 2000s?

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