These Are The 9 (Powerful) Latina Artists I’m Addicted To On Instagram

credit: @cris8acupcake / Instagram

“The Politics of Womanhood” Art Show opened in Downtown Los Angeles featuring 28 artists’ interpretation of what it means to be a Woman of Color in today’s political climate. As a mixed race and mixed heratige Latina it has been super inspiring to see the creativity coming out of the Latinx community here in L.A. Here are a few of my favorite Latina artists and photographers that I’m addicted to on IG. 

1. Paloma Montoya

Paloma is a South East Los Angeles native who work primarily with acrylic and gouache. Her influences are “graffiti, graffiti characters, old cartoons, erotica, lust, love, women, and personal experiences.” Her painting style is unique and easily recognizable, she’s always creating new and interesting images.

2. Veronica Soto Ryan

I never knew textile art was so versatile and allowed for so much creativity! Veronica Soto Ryan lives and works in Long Beach, Calif. She is an artist, is married and is a mother of two girls. But after spending many years in the arts, she is changing her career and going back to school this fall to study mortuary science.

3. Pamela Almeida

Pamela G. Almeida was born and raised in Ecuador and has been an L.A. resident for 22 years. She is a visual artist, dancer, and mother who is in love with the creative process. Her art is a stunning use of religious iconography and design she believes “the process of creating belongs to the realm of sacred practice, and as such, my artwork serves as the vehicle for deep, raw, spiritual explorations.”

4. Cristal Gutierrez

A grainy image, but here is the painting I completed for @galchemism 's art show The Politics of Womanhood. ? I'm not much of a painter, but I wanted to challenge myself. Acrylics frustrate me and I want to improve my painting skills. x( — But anyway, about the painting… I wanted to illustrate what it feels like to be a woman of color in today's society and political climate. There is so much that is thrown in our direction from eurocentric beauty standards to misogynistic politicians. And it all feels like they are trying to knock us down and keep our voices silent, but despite all, we persist. We take their "arrows" and crush them. ? Also, the monarch butterflies are a representation of our immigrant community. ? — ?If you want more info or wish to attend @galchemism 's show this upcoming Saturday (July 29th @ 8:00pm in Los Angeles @theoverflowdtla ), you can click on the link in my profile to buy tickets!! ? I personally am super excited to see everyone else's work! ? . . . #galchemism #wocart #acrylicpainting #Latinx

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Cristal Gutiérrez is from the coastal city of Oxnard located in Ventura County, north of L.A. She is an artist whose aim is to introduce more positive images of women of color into a world heavily saturated with images solely praising white women. Her main artistic interests include: “illustration, film-making, and stop-motion animation; while some of my other interests include uplifting other women, making people smile, and fighting machismo.”

5. Martha Gil

Martha Gil is an Inland Empire based artist the owner and creator of the brand Gilded Nopal. “My brand focus on themes that surround my identity as a Chicana from Southern California.” Hands down, the vag nopal was a crowd favorite opening night. Her illustrations are on point and super cute and she makes them in stickers!

6. Stephanie Godoy

My painting underneath a pink light ?

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Stephanie Godoy is an artist from Moreno Valley, Calif. She is currently working towards receiving a Bachelor’s in Studio Arts at California State University of Los Angeles and teaches art at a middle school in East L.A. She has exhibited work in galleries and music festivals. Stephanie is inspired to paint individuals who pursue their dreams with grit since in today’s world and to her a life worth living is filled with “music, art, respect and creativity.”

7. Lorena Endara

Panama-born artist Lorena Endara became interested in photography at the age of seventeen and has been practicing ever since. Most recently, Endara has exhibited at GuatePhoto, the Pingyao International Photography Festival, and the Contemporary Art Museum in Rome. Endara is a member of FotoFéminas, a collective of female photographers from Latin America and is currently based out of L.A. where she teaches and creates multimedia art.

8. Amanda Lopez

Amanda Lopez is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in L.A. In the spring of 2017 she co-curated Adornment, a photography exhibition that focused on the jewelry, accessories and hairstyles of women of color. Her photography is clean and beautiful and I love the way she captures the essence of the women she photographs.

9. Zuly Garcia

Zuly Garcia is an Oaxaqueña from Los Angeles, representing the Crenshaw community. She is a student activist at CSULB and a community director for a non profit named Let’s Give. Her interests are “Sociology, photography, singing, music, writing, and poetry.”

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