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Now You Can Throw Your Own Coco-Themed Party Thanks to Etsy

I was recently rewatching Coco on Netflix for what felt like the 1,000th time when I realized that I really, really want to honor the movie more. And by “honor” I mean that I want to throw myself a Coco-themed birthday party for my next birthday. I’m going to be 33 years old. But I think that just goes to show what universal appeal this beautiful story has. And, unsurprisingly, when I went down the internet rabbit hole to see if anyone else felt like I did, I found that I was certainly not the only one.

If you’ve ever thought about throwing a Coco-themed party, whether it’s for your own birthday or the party of the kids in your life, then what are you waiting for? Thanks to Etsy, I’ve been able to find the 20 cutest Coco party decorations, favors and more. So no matter what your favorite scene is from the movie, you can now have a little extra Coco in your life. And you know the best part? Most of these decorations don’t have to be reserved just for a party. So, enjoy!

1. Coco Birthday Shirt for Kids


The first thing you’ll want to get for your Coco-themed birthday party is one of these custom t-shirts. They can have whatever age you want, plus a name. And the best part? They actually come in three different colors so that you can pick exactly how you want them.

2. Printable Coco Altar Character Photos


If you’re setting up for a big party, then you will definitely want to recreate a Coco-style altar in your home. These photos come in handy to help you set up and keep the party moving. It’s certainly going to look pretty, anyway.

3. Coco Inspired Mask


If you’re hoping to dress like some of your favorite Coco characters, then look no further! These adorable masks are the way to go. The good thing is that you (and the little ones) will have plenty to pick from with these outfits.

4. Coco Favor Bags


Any party needs to end with some party favors, amirite? Well, if you’re doing something for Coco, then you will want some Coco-themed baggies to pack up your goodies into. There are three different colors so you have plenty of options.

5. Coco Theme Family Shirts 


If you’re planning to throw a Coco-themed party, then you are going to need something to wear, right? Well, these family shirts are pretty perfect. You probably shouldn’t be surprised if you end up wearing it more than just for the party.

6. Coco Disney Cupcake Toppers


If you’re planning to make dessert for the Coco party, then can I suggest cupcakes? They’re everyone’s favorite because you can have an entire mini cake for yourself… And, of course, it can be super cute thanks to these Coco cupcake toppers.

7. Papel Picado Coco Fiesta Banner


One of the party decorations you’ll definitely want is to have a banner, and what better banner than this papel picado with Coco characters? It’s absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up leaving it hung up around the house long after those party guests have left.

8. Disney Coco Photo Booth Props


If you are planning to throw a party, then you will need evidence of the festivities. And by that, I mean fun photos, of course! Your photos will be made even cuter with these photo booth props. Sure, you might not have an actual photo booth, but you will surely enjoy these.

9. 32″ Miguel Coco Birthday Party Balloon


It’s not a party without balloons and, of course, you need a big old Miguel balloon for your Coco-themed festivities. This balloon will have all of the kiddies at your party totally freaking out because of how CUTE it is.

10. Coco Birthday Party Invitation


Every party begins with an invitation. If you’re planning to do a Coco-themed party, then you need Coco-themed invitations. This adorable party invite is just perfect for whoever is the guest of honor, whether they’re turning 6 or 26.

11. Coco Centerpieces


Every party needs more decorations than just balloons and streamers, right? Well, these centerpieces are just the thing. Whether you have one big table for everyone invited or a bunch of little tables, the centerpieces will make it feel just like the movie.

12. Coco Inspired Disney Tutu


If your little princess is the one having a birthday, then you simply must get this adorable Coco tutu. And even if she’s not, then you might want to get this tutu anyway because it’s just that cute. And, um, maybe they make adult sizes, too?

13. Coco Inspired Guitar


Everyone knows that Coco is all about that magical guitar and what it means. Well, now you can have your very own guitar for the party! It’s an adorable addition to any party or, really, any home.

14. Coco Birthday Party Banner


Make your party really stand out with this BIG, customizable banner. You can write whatever you want on it and the party will be that much better because of it. Just don’t forget to get those papel picado banners too, since they will perfectly go with this banner.

15. Coco Cookies


Okay, I already told you about Coco cupcakes… but what about Coco cookies, too? They’re absolutely irresistible but I would highly encourage you to take all of your Instagram pictures early because these are guaranteed to go fast.

16. Disney Coco Figures


Just like you’ll want to decorate your house with Coco-themed banners, centerpieces and balloons, you’ll also probably want to have the Coco characters around the house. These figurines can be placed everywhere as part of the decorations or, better yet, be put into those cute favor bags for the kiddies to take home.

17. Coco Letters and Numbers 


Another great decoration for your home is these cute cut-out letters that are Coco-themed. Just like the banner, you can create letters and shapes that fit your party needs. And the best part is that you can use these in the future for many things, so it’s kind of a win-win.

18. Coco Digital Paper


I’m not entirely sure what this Coco digital paper is for except that you can use it for basically anything. You can create activities or you can use it to wrap presents or you can just decorate with it. Whatever you choose, though, it’ll look pretty amazing.

19. Coco Birthday Party Balloon 


I mentioned that adorable Miguel balloon but you didn’t think that I would keep it to just one, did you? These Coco balloons are the perfect way to decorate for any party and the good news is that there’s a bunch of them, so your house will be filled with the beauty and wonder.

20. Coco Custom Cake Topper


Last but not least, your guest of honor will need their very own Coco-themed cake. Whether that’s you (hey, no shame!) or the little person in your life, they will love this adorable (and customizable) cake topper.

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This Quietly Posted IMDB Page Could Mean ‘Coco 2’


This Quietly Posted IMDB Page Could Mean ‘Coco 2’

To say our worlds were rocked when Pixar finally gave us a touching film about la cultura a few years ago would be the biggest understatement of the century. ‘Coco,’ the 2017 American 3D computer-animated fantasy starring Gael García Bernal and Benjamin Bratt filled our hearts and also brought us to tears. Still, as satisfying as the film was, there’s no doubt it left us craving more. And it looks like we might just get it.

An IMDB page for Coco 2 has been created and I’m sorry but I can’t stop freaking out!!

According to IMDB user anthandsoc-95189 who appears to have long had the inside scoop on upcoming films, ‘Coco 2: Return To the Land Of the Living’ is in the works! Some digging around has also revealed that another sight might have information on the plot and characters of the sequel film. Of course, this information has yet to be confirmed and might be purely a wish, but if it is we’ll dream big!

According to IMDB ‘Coco 2’ will take place 6 years after the first film

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The IMDB page says “It’s been 6 years since the events happened for Miguel. But when Hector, Imelda, and his great grand-abuelos need Miguel’s help to come back to the Land of the Living because some mysterious sinister masked skeleton is haunting and rules their world with an iron fist and sword and hates music.”

Which means, if IMDB is correct, we haven’t seen the last of Mama Coco!

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Sweet Coco could have a really big role in the new film!!

Of course, other sites have other insights into the could-be sequel…

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Because of course everyone has an opinion!

According to ‘Coco 2’ will take place six years after the first film.

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

We’ll see Miguel’s family attempt to throw him a fiesta, but sadly Miguel, still upset about Mama Coco’s death, will be upset.

When Miguel meets a sophisticated, ghostly and well-bred skeletal spirit Miguel will attempt to return to The Land Of The Dead for a vacation.

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Now that’s an insane idea for a spring break.

In this version of the sequel, Miguel will a dark black hole to go back to The Land Of The Dead, to see Papa Hector and Mamma Imelda.

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Of course, Miguel will be astonished when he sees his old family members for another time and finally gets to see Mama Coco.

Soon enough, Miguel is racing against time, once again, to avoid being a skeleton.

‘Coco’ / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

But this time, Marcel might not be so bothered by the idea of living amongst the dead for forever.

Of course, all of this is speculative. Who knows if Pixar has plans for a sequel in the works, but as one fan points out this clip by Pixar on the DVD release has some great hints!

Fingers crossed!

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Up Next: Meet Victoria La Mala, The Mexican Badass Empowering Women With Urban-Banda Jams


Up Next: Meet Victoria La Mala, The Mexican Badass Empowering Women With Urban-Banda Jams

Up Next is a FIERCE series highlighting rising Latina and Latin American women artists you might not know about but definitely should.

You know what Paquita la del Barrio is to your grandmother or perhaps what Jenni Rivera was to your tía? Well, that’s what Victoria La Mala is for our generation: a singer whose inner power is the only thing more forceful than the strong vocal pipes she uses to remind you that you are that bitch.

Born Victoria Ortiz in Mexico City, the singer-songwriter jumped into the music scene in 2015, bringing a refreshing sound and style to regional Mexican music with all the same girl power of her barrier-breaking female predecessors. Describing herself as the musical offspring of Tupac and Selena, the now Los Angeles-based singer places her soulful vox over traditional banda and ranchera rhythms to deliver treats for your ears and soul. Her songs, like last year’s chart-making “Merezco Mucho Más,” call out male fuckery and empower girls to know their strength, worth and beauty and leave toxic romances behind.

On the block, Victoria, who’s also the first Mexican artist to be signed to Roc Nation Latin, continues to be inspirational. On Monday, the 30-year-old launched her fifth annual #TeamMalaPromGiveaway, a campaign providing low-income teenage girls in Los Angeles with dresses, accessories and makeup and hair tutorials. This year, she will help 50 girls, who must submit their applications before March 29, become the prom princesses she knows they already are.

We chatted with Victoria all about the giveaway, making banda bops for millennials, her anticipated new, and sonically different, music, as well as why she wants to empower women and girls in everything she does, among so much more.

FIERCE: You were born and raised in Mexico but also spent much of your time growing up taking extended trips with relatives in Los Angeles. What genres of music were you listening to here and there, and how do you think this has influenced your pop-urbano-banda style today?

Victoria La Mala: I used to listen to a lot of regional Mexican music in Mexico because of my parents. They love banda and mariachi. I spent a lot of summers in LA, and I had some aunts who listened to hip-hop, ‘90s R&B, and I loved soul. I think all of those styles of music influenced me, and I think you can hear them in me.

FIERCE: Absolutely. While you sing mostly regional Mexican genres, you have a very soulful voice. Talking about your voice, it’s very strong and powerful. No one can deny your vocal talent. When did you realize you could sing and that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Victoria La Mala: I literally cannot remember a time in my life without singing. When I look back on my childhood, I was that one little girl always singing. I loved music. I sang in class and school. But when I was 15, I started getting a little more confidence in myself. I’d be out at parties and people would say, “sing for us.” That’s when I realized this is something I love and have a big passion for. I started singing in a couple bands. I sang at family functions and school functions. So I think when I was around 15 is the time I was like, I love this and I think this is what I want to do.

FIERCE: Why banda? This isn’t exactly a genre that’s expected from young millennial women?

Victoria La Mala: For me, it was always important to represent my culture and tell my story as a woman. Some of the first memories I had listening to live music was banda. My first album in 2013 was full banda. It was just important for me to represent. My dad had passed away a few years before then, and he loved banda. When I moved to the States from Mexico, I wanted to represent from the beginning, and from there I started evolving as an artist as well. I tried different regional sounds and more fusions, because it’s all a part of my story and who I am. I was exposed to more types of music. Being a girl raised in Mexico City, I listened to everything in the streets, Spanish rock, cumbia, so I think it’s important to represent my culture and my story.

FIERCE: I love that and definitely see that. While artists like Paquita la del Barrio and Jenni Rivera made waves for women in traditional Mexican music, these genres continue to be male-dominated. Honestly, most Latin genres do. How has your experience been trying to navigate this industry as a woman, and as one who is very vocal about her opinions on men and proud of her identity.

Victoria La Mala: You know, they always say, “Victoria hates men.” But I don’t, just a couple that have been bad, but some are great. But it’s definitely difficult being a woman, not just in music, in a world that has been male-dominated. The roles of women have slowly been changing: women started working, started going to school and now they’re doing basically anything that we want. But because it hasn’t been many years to do these things, it’s still a struggle. And in music, it’s reflected. Music, I think, reflects what’s happening in society. Now girls are starting to take power in music. Girls want to listen to other girls. They want to feel identified and want our stories told. It’s definitely still difficult. It’s definitely still a struggle, especially on the industry side. There’s this idea that girls dont like girls, girls don’t like to listen to girls. This is also an idea that has been changing, though. I grew up listening to women I love, playing my CDs and singing along to them. I think women nowadays are the same: we want to hear our stories.

FIERCE: I think you’re right. Not only are many of the rising acts in Latin music women, but they are sharing their stories through their music.

Victoria La Mala: Right, exactly. Thank you.

FIERCE: Making a space for yourself where others might be uncomfortable, though, isn’t something you seem to ever shy away from. Another example: you’re the first Mexican artist signed to Roc Nation. How has this been for you?

Victoria La Mala: It has been an amazing experience. I’ve been able to learn so much from people in the industry who have been doing this for years. I’ve met legends, people I looked up to as a little girl, people I still look up to.

FIERCE: Like who?

Victoria La Mala: Like Beyoncé and Rihanna. I got to sing with Paquita la del Barrio. Olga Tañón invited me to sing with her at Premio Lo Nuestro. It’s been an incredible couple of years, learning and growing so much. It’s been really amazing for me. This is part of what I always wanted to do: represent my culture and what I come from as Latinos and Mexicans in a more general-market kind of way. People never really listen to Mexican music, so for them to say, “let me see this Mexican artist signed to Roc Nation,” that’s an amazing experience. As you mentioned before, part of me always feels like I have to fight for what I want. I grew up seeing that. I grew up around strong women that will make a way.

FIERCE: And that’s clear in your music. As I stated earlier, your songs are very bold and empowering. They often validate women’s experiences in relationships and remind them of their own strength, beauty and power. Why?

View this post on Instagram

Feeling like ???????? @premiolonuestro

A post shared by La Mala ???? (@victorialamala) on

Victoria La Mala: It’s so important for me because I think music literally is the soundtrack to our lives. We have songs we play when we are feeling so sad and want to cry. We have songs we want to play that cause us to feel strong, like you could do whatever you want to do.  I grew up listening to strong women that made me feel powerful, and it’s important for me to give that back to other girls. Sometimes, I play my own songs when I’m going through it, like, “yes, girl!”

FIERCE: Haha! I love that. I can honestly say that “Si Va A Doler Que Duela” was one of the songs that helped get me through my last breakup, so I completely get it.

View this post on Instagram

Ella no era #Mala….La hicieron ????✨✨

A post shared by La Mala ???? (@victorialamala) on

Victoria La Mala: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

FIERCE: You’re also inspiring outside of your music, though. I know you have a prom dress giveaway each year, where you provide dresses, makeup and accessories to underserved teens so they can attend prom and feel like a princess for an evening. Talk to me about this. Why do this?

Victoria La Mala: To me, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I love being able to connect with young girls. When I was in high school, my dad wasn’t there anymore, and my mom, by herself, had to make sacrifices for my siblings and myself. For my high school graduation, I had to figure out dresses, which was so expensive, and I thought, maybe I should come up with a giveaway for girls doing their prom and can’t afford it. There are so many circumstances as to why they might need help. I started this five years ago. I had people, whoever I knew, give me dresses. I said, “anyone who wants to donate, I will give you a CD.” That’s all I had. People donated dresses, and I think we dressed 10 girls that year. I did it all on my own. I had no clue what I was doing, but it was an amazing experience to see girls have the dress they wanted. I knew I needed to do it again. Here we are now in our fifth year. Last year, we  dressed more than 60 girls. This year, I’m hoping that doubles. Now we also have sponsors.

FIERCE: What do you think is your overall goal with this giveaway?

Victoria La Mala: My goal is for girls to enjoy their prom. I want them to feel like all their efforts were worth this moment, that all their hard work does pay off. I just want them to be happy that day. I’m also really hoping every year we can double the amount of dresses we give. I also hope that we can take it out of LA. This is my home and community, so this is where I’ve been doing it, but I hope to take it to other cities and one day everywhere.

FIERCE: Love that! I want to get back into music. You haven’t released a new song in a little while, and there’s a lot of anticipation around Victoria La Mala and demand for new music. What do you have in store for this year that you can tell us about?

View this post on Instagram

Baby it’s cold outside ❄️❄️❄️

A post shared by La Mala ???? (@victorialamala) on

Victoria La Mala: Well, last year, I put out only two songs. One did amazing and was on the charts, “Merezco Mucho Más,” and the other I put out during the end of the summer, “Corazón valiente,” which was for immigrants. But after that, I had a couple changes within my team. I took time for me to get in the studio, work on music, write my stuff, get involved in everything, from production and sound to writing new songs. We are almost there. It’s just been a process. I’ve just been waiting and writing and making sure everything sounds and is how I creatively see it. Again, we’re almost there. I think it’s going to be something new and different from what I put out in the past and reflects who I am, a mix of Mexican culture and me living in New York, LA, Mexico City, more of the urban side. So it’ll be something new and something I’ve been wanting to work on for a while, so I’m excited.

FIERCE: You’re 30 years old, at the earlier stages of your career, what do you hope people can say about Victoria La Mala in 10 to 15 years?

I hope people can say that I’ve helped them feel empowered, that my music has been a big part of their life. I dont think a lot about this. I think about things I want to accomplish more than things people say about me. I hope my music can empower them and be a part of their life and touch them the way other artists have inspired me.

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