FYI There Are People Making Actual Vicks-Inspired Products And They Will Give You Life

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If there’s one lesson from my childhood that I could pass along to my future children it’s the power of Vicks. Thankfully Vicks’ healing powers still apply in adulthood, so next time life’s got you down or you’re just in need of a you night, try out these bath bombs, soaps and more to help you unwind.

A Vapo Rub bar will infuse your shower to next-level aroma therapy.

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This soap isn’t just Vicks inspired it has it encapsulated INSIDE. Now you can tackle your dry/itchy skin all at once. Literally slather up and get rid of your cold at the same time

Get it here.

These Vicks-inspired bath bombs are perfect to use when you’ve maxed out your Lush gift card

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Who needs flower and glitter bombs when you can fill your whole bath with the smell of Vicks? ??

Get them here.

Abuela doesn’t understand veganism, but I’m pretty sure she would stand for these vegan Vaporú bath balms.

I know that Vicks does everything better, but it’s got flowers and its vegan okay?!

Get it here.

This poster that acts as an ode to Vicks is all the deco we need to set the mood for girls movie night in.

CREDIT: PepeTeAdoroArt /

Love that it’s doing a shout out to the sage and savila we were taught to worship.

Buy it here.

And of course, it’s not girl’s night without a Vapo-Candle.

I’m all about striking up the matches for some ~mood lighting~.

But nothing gets the spirits up like some sweets… Vicks flavor.

Have your Vicks and eat it too.

DM the artist here to put in an order.

Or you can just wear Vaporú’s calmness on your sleeve.

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Whatever suits your fancy, but bets are on that this plus a Vicks-inspired bath bomb pic will make you Insta-famous.

Get it here.


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