22 Things Mi Madre Never Told Me About Getting Married That I Wish I’d Known When I Was Single

Being single can be hard but being single can be *totally* amazing too, as you already know. I absolutely loved my single girl days and I love my newly married days now, too. The truth is that enjoying the single life and enjoying being coupled up don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Or, at least, we can fully admit that there are great advantages to both being a single chica and being in a relationship. Sure, you can’t really experience them at the same time but you CAN enjoy whatever stage of life you’re in.

So, in those terms, I wanted to write about why being coupled up is also amazing in order to remind you of some of the big as well as some of the small, totally silly, and kind of funny reasons why being in a relationship is awesome, too. From having someone else who can do the dishes (seriously, I can’t tell you how much I hate doing dishes!) to your constant movie buddy, here are 22 reasons why being coupled up is also amazing.

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