Latinxs Imagine What Their Families Will Look Like When They Have Kids

When you’re a Latinx, it’s pretty easy to understand the ways in which media normalizes the not so normal. Today, 55 million Latinos live in the United States, but you wouldn’t know that by watching your television set. In fact, in 2016, only 5.8 percent of speaking roles in movies and television went to Latinos. For members of the queer community, the numbers don’t get much better. According to GLAAD, in 2016, only 43, 4.8%, of the 895 series regular characters to appear on broadcast primetime scripted programming were identified as queer, trans, gay, lesbian or bisexual.

But families and the dream for families in the LGBTQ community exist and they thrive. Especially amongst Latinxs. This past weekend, while celebrating LA Pride FIERCE interviewed 5 Latinxs, some who inspire to have families, others who already have them.

The Latinx who imagines being in love with her family.

“I see myself having a family in the future. It looks like being happy and having a little one running around. Just having a happy life, both of us. Just doing what we love: loving each other. Being together.” — Cylvia Rodriguez

On seeing a life with adopted children who get a fresh start.

“I definitely imagine myself with a family. I identify as queer, so that could be with a man or a woman but I do imagine myself adopting children. I really want to adopt a child to give them another chance at life. My most important thing would be to want to make them never feel like they have to come out to me, that they know I would love them no matter what.” — Ava Nicole

They want a family where anything is possible

“We don’t have a family yet. But having a family looks great. I’m excited. I’m in the navy so I’m waiting to get out so that we can start. When I came out about being gay I didn’t think it was possible [to have kids] because it was scary. I’m a little older than the generation now coming out [and] it seems a little easier [for them]. But, before, it was terrifying. I didn’t think [having a family] was possible just because I didn’t want them to go through scrutiny.” — Dominique

Wanting a family of pups.

“To be honest I can see myself having dogs in the future, I’m not a dog type, but that’s not for me.” — Naomi

She already has kids but still dreams of a day when homophobia won’t divide them.

“I always knew I was going to have a family. I just thought the situation would be different. My children, I love them with all of my heart. I do really hope that they can accept who I am. They don’t live with me right now, their father is not accepting of who I am but I hope that that as they grow and see me, that they understand that who I am is okay.” — Liz Gomez


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