6 Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Selena-Obsessed Sweetheart

credit: Josue Morin

Want to make your sweetheart feel como la flor this Valentine’s Day? These Selena Quintanilla-inspired cards will get the job done.

Los Angeles-based graphic designer Josue Morin is selling six romantic cards referencing the Queen of Tejano. And with messages like, “No me queda mas que seas mi Valentine” and “Tu eres mi chico del apartamento 512,” these gifts are the surest way to tug the heartstrings of your dearest Selena fan.

The Mexico-born artist first designed them for his own wife, and after making her corazón go bidi bidi bom bom, the pair decided to sell them on Etsy.

As can be imagined, the response has been remarkable.

“People have reacted amazingly,” Morin told the Huffington Post. “… My Instagram [posts] … got reviews and shout outs we didn’t even know about! I was just so excited people liked them because I worked hard creating them.”

The people of the Internet were so thrilled about the V-Day cards that they’ve already sold out. There’s no say yet on whether Morin will stock back up on the cartas, but keep an eye out — the smile on your amor prohibido’s face depends on it.

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