These 9 Pics of Queer Latina Love Are All The Valentine’s Day Goals You’ll Ever Need

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On Valentine’s Day countries throughout the world will celebrate one of the most basic and shared human emotions: love.

Here at FIERCE our staff is in the business of rejecting the notion that there is any one type of love that is more “normal,” or “natural” than the other. Instead, we’re embracing the many different types of love that make up the universe.

Here are our top favorite kinds of queer Latina love on Instagram.

This love right here is an example of all things health and quirk.

Seriously, that broccoli bouquet is an insta-win if I’ve ever seen one.

And this prideful couple ought to be put on a billboard.

Keep up the kisses chicas.

Can we please talk about this Afro-Latina love which is all types of fire???

Lit by curls and good style. Really though, we could all use a find like that.

Like damn ladies, bailando right into our hearts why don’t you…

Бачата))) ??? #queerdanceclub #queerlatina

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They literally make their love look about as easy as a 2-step. Somebody sign me up for whatever classes they’re taking, please!

But not before we get a chance to swipe right on this power femme couple.

Dating in the queer community wasn't always easy for me since I'm a Latina femme who is also attracted to other femmes. Going to queer spaces wasn't enough. I was often passed up and ignored when trying to approach other femme women and told they were looking for someone more masculine. (Identifying as femme while also wanting to date a femme seemed to be nearly impossible and lonely, even though I had been out for nearly a decade.) When I heard about @tinder and how it was #LGBTQ friendly I downloaded the app right away. I was amazed by the abundance of gay woman in my town and wasted no time familiarizing myself with the app. I went on plenty of great dates with various women after swiping right but still never felt that connection. That all changed when @pugazi messaged me and we met for drinks at a local gay cowboy bar the next night. It was everything I had been waiting for and was instantly taken with her. Not only was she the most beautiful femme I had ever laid eyes on with her long black hair and the softest yet most intense brown eyes, she was also hilarious and kept me engaged and laughing from the second I got there and as our picture shows, I haven't stopped smiling since. Paige is the most independent, motivated, intelligent and compassionate femme. Meeting her on @tinder changed my world. We have supported one another through the passing of close friends and family members, financial hurdles, out of state moves, changes in careers, and everything else the past two years has thrown at us. To say it's been a rough two years is an understatement, but yet somehow we have never fought. All the trials and tribulations only served to make us stronger together and cemented our love and it's been the truest blessing I've ever known. I'd never fathom the women I'd marry would have been introduced to me through a dating app, but I am so grateful we both swiped right. Our first tinder date happened on May 28, 2015, and it now serves as our anniversary. After all, it was love at fist sight and I wouldn't have found my #tinderella without @tinder. Yo Te Cielo @pugazi por siempre #TinderSuccessStory #QWOC #queerlatina #femme4femme #queerfemmes #LGBTQ

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This one’s for every Tinder user out there currently swiping their little hearts out.

And you can cut me a slice of this love after that.

Because you know I’ll definitely have what they’re having.

Seriously, did Nicholas Sparks craft this love story, or what?

Their love has endured time, time changes, long distance and growth.

If that’s not a chapter out of “The Notebook,” you’re gonna have to talk me through it.

Legit enough warmth here to melt the abominable snow monster.

And they’re ready to test the hands of time by searching for each other in another life? Sign me up for that reincarnation.

And finally, proof that love can be just as magical between friends.

Because seriously if there’s any type of love better than the romantic kind it’s the one between friends.

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