The Bachelorette Learned That Latina Suegras Don’t Mess Around

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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay got a taste of what it’s like to meet the suegra recently on “The Bachelorette.”

Let’s be real, Rachel “The Bachelorette,” doesn’t realize what she’s getting herself into.

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Bryan, a 37-year-old Columbian babe from Miami who seems to be the frontrunner for winning Rachel’s love, admitted that his last relationship ended because there was some severe suegra-to-nuera tension. Basically, they hated each other. On the flipside, Bryan’s mom made it a point to say she felt his ex was trying to keep him from his family.

So, unsurprisingly, when Bryan finally introduced Rachel to the family, his mom, Olga, delivered Latina suegra realness that most of us could relate to because we know what comes with suegras.

While some people talked smack on Bryan’s “mommy issues” and called Olga crazy, most of us were rolling our eyes because we’ve been there. We know what comes with suegras and their sons with a raging case of mamitis.

Olga cried, called her baby boy “the most precious thing that I have in my life” and even told Rachel that if she doesn’t make Bryan happy, well…

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And yes, she was dead serious.

Rachel laughed like it was a joke, but we know what’s up.


We all know the struggle of dealing with a suegra who loves her hijito more than anything else on the planet.

Suegras don’t play when it comes to their sons and it can ruin a relationship, just as it had for Bryan in the past.

The episode rang true for many Latinas who’ve dealt with major suegra problems, big and small.

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Here are some real-life suegra stories that still trigger our PTSD:

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Some suegras don’t understand the “we just want to take it slow” part.

“Two months into dating my ex’s mom asked when we were going to get married. She also insisted I should move into the back room with him once we do get married because then she can help with the kids. Two. Months. In. I couldn’t deal, especially after she convinced him to want the same thing.” – Alexis, 32, Los Angeles

Some want to rush straight to marriage and nietos.

“My ex-suegra use to have dreams about me being pregnant and would pressure me. She would say that we should have kids soon, that I looked beautiful pregnant in her dream and that I should stop being vegetarian if I was going to get pregnant.” – Monica M., 32, San Diego

But if things fail, you’re the one to blame. Not her sweet innocent angel.

“My ex’s mom was very involved in our relationship. So much so that when we broke up I texted her to explain things and say thank you for everything. She shut me down super hard. She said I ruined his corazoncito because of my problems and that I didn’t deserve him. I literally broke up with him because he said mean things about me online. Pero él era un angelito!” – Claudia G., 33, Los Angeles

We wonder if Rachel knows that most Latina suegras find offense if you dare step into her kitchen.

“My ex and I came to visit his mom, and she was cooking for us every single day. I brought arepas so that I could make it for them as a thank you for letting me stay. I was really happy to share my culture. And she was like, no sweetie, I really don’t want you to. It’s my kitchen. She was super sweet to me, but that thing with the arepa was like ‘eeek!’ I guess she didn’t want me in her kitchen. – Laura D., 28, Los Angeles

And some of them get anxiety if you don’t tell them their food is the most exquisite dish to have ever graced your palate.

“I was such a picky eater and it would bother her that I wouldn’t eat things. Sometimes she would forget or just not care and still serve me everything. I would try to not make a face and eat around stuff, but they would give me ugly looks. – Joyce C., 29, Los Angeles

Oh and how many of us had to deal with the suegra who wanted to convert us? ??

“His mom was Seventh Day Adventist. She made me go to church every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. I was not of the religion, but I wanted to get married to him. His mom wouldn’t allow it since we weren’t the same religion. So I said fine, I’ll go to the church. I did it every day for five years because I loved him. But she still told him that I wasn’t good enough for him.” – Laura D., 27, Miami

Then there are those who are straight-up crazy!

“She burned my clothes. I wish I was joking.” -Amelia F., 38, San Diego

And chances are, we’ve all had a suegra who will never find someone good enough for her son.

“This mother-in-law essentially didn’t think I was Latina enough. That’s my bad story. I’m Mexican-Jewish so according to her I wasn’t really Latina. I was just la blanca or la güera or whatever. She would just ignore me. She wouldn’t speak to me art all. It was crazy. -Dalia V., 29, New York

?? That’s ?? why ?? he’s ??still ?? single!


These stories are pretty rough, but Bryan’s mom didn’t seem to deter Rachel. He’s made it to the top three and tonight we’ll see if he makes it to next week’s finale. Then Rachel will have a lifetime – or at least a few months during a public engagement – of suegra problems to deal with.


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