Worrying If He’ll Remember To Kiss Everyone On The Cheek Is Only One Thing That Stresses You Out When You Introduce Your Non-Latino Novio

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Introducing your family to a new partner is nerve-wracking enough, but there’s a special kind of uneasiness that happens when introducing a non-Latino to your very Latino family.

First you naturally wonder what your family will think.

They’ll want to get all the chisme on him.

When you show up to a family event with your new bf, you worry if they will remember to kiss every family member in the room.

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Even you get shit from mom when you forget to kiss one person.

Failure to do so is a big deal.

Oh, they’re looking.

On the flip side, they’ll have to learn that pulling an “Irish goodbye” is never an option.

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Sneaking out in Latino culture is a great insult that you might never recover from.

You hope they don’t get scared when your family is still dancing to salsa until 4.a.m.

Sometimes they stay up that late just to catch up.

They have to slowly be introduced to all of the delicious dishes your family makes.

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And eased into all the different spices. You may also have to explain what some of your dishes are. Try explaining morcilla without getting a reaction.

You will have to fill them in on any current drama (usually between tías.)

Can’t have new boo out here causing more chisme.

And just a warning, los abuelitos might have a really difficult time pronouncing their name.

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And you’ll probably have to fend off the tíos that will want to give your s/o a nickname.

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They love to default to the expected ‘guerito / guerita,’ but they don’t understand that some people take offense to that.

But they eventually find something to bond over.

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Ah, beer, the great equalizer.

Once they’re accepted into the family and introduced to (most of) your 98739857 cousins…

During this process you’ll discover new primos you hadn’t met.

…You realize that having a  non-Latino partner should never be an issue because it’s only something to celebrate.

CREDIT: Jane The Virgin/CW

In the end, you got yourself a supportive boo and that’s reason enough to party, right?


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What happened when you brought your first non-Latinx partner home?