There’s A Pretty Racist Reason Why Producers Picked Eva Mendes To Play The Leading Role In “Hitch”

Back in 2005, Hollywood studio giant Colombia Pictures put $70,000,00 down on a risky project few studios, even today have risked investing in. The movie, “Hitch,” starred beloved Black actor Will Smith and Cubana screen queen Eva Mendes. Two minorities with enough entertainment clout, sure, but also experiences of having to rise in an industry hardly prone to lending roles to minorities like themselves. In “Hitch,” Will Smith plays a smooth “Date Doctor” who runs into a problems in spite of his expertise when he falls for a reporter played by Eva Mendes.

The film has a few problems in regards to moral check (i.e. Hitch insisting woman who say they only want to work on their career are lying to themselves) but overall the rom-com’s plot, premise, and Eva Mendes make it one of the best of its genre to come out in the 2000s.

Here’s why!

The female lead was portrayed by a Latina.

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Okay, there are shady reasons behind Colombia’s decision to go with a Latina actress for sure. After deciding that a Black man dating a white woman would not go over well with audiences (a Black couple was not even an option for similar reasons) producers behind the film opted for an actress that was neither Black or white. The studio considered casting Aishwarya Rai and Jennifer Lopez, even Cameron Diaz, but ultimately settled on Mendes after the two other actresses declined the role.

The MALE leads are the ones who are completely lovelorn.

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The useless lovelorn woman who can’t seem to find happiness or wholeness until she finds a man is a classic trope plaguing nearly every romantic comedy. In “Hitch” it’s a cliche that’s completely absent. Here, you get romance, womance, and bromance. But instead of seeing Mendes’s character running around solely trying to figure out her guy situation, we find a woman who is obsessed with her career, invested in supporting her best girlfriend and putting her love life on the backburner for all of these things. Meanwhile, if the Bechdel test had a man version, the Alex Hitchens and his buddy Albert Brennaman would surely fail.

Eva Mendes’s character is not your average Hollywood Latina career girl.

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Anyone with a TV knows that for the most part, Hollywood sells Latinas and our potential to pursue different careers way short on screen. We often pop up on screen as the housemaid, the hotheaded seductress. In “Hitch,” Mendes gets to take on a character with a career that falls outside of these stereotypes. Instead of laying on a thick accent and wiping down counter’s in the kitchen, Mendes’s character is out in the field and going to glamorous parties as an entertainment reporter.

This Latina lead bites back without being “fiery.”

Yes, Sara has her flaws. She’s quick to assume and make judgments but she’s also not turning over tables or slamming doors every time she starts to feel things don’t go her way. In fact, despite one incident where she does knee the movie’s villian in the grown, Sara exercises a cool temper. She’s also pretty dang clever as well. In a bar scene where a guy approaches her and introduces himself by saying “They call me Chip.” Sara quickly pats him down with“Aw, you can’t get ‘em to stop?”

Women are allowed to be hangry.

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In a scene building up to the movie’s climax, Sarah picks an argument with Hitch in his apartment after she discovers that he is the “Date Doctor.” Furious (not fiery) she grabs some broccoli and carrots and begins to throw them at him. In return, Hitch tosses a few greens from the salad he has been making for their dinner at her. Not even missing a beat, Sara turns around, grabs her things and heads out the door, but not before shoving some of the salad Hitch threw at her into her mouth. Can anyone tell me what could be a greater revenge insult than, taking someone’s assault and eating it for a snack? Right. I didn’t think so.

AND work their exagera to get whatever dramatic happy ending they want.

The only thing missing in the final ending of “Hitch” is a tiny smile from Eva Mendes when she realizes her plan of getting Hitch to chase after her is working. I LOVE it. In the scene that finally brings the movie’s main love interests together, Hitch heads over to Sara’s apartment eager to win her back only to be stunned when she opens the door to reveal that there’s another man with her.

And finally, all of the hype at this wedding is brought to you by Latina vibes.

In the film’s final scene Sara and Hitch take part in a dance train at Allegra and Albert’s wedding. The bride robot dances down the train, Albert hops down the train, Hitch does some tamed moves down the train, but Sara brings out all of the moves and truly carries the team with her Latina-inspired moves. I am telling you no one at that party could even put a finger on the booty and rhythm action Mendes’s character puts in to this dance scene.


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