2017 Was The Year That Men Couldn’t Stop Posting Thirst Traps

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We are almost done with 2017 and, tbh, so many people cannot wait for this year to be over. It has tested our strength, commitment, and overall well-being. Now, while most of the year feels like a dumpster fire speeding down the freeway, there were some good moments – moments that ignited a fire in other areas. Celebs were out there setting thirst traps for us on social media, and we gobbled them up, screenshotting and sending to our friends to share in the thirst.

Let’s take a moment to remember some of the thirstiest thirst trap posts on Instagram from 2017.

Laith Ashley De La Cruz

Model. Singer. Thirst enthusiast. If you don’t follow him yet, you are missing out on some gold. We see you licking your lips, boy.

Leonardo Nam

Baby pool time! Get out there and try something new. #poolday #thebest #daddytime

A post shared by Leonardo Nam (@leonardo_nam) on

You might recognize the Argentine-Korean actor from his role in “Westworld.” When he isn’t repairing robots for a futuristic adult theme park for the rich, you can catch Nam on the gram lounging with the kids. There is just something about seeing a man with kids that makes everyone swoon.

Jesús “Chyno” Miranda

Buenas noches #Lima ??

A post shared by CHYNO MIRANDA (@chynomiranda) on

The singer took a huge leap this year when he proposed to his fiancée. The proposal video was so romantic that hearts around the world melted. But that hasn’t stopped him from giving his fans some tasty shirtless pics on Instagram.

Adam Rodriguez

Rodriguez is well suited to play the unattainable heartthrob on “Jane the Virgin” because, just look at him. That is a smile that could light up any opera house. ?



A post shared by Miguel (@miguel) on

Miguel definitely reinvented himself this year. Gone are the super suave days of suits, ties, and stage jumping. The Miguel we got in 2017 is a walking thirst trap with a bad boy edge and a gritty style. Who else is here for it?

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez

Ya casi llega la navidad ?? ??

A post shared by Saul Alvarez (@canelo) on

It’s beginning to look a lot like Thirstmas! The boxing champion definitely delivered with a special Christmas-themed thirst post just in time for the holidays. The only question we have is: “What’s behind the wreath?”

William Levy

A post shared by William Levy (@willevy) on

Nothing to see here except William Levy soaking in the tub with a glass of scotch (maybe?). It’s got us all feeling extremely parched.

Bruno Mars


A post shared by Bruno Mars (@brunomars) on

Okay, let’s be honest for a second here. Bruno Mars is one long, walking, talking, and singing thirst trap. It is impossible not to lose yourself while staring at a photo of this man. It’s pretty obvious that he knows this judging by the way he looks at the camera in every ?? single ?? photo. ??

Tyler Posey

Do you remember Jennifer Lopez’ son from “Maid In Manhattan”? Well, this is him now. Feel old yet? The heartthrob is on MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and he loves to use that sexy persona on his social media. What’s hotter than a half-naked man singing by the pool? Maybe a half naked actor trying to sing by the pool. Just makes your heart melt.

Ezequiel Lavezzi

Gozando! ? #Sanya #Placer ?? ph: @yanaisok

A post shared by Ezequiel Lavezzi (@pocho22lavezzi) on

If there is one thing you will learn from scrolling through futbolista Ezequiel Lavezzi’s Instagram page is that he loves any opportunity to take his shirt off. He is also a fan of those “spontaneous” photos of him staring off into the distance contemplating life and stuff. Did we mention he loves being topless?

Romeo Santos

With the slightest tilt of his hat, Santos has given us one of the best thirst traps of the year. Seems like the award-winning singer did tone it down a bit by not hitting us with the full dimple, but damn if that look he gives doesn’t do something to us.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez

You might think that Chicharito is just a sweet, kind, young man but he knows how to subtly post a thirst trap…or so he thought. You don’t make a lowkey doggystyle joke in a photo like the one above without calling into question just how much of a nice young man you really are. And we’re not mad about it.

Ricky Martin

Up close with this rainbow. ?? . #nofilter

A post shared by Ricky (@ricky_martin) on

Okay. Posting a photo of your feet on the beach or even on a fun floor is not that out of the ordinary, but the undies around the ankles implies something sexy is afoot. There really is only one way to look at this picture and we’re pretty sure you knew that when you posted it. ¡Escándalo!

Luis Fonsi

Hay. Mira aqui. One international smash hit and suddenly someone is posting sweaty, post-workout selfies. You do have to give him credit for knowing how to furrow his brow just enough to make him look like a lost puppy though. Perhaps he learned this from dancing Italian sugar daddy businessman Gianluca Vacchi.

Prince Royce

It must be so awkward to be caught outside of your hotel room with your shirt off. Well, Prince Royce doesn’t look too embarrassed even with what is clearly paparazzi taking photos of him in his half-dressed state. I’m not sure what this pose is, but it’s working hard to get our hearts racing.

Laz Alonso

Another man, another sweaty after workout selfie. We get it. But, like, you do know that sweat stinks, right?


Cuerpo sano, mente sana ??

A post shared by MALUMA (@maluma) on

No thirst trap post is complete without the king of the thirst trap – Maluma. This man has spent 2017 posting one sexy pic after another. How many will it take until he sets every phone on fire with his hotness? Guess he’ll just have to keep posting them until we find out.


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