Comics That Perfectly Sum Up The Joys And Throes Of Having A Cat

I’m just going to come out and say it: I am a proud cat lady. I have been a cat lady since I was a baby, and possibly even well before then. Why? Well, to be honest, I love that they’re fluffy, super cute, can be sweet, and provide many cuddles throughout the day… if they want to, that is. The truth is, despite my love for cats, I know that life with cats can be frustrating.

Whether you’re proud Latina gato dama like me or are still a bit ambivalent about the furry felines, you are probably very familiar with some of the funny and not-so funny issues of living with cats. From the good (like how they sneak up to you for love and “make biscuits” on your tummy) to the bad (the fact that they do this in the middle of the night and totally wake you up), here are 20 realities of living with cats. And because we couldn’t actually get our cats to pose for these points, we’ve collected the best comics from all over the internet to demonstrate why we love (and hate that we love) our feline friends.

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