Comics That Perfectly Sum Up The Joys And Throes Of Having A Cat

I’m just going to come out and say it: I am a proud cat lady. I have been a cat lady since I was a baby, and possibly even well before then. Why? Well, to be honest, I love that they’re fluffy, super cute, can be sweet, and provide many cuddles throughout the day… if they want to, that is. The truth is, despite my love for cats, I know that life with cats can be frustrating.

Whether you’re proud Latina gato dama like me or are still a bit ambivalent about the furry felines, you are probably very familiar with some of the funny and not-so funny issues of living with cats. From the good (like how they sneak up to you for love and “make biscuits” on your tummy) to the bad (the fact that they do this in the middle of the night and totally wake you up), here are 20 realities of living with cats. And because we couldn’t actually get our cats to pose for these points, we’ve collected the best comics from all over the internet to demonstrate why we love (and hate that we love) our feline friends.

1. They love sticking their butts up in your face


But we love them anyway, right?

2. They are HUGE babies when it comes to getting their nails cut.


Seriously, kitty, I barely even touched you yet!

3. They’re pretty smart, though.


I’m not so sure about the scientist bit, though…

4. They love cuddles, in a limited amount.


This is literally my cat every. single. morning.

5. They can be pretty creepy sometimes…


Seriously, WHAT IS THERE?!

6. They do bad things.


And they rarely ever apologize, honestly.

7. They love to feel warm and toasty.


Whether that’s in a sun spot or right in front of your space heater in the winter.

8. They’re weird about food.


Seriously, WHY is anything wrapped in plastic on their “must eat” list?

9. They’re masters of getting you to fall in love with them.


We all have heard the story of the super sweet kitty that turns demon when you bring them home.

10. They HATE kisses from their humans.


But we don’t care! 

11. They love to mess around with your mail.


And yes, they WILL chew on the important ones first.

12. They do, in fact, take over your bed.


I’m sorry, did you think you owned it or something?

13. They make you want to spend all your money on them.


No regrets, amirite?

14. They have no qualms about waking you up in the middle of the night.


It’s happened to me more times than I care to count.

15. They are totally good for your anxiety.


Even if they don’t want to be…

16. They love water, except from their actual water bowl.


I might actually now be in the habit of getting a cup for both me and kitty.

17. They always manage to get in the way somehow.


I’m honestly never sure if it’s because they’re playing, clueless, or actually trying to kill us all.

18. They WILL be forced to watch and/or participate in cat YouTube videos by you. No shame.


You just can’t help yourself. I get it.

19. They might just be plotting against you…


This seems about right, tbh.

20. They’re just SO lovable (even if they don’t appreciate it).


And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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If You Laugh At These 20 Tweets About Abuelas, You’re Def Going to Hell

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If You Laugh At These 20 Tweets About Abuelas, You’re Def Going to Hell

The matriarchs of our families, our abuelas deserve unwavering respect for everything they’ve done to love and raise us. Teaching us right from wrong, showing their love through food and quietly sacrificing for their loved ones, our grandmas are extraordinary people. Still, that doesn’t stop us from making fun of these hilarious little women.

There’s no better place to find jokes about our abuelitas than on Twitter. Whether it’s about their salty ways or their tough love, there’s plenty of tweets that poke good natured fun at them. Just don’t let your abuela catch you laughing.

They’re pretty funny, but if you laugh at these abuela tweets, you’re def going to hell.

1. Abuela just isn’t tech savvy.

Twitter / @noproperlady

To be honest, you’re probably lucky if your abuela’s house even has wifi. If it does, don’t count on an easy-to-remember password. Our abuelas didn’t come up in the tech age like we did so it’s understandable that this stuff is hard for them. Still, don’t make fun of your grandmother too much unless you want to be stuck doing tech support.

2. *Stares in Abuelita*

Twitter / @yeli_tu

Let’s be real, not much is going to stop an abuelita from making judgements about her grandchild’s life. Not even the afterlife. So, you can be sure that no matter what you’re doing, your abuela is somewhere out there looking at you while tiredly mumbling, “Ay, Dios.”

3. That authentic Abuela smell.

Twitter / @sarair_

Considering our abuelas stay trying to feed us, it makes sense that even their scent is tied to the kitchen. Whether it’s pozole and limón or menudo and pan dulce, those smells are kind of like your abuela’s personalized perfume. It might not be Chanel N°5, but it smells great to us.

4. You’re never too grown to get yelled at.

Twitter / @brittalaflame

If you think you’re old enough to avoid getting chewed out by abuela, think again. As matriarch of la familia, she’s earned the right to check you whenever she wants. However, it’s not just you that’s in for it. Whenever you feel bad about getting in trouble, remember all those times you’ve seen your abuela take your mom down too.

5. Don’t mess with perfection.

Twitter / @iwatchVHS

When it comes to things that are sacred, their home cooking is like a religion to our abuelas. You mess with that, and you’re messing with something almost holy. So, if you don’t want your abuelita to look like this, you might just was to comer los frijoles like she told you to.

6. She’s earned it.

Twitter / @kelseydarragh

Listen, abuela has had a hard day and she deserves to unwind. It may be 9 am here but what do they say about it being 5 o’clock somewhere? Don’t judge abuela. Just give her una mas tequila shot and go on with your business.

7. Abuelita tried to save our soul.

Twitter / @ItsAllBollocks

Mija, you’re precious to abuela. She only wants to make sure you’re protected in this world and the next. The least you could do is gargle some holy water and stop making fun of your poor abuelita.

8. The newest Olympic sport.

Twitter / @shadiacrespo

Abuela might love you, but she’s not above taking off her chancla and putting you in your place. So, abuela’s naturally going to dominate in this game. Look at it this way, you weren’t victimized by her chancla — you were just her training partner.

9. The Look™

Twitter / @Lib_Librarian

Garunteed, if you’re back on your BS, you’re going to get that official Look™ from your abuela. It could send a chill down the spine of the baddest hombre and stop your grown tios right in their tracks. Sure, it’s easy to make fun of the Look™ when you aren’t on the receiving end but you better hope abuela doesn’t turn it towards you.

10. Abuelita likes to party, too.

Twitter / @lelatoledo14

There are two possibilities here. This abuela could have only seen the word “Jesus” and shared it in hopes to spread el amor de Dios. Or, abuelita just likes to par-tay. Either way, you do you, grandma and thanks for the laugh.

11. She’s got your best interest at heart.

Twitter / @Viciousjess

If you think you have freedom to pursue anyone you want, think again. When she asks “Y el novio?” she’s not trying to see someone with a giant tattoo on his face. Unless that tattoo is La Virgincita or the crucifixion. Those MIGHT get a pass.

12. Sana sana colita de rana

Twitter / @fifyy01

Abuelas made Vivaporu what it is today. Now, even folks outside the Latinidad know the power of this little jar. That being said, if abuelas could mix their love of food with their love of Vicks, we’d already know it. However, there’s no doubt they already tried it.

13. Savage, abuela, savage.

Twitter / @WandyFelicita

Abuelas don’t hold their tongues when it comes to criticizing their grandkids. In fact, you’re sure to get some solid shade if abuela is feeling especially feisty. That art of subtle yet devastating shade is something you can’t be taught. You simply inherit the talent when you become an abuelita yourself.

14. This look didn’t age well.

Twitter / @rauls2cool

Keep in mind this was the style back in the day, but that tattooed makeup didn’t age well with the changing trends. Especially when it comes to those thin, high-arched eyebrows abuela has tattooed up on her forehead. Still, be careful about teasing abuela over this look unless you want her to roast you on your own makeup game.

15. Abuela swears by it.

Twitter / @krystashayeoh

If you look in every purse and bag in your abuela’s home, you’re going to find tubs of Vaporu. According to her, this magicial miracle can cure your cold, stop your runny nose, heal your broken bones, heal your broken heart and find you a new man. Here’s to hoping we can believe in ourselves as much as our abuelas believe in vaporu.

16. Abuela didn’t raise no diablos.

Twitter / @commonhspanicg

Abuela didn’t raise no dark brujas so you better not show up looking like one. If you come around with those devil nails, be prepared to get on your knees and recite the rosario for the rest of the night. She’s just trying to save your soul, mija, and that’s no laughing matter.

17. Every Abuela everywhere.

Twitter / @kaliwhatchumean

No matter where your grandma is from or how old she is, she probably looks like this. It’s only natural. One day you look like yourself, and the next day you’ve become an abuela. Is it funny? Sure, but you might not want to laugh. This is a glimpse into your own future, after all.

18. Masters of chisme.

Twitter / @taejinkoook

If you want that good chisme, you’ve got to head to abuela’s kitchen for the download. She’s got the goods on the whole community and she’s ready to spread everyone’s business. Except for you, of course. She’d never gossip about her precious grandchild. Just kidding; she’s totally talking about you too.

19. We get it from our abuelas.

Twitter / @DiovanniFrazier

Abuela has always been a bad babe, but when she was your age, she was the fiercest mujer on the block. She definitely hasn’t forgotten about it. So, if you ever start feelin’ yourself a bit too much, allow abuelita to humble you a bit. It will serve as a reminder of what a babe SHE was.

20. Every BBQ ever.

Twitter / @commonhspanicg

If anyone deserves to kick back and enjoy the asado, it’s abuela. Grab her a cerveza and fix her un otro plato. Our abuelas give us so much joy, fun, love and knowledge so let’s show these cute old ladies our respect.

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20 Latin American Dog Breeds That You Will Want to Adopt *ASAP*

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20 Latin American Dog Breeds That You Will Want to Adopt *ASAP*

Owning a dog has to be one of life’s great pleasures. Not only do they make phenomenal coworkers but they are the kind of pet that oozes with so much love that they can actually make you feel calmer in your life. I grew up with all kinds of pets but dogs are known to give unconditional love for a reason: Because they really do!

The thing that might surprise you the most about dogs, though, is what a great variety of them there are. You probably know all about labs, border collies, poodles and all of the more common dog breeds out there, but did you know that there are some truly cool dog breeds that come directly from Latin America? You probably already know and love the Chihuahua but the truth is that there are 19 other Latin American dog breeds that are ready to steal your heart. If you’re looking to adopt or simply fall in love with a new puppy, here are 20 Latin American dog breeds that you will simply adore.

1. Dogo Argentino


The Dogo Argentino has recently gained an undeserved reputation as a fighting dog, which it is not. Instead, they are hunting dogs that hail from the southern part of South America. They”re quite large, about 100 pounds, very muscular and typically solid white. They’re also very social and good in families and around other animals.

2. Chilean Terrier


The Chilean Terrier was developed in Chile when the British Fox Terrier and local Chilean dogs were bred. This is often thought to be the only breed that is native to Chile but it’s quite popular there and its popularity is rapidly growing in South America. They’re high energy, good in apartments and are about 8-15 pounds when they’re small and 15-35 pounds for medium types. 

3. Xoloitzcuintli


This guy is the first hairless dog you will see on this list but he’s not the last. Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog, is a breed that originates in, obviously, Mexico. Thought to have been around for the past 3,000 years, that makes this a fairly ancient breed and although they naturally occur hairless, there is a variety which is coated in hair. 

4. Fila Brasileiro


If you want a perfect guard dog, then you might want to take a look at the Fila Brasileiro, which is a big South American breed that is a great tracker, was bred to guard livestock and also expertly used in hunting large game. They’re quite powerful but not aggressive. These guys are about 110 pounds and have loose skin that makes them look like a Bloodhound.

5. Venezuelan Sheepdog


The Venezuelan Sheep Dog is the national dog of Venezuela and for good reason. They won this title in 1964 after being a great livestock guard dog for many centuries already. Although the origins of this breed are not clear, some believe that it came from being bread by the Spaniards with other local dogs. These dogs are intelligent, playful and sensitive. 

6. Buldogue Campeiro


Another breed from Brazil is actually one of the rarest breeds in the world. The Buldogue Campeiro, or the Campeiro Bulldog, is an incredibly loyal and smart breed that is characterized by their short noses. Although they’re not tall, they’re actually very big boned which means that they weigh anywhere from 70 to 90 pounds. So, if you’re looking for a big boy to love, then this guy might be it.

7. Havanese


There is only one dog breed that is native to Cuba and that is this cheerful little dog that has a spring in their step and a gleam in their eyes. The Havanese are super vivacious and sociable, which makes them perfect city dogs that have become very popular in the U.S. Coming in at just 7-13 pounds, they’re easy to keep around anywhere so we’re not surprised that more people are loving them lately. 

8. Pampas Deerhound


The Pampas Deerhound is a type of hunting dog that is native to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. These dogs are known for helping their humans to track, capture and hunt for deer (Pampas deer), which is how they earned their name. They are still used to track other animals, such as wild boars, in their native country. They are typically pale or white in color.

9. Peruvian Hairless Dog


Those who are seeing a clean, healthy, hairless dog should definitely look at the Peruvian Hairless Dog as their best option since these guys are usually very friendly and affectionate to their family. This dog breed was in South America long before the arrival of Europeans, which makes them another ancient dog on the list. Weighing in at about 18 pounds when they’re small and up to 55 pounds when they’re large, they’re usually slim and their skin needs extra care to be kept clean.

10. Bullbras


Similar to the Campeiro Bulldog, the Bullbras is a bulldog-type dog that comes from Brazil. The big difference with this dog is that he was actually bred specifically by Wagmar de Souza who, in 2006, began the work of mating between dog breeds that he wanted to create in a new English bulldog-style breed. Using the Olde English Bulldogge, English Bulldog, Campeiro Bulldog and the Boxer, he eventually added the American Bulldog to create the Bullbras.

11. Cimarrón Uruguayo


The Cimarrón Uruguayo is a dog breed from Uruguay that is descendent from dogs that were brought to the country from Europe. Its ancestors were a feral dog breed that ranchers started to catch and domesticate because they were attacking their livestock and, instead, now are great guard dogs. They are tall, fierce and very beautiful and loyal creatures. 

12. Mantiqueira Shepherd Dog


Herding dogs can do a lot and they’re always great companions to their humans, which might explain why the Mantiqueira Shepherd Dog originated in the Mantiqueira Mountains of Southeast Brazil. Although their exact origin is not fully known and they are thought to be related to dogs like the German Shepherd, they are known to be agile, strong and resistant as they work with cowboys and tropeiros in the mountains. 

13. Mucuchies


The Mucuchies are thought to be Venezuela’s only native dog breed since they originated in the early 1600s in the state of Merida in the Andes Mountains. In fact, that’s why they are named Mucuchies — which is a town in that region. The breed is often referred to as Nevado (or “snowy”). They’re quite big, with large ones at 55-90 pounds and extra large ones at 90-120 pounds. 

14. Magellan Sheep Dog


Well, I hate to disappoint you (or not?) but there is another dog that is native to Chile and that is the much lesser known Magellan Sheep Dog. There is no clear origin of how this dog came to be but the assumption is that people came to the area with different breeds of shepherd dogs, who mixed with one another and adapted to the colder weather, and so the Magellan Sheep Dog was born. It’s a mid-sized dog that has a thick and long coat and prefers the low temperatures of the south of Chile since they can easily protect themselves in the snow.

15. Brazilian Terrier


This adorable dog from Brazil is also known as the Fox Paulistinha and it’s not popular in many other countries but it totally should be. The Brazilian Terrier was developed by combining Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Pinschers and Chihuahuas. They’re pretty small (about 15 inches) but are very active and love to chase other small animals, such as pet cats, hamsters and rabbits. However, if you keep them indoors, make sure to walk these energetic dogs frequently so that they don’t get destructive.

16. Ecuadorian Hairless Dog


The Ecuadorian Hairless Dog is a small breed of hairless dog that originated on the Santa Elena Peninsula in Ecuador. It’s actually considered one of the rarest breed of hairless dog in the world, which might make it difficult to find. They are characterized by the absence of hair on the body and the little patch of fur on its head. They are elegant animals, but also small coming in at a height of just 15-18 inches.

17. Peruvian Inca Orchid


Known sometimes as the Inca Hairless Dog or, more accurately, the Peruvian Inca Orchid, this dog breed is from Peru and another ancient one. It was seen during the Inca Empire dating as far back as 750 A.D. but that’s not what is really cool about the dog. They’re actually super affectionate with their family members. However, their temperament makes them NOT a great choice for first-time dog owners so choose carefully before settling on getting this dog. 

18. Rastreador Brasileiro


The Rastreador Brasileiro is native to Brazil, as you can imagine, and it is a hunting dog that was developed in the 1950s by Oswaldo Aranha Filho to hunt medium-sized wild pigs in Central and South America. He combined various American and European hunting breeds, along with some native Brazilian dogs, in order to create this guy. And isn’t he super handsome? 

19. Argentine Pila


Another hairless dog that makes it onto our list is the Argentine Pila that originated from, as you may have guessed it, Argentina. Some of its oldest ancestors (meaning other hairless breeds from surrounding countries) are 3,000 years old. That’s pretty impressive for a breed that’s still around! Despite their medium size, they are actually great companion dogs and are very well-suited for apartment life. 

20. Chihuahua


You didn’t think we would leave this guy off the list, did you? The Chihuahua is definitely the most well-known of the Latin American dog breeds and for good reason. Although they’re usually pretty small (the average one is about six and a half pounds), they are known to be fierce, loyal and super sweet. Sure, they have a reputation for being barky but don’t let a stereotype fool you. The coolest part of this breed is that, although we don’t know exactly where they came from or how long they have been around, Chihuahua-like dog bones were found in Mexico in 300 B.C.

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