20 Facts About ‘Mi Vida Loca’ You Probably Missed

Over twenty years have passed since Allison Anders’ movie “Mi Vida Loca” gave life to the Echo Park homegirls Mona and Maribel, known as “Sad Girl” and “Mousie.” Still, all of the years later, fans love the film at a cult status. Here’s a look at 20 facts about the movie you didn’t know!

1. The director drew on real experiences for her story.

CREDIT: “Mi Vida Loca” / HBO”Mi Vida Loca” / HBO

The director, Allison Anders, created the script for the film with stories from real girl gangs. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine the director explained that she got the idea for the film after talking to her daughter. “My daughter came home from school and told me this story about two girls: ‘Christina had a baby with Ernesto and then Marta had a baby with Ernesto and now they don’t get along,’ she said. I was like, ‘Who is this Ernesto? I gotta meet this stud’, and when I saw him he was just this tiny kid.”

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