20 Facts About ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’

credit: Walt Disney Studios

Long before Disney came out with “Coco” there was a chart-topping animated film about an Incan emperor who became a Llama. Of course, the movie was primarily made of a white cast and creators but, most kids of the early 2000s will remember the Disney hit movie. The film Kuzco a snobby and spoiled Llama who learns about himself when he is turned into an animal has tons of facts and trivia of note!


1. The movie was going to be called “Kingdom of The Sun”

CREDIT: Walt Disney Company

In 1994, Roger Allers the director behind the film “The Lion King” started working on a few ideas he had for a classic Disney style epic set in the ancient Incan Empire called “Kingdom of the Sun”. The film was actually supposed to be an Incan spin of the Mark Twain book “Prince and The Pauper” where an Incan emperor accidentally switches places with a commoner who looked like him. In the original plan for the story, the Incan emperor meets his doppelganger and switches places with him for fun only to run into trouble when a royal sorceress discovers the switch and turns the emperor into a llama.

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