20 Moments From ‘Pretty Woman’ All Latinas Love

The classic rom-com Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts as the hooker with a heart of gold Vivian and Richard Gere as coldhearted businessman Edward Lewis, was released 28 years ago. Since it came out, the movie has held a special place in the hearts of millions. From Vivian’s charm to Edward’s subtle humor, there is a lot to love about Pretty Woman — not the least of which is the insanely amazing chemistry between Roberts and Gere. Without them, the movie would definitely not be as monumentally life-changing as it has been.

As a Latina, sometimes it’s difficult to watch movies where we are basically non-existent. Despite being set in Los Angeles, there only Latino in the movie is the scene-stealing Hector Elizondro, who plays Barney the hotel manager. However, the movie is still an absolute pleasure and I can’t help but enjoy it to pieces. And I  know that I’m not the only Latina who feels the same. From the opening scene (those boots!) to the “Welcome to Hollywood!” guy, here are 20 moments from Pretty Woman that all Latinas LOVE.

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