20 Photos That Prove Mariah Carey Is Forever The Queen of Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of the year and one of the things that makes it extra special every year is celebrating with Christmas music. In particular, I am talking about celebrating it with the music of the forever Queen of Christmas: Mariah Carey. Not only is she someone that is that perfect amount of extra but she is also the kind of person that spreads extra holiday cheer during this time of year.

And so, in order to celebrate Christmas in an extra special way this year, we’ve put together our 20 favorite photos of Mariah celebrating the holidays. From dressing up in all red and posing with Mickey Mouse to singing our all-time favorite Christmas song to spending time with her kids, the Queen of Christmas has proven time and again that she is here to stay.

1. Mariah enjoys Christmas at Disney World.


Christmas at the most magical place on Earth is made even better by the presence of Mariah. She’s looking all glammed up standing next to Mickey Mouse and enjoying the holiday season. Seriously, who doesn’t want her adorable red dress?!

2. Mariah cuddles in Christmas PJ’s with her pup.


One of the best parts of the holiday season is taking some time to lounge around in bed with your loved ones and Mariah proves just how warm and snuggly all of our beds are. Her pup is a cutie and so is she as she wears her Hello Kitty Christmas PJ’s.

3. Mariah meets Santa with her kids.


Santa Claus is one of the best parts of Christmas and Mariah has that reminder for us when she poses for adorable photos with her kids and Santa. It probably isn’t a coincidence that she is wearing red, too, to make us feel even MORE festive this holiday season.

4. Mariah celebrates the Christmas sparkle.


Tis the season for everything sparkly and Mariah celebrates in style. Wearing one of the outfits from her concerts and seen posing with a super sparkly Christmas tree, Mariah just makes me want to cover myself in glitter basically.

5. Mariah proves that black CAN be a Christmas color.


She just HAD to stop by and show off her awesome outfit while also showing us this gorgeous Christmas display. Why nobody before has thought to put a black and white Christmas together is beyond me.

6. Mariah takes time to trim the Christmas tree.


Stars: They’re just like us! At least that’s what Mariah is showing off in this picture as she puts the last detail on top of her Christmas tree. Celebrating with a beauty like this is definitely one of the most joyful parts of the holiday season.

7. Mariah sees all the Christmas lights.


Of course, Christmas isn’t just about decorating indoors. Sometimes you need to go outside and see all of the beautiful lights at the nearby houses, just like Mariah did here with her kids. The blue lights that sparkle in the background are almost as great as the golden ones on the angels and reindeer.

8. Mariah sings with a Christmas choir.


Of course, the main reason that Mariah will always be the reigning Queen of Christmas and that will forever be because of her music. You can’t start the holiday season without listening to at least one of her Christmas albums, amirite?

9. Mariah shows off what makes for a white Christmas.


There’s a White Christmas all around us and it is all thanks to Mariah and the way that she celebrates the season. Standing by this white Christmas tree in a sparkly gown, she reminds us jsut how snowy and magical this season can be.

10. Mariah celebrates Christmas with her kids.


Christmas is all about family, which is why the Queen of Christmas makes sure to include her kids in her various Christmas specials and celebrations. Here they are, dancing and having fun alongside her. It’s pretty adorable, don’t you think?

11. Mariah drinks Eggnog like a boss.


If there was ever an epic Christmas photo, then you have to figure this would be it. Who else than the amazing Mariah would be able to pull off a sexy outfit while drinking Eggnog in a wine glass? Nobody, that’s who.

12. Mariah helps to make NYC a bit more festive.


One of the joys of being Mariah is, apparently, lighting the Christmas lights on the Empire State Building. That’s definitely going to help millions of people some cheer during the holidays. Now, whenever you see a photo or look up and see the Empire State Building all lit up, you can think of her.

13. Mariah knows that Christmas trees are all about the size.


Here’s yet another photo of Mariah rocking her sexiest Christmas outfit and you can see how overjoyed she is because her Christmas tree is the best. I mean, not all of us can afford (or have room for) such big ones in our own homes but it sure does make you feel like you’re all about the holiday spirit.

14. Mariah sings our favorite, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”


She has been doing Christmas concerts and specials for years, and much of that is thanks to her megahit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” It’s definitely an amazing song and hearing it puts me immediately into the Christmas spirit. This is all thanks to the Queen of Christmas, of course, and her embracing her role.

15. Mariah dances to Christmas music with her kids.


Whether it’s dancing to her own Christmas tunes or to the songs of some other classics, this holiday season can be even better if you take a cue from Mariah and dance the night away. Even better if you include your family in the whole process.

16. Mariah sits on Santa’s lap for Christmas.


Santa Claus is coming to town… or at least to Mariah Carey’s living room. And she can’t pass up the opportunity to sit on his lap, of course, and remind us all that it’s okay to let our inner child come out during the holidays.

17. Mariah plays with her pup on Christmas.


Sure, the holidays are all about family but they’re also about being with all of the critters you love and that can include your pets. Playing with your dogs (whether in bed like Mariah did earlier or near your Christmas tree) might bring some extra holiday cheer to your home.

18. Mariah cooks up a storm for Christmas morning.


Whether it’s Christmas morning or Christmas dinner, somebody has to make delicious food to feed your family. Well, here Mariah reminds us what a joy it is to cook for all of the ones you love by showing us that even she spends some time in the kitchen during the holiday season.

19. Mariah relaxes in her Christmas onesie.


Although I didn’t grow up with the tradition of wearing a Christmas onesie to bed on Nochebuena and waking up in it the next day, Mariah introduced me to it and I have never been the same. It seems that the Queen of Christmas really enjoys her multiple Hello Kitty-themed Christmas onesies and, well, I think it’s time for me to rush out and get my own.

20. Mariah celebrates Christmas in style, always.


A stylish Christmas is sometimes all we want for the holidays and Mariah shows us just how to get one. From her simple Christmas tree adorned with gold to her black tank and subtle smokey eye, here’s to remembering that Christmas is all around us… as we listen to Mariah’s music, of course.

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These Empowering Latina Jams Are Perfect To Add To Your Galentine’s Day Playlist


These Empowering Latina Jams Are Perfect To Add To Your Galentine’s Day Playlist

Happy Galentine’s Day, mamis! What, you never heard of the holiday? According to Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, who made it a thing, “it’s only the best day of the year.” And she ain’t lying. Galentine’s Day, observed February 13, is a day to celebrate love — between your hermanas!

As the fictional character played by Amy Poehler in the series said, it’s “ladies celebrating ladies.” Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s a time to bring your closest gals together, either for brunch, evening cocktails, mani-pedis or an old-school slumber party, and bask in the beauty, love and joy of your friendship.

No Galentine’s Day commemoration would be complete without some girl power tunes. Here, a celebration playlist you and your bella squad can bang out to while toasting to being ride-or-dies.

1. Remind your mamis what’s in store for them this Galentine’s Day with “Ladies Night.”

This Lil’ Kim classic, featuring Boricua Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat and Missy Elliot, will undoubtedly get the squad hyped for the Galentine’s festivities to come.

2. Today’s all about feelin’ good, so you have to bring out Demi Lovato’s “Confident.”

On Galentine’s Day, you shower your femme squad with compliments — as you probably do any day of the week — and try your best to make sure the whole gang knows their worth.

3. Remind your nenas they are bomb just as they are with Bomba Estéreo’s “Soy Yo.”

Sure, if we’re being real with our chicas, as we should be, there’s room for all of us to grow as individuals, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t great already. Colombiana Li Saumet will have all the gals loving on themselves, and all their complexities, with this 2016 banger.

4. If this is a single ladies kind of festivity, pull out Paloma Mami’s “Not Steady.”

If your squad is the type that yells “soltera para siempre” as they toast their champagne, you need this chilena’s bop about not wanting to settle down blasting at the pari.

5. Remind your amigas that lovers “Can’t Hold Us Down” with this Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim classic.

Even if your squad is mixed, with single ladies and mujeres in relationships, both will appreciate la ecuatoriana’s still-relevant message about not letting your boo, or the patriarchy, keep you down.

6. After all, you can’t tame a boss bitch.

Just ask puertorriqueña Kelis, whose 2006 jam “Bossy,” featuring Too $hort, will have all the girls embracing their inner jefa.

7. Ride out with the nenas as the car radio blares Selena Gomez’s “Me & My Girls.”

Pre-game: check. It’s time to hit the dance floor, and this young mexicana will have you and your chicas feelin’ alive and set to shake the night away.

8. Put your worries aside with Mariah Carey’s “It’s Like That.”

As the venezolana says, “no stress, no fights … no tears, no time to cry.” Tonight is all about you and your girls livin’ it up. So heed Mariah’s advice and “open off that Bacardi” and feel “so hot tamale.”

9. Feelin’ it yet? Good! ‘Cause Cardi B’s “Money Bag” is about to have all the mamis twerking.

Like the dominicana’s own “bloody gang,” your crew is so bad that you’re out on the dance floor lookin’ “like bridesmaids,” so do like Cardi and drop that confident ass low.

10. But make sure Ivy Queen’s “Quiero Bailar” reminds everybody else that this is a Galentine’s Day party.

Swaying those hips is catching some attention. No one hates when some of the girls dance up with folk who aren’t in the crew, but let the Bori reggaetonera let the desperadxs know this is a girls’ night and the crew is going home together — punto.

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20 Famous Latinas Who Use a Stage Name

Fierce Boss Ladies

20 Famous Latinas Who Use a Stage Name

There’s power in the names that our parents give us at birth. They’re a legacy passed down from our anceatros and a reminder of where we come from. However, these reminders of their heritage can be a hurdle for aspiring Latinx celebrities while starting their careers. Due to this, famous Latina actresses and musicians often swamp their given nombres for a stage name.

Usually, celebrities take on a stage name by shortening their given name or changing it completely. Sometimes the reason for this is an active attempt to make their names sound less Latino but it also happens so they’ll have shorter, more marketable names. Whether they aim for a less Spanish sounding name or just for something simpler, these Latinas are definitely memorable.

Here are 20 Latinas who use stagenames:

1. Jenni Rivera

Instagram / @jennirivera

This legendary singer and songwriter is known around the world as Jenni Rivera but that’s not her given name. The Latina’s full names is Dolores Janney Rivera. When she started her career, the late Rivera dropped “Dolores” and used a diminutive form of her middle name instead. This shorter moniker is easier for fans to remember and without a doubt looked better on a concert marquee.

2. Demi Lovato

Instagram / @ddlovato

Pop starlet Demi Lovato has a unique name reminiscent of actress Demi Moore, but the Latina wasn’t named after the 80s icon. Her full name is actually Demetria Devonne Lovato with “Demi” being her nickname. As memorable as “Demi” is, we have to admit that Demetria Devonne is a very melodious name naturally meant for a musician.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

Instagram / @mrodofficial

Michelle Rodriguez is known for taking on roles that show off her tough girl image. However, the name she’s best known for isn’t technically her real one. She was born Mayte Michelle Rodriguez but dropped the “Mayte” for her stage name. Still, no matter what she chooses to go by, the Fast and the Furious star is decidedly the fiercest boss lady around.

4. Gloria Estefan

Instagram / @gloriaestafan

Gloria Estefan is one of the most legendary Latinas in the world so it makes sense that she’d be christened with a name just as incredible. The Cubana was named Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García. Yes, it’s a mouthful but Estefan was named with the traditional Spanish naming custom. In this custom, the child takes both their paternal and maternal surnames. When Estefan married her husband, Emilio, she dropped the additional names and simply took his to create her stage name.

5. Raquel Welch

Instagram / @therealraquelwelch

Raquel Welch is iconic for portraying strong female characters and being one of the 20th Century’s biggest sex symbols. Those who aren’t very familiar with the actress might be surprised to discover that she’s also a Latina. Her Bolivian father gave her the name of Jo Raquel Tejada. The “Raquel” came from her father’s mother and the “Jo” is from her mother, Josephine. After taking her high school sweetheart’s name when they married, Welch dropped the “Jo” from her moniker and started her acting career.

6. America Ferrera

Instagram / @AmericaFerrera

America Ferrera’s journey to her stage name is very different from most on this list because it’s actually her given name. The difference is that Ferrera didn’t actually start going by her real name until she started acting. She was named after her mother but the actress hated it so she went by her middle name, Georgine. It wasn’t until she started pursuing her career that she saw how memorable and marketable her given name is.

7. Celia Cruz

Instagram / abuelamamimiami

Called “La Guarachera de Cuba,” Celia Cruz is the most popular and well-know Latina artist of the 20th Century. However, the simple alliteration of her stage name hides her monumental given name. She was born Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso. She, too, was named in the Spanish custom — her mother’s family name was “Alfonso” and her father’s was “Cruz.” She already went by Celia when she began her music career in the 1940’s.

8. Soledad O’Brien

Instagram / @americasbestracing

Born to immigrant parents, Soledad O’Brien has always been proudly vocal about her heritage. Embracing their Cuban and Irish backgrounds, her parents named her María de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien. When she started her journalism career, the Afro-Latina shortened her name but kept pieces of it to honor the two halves of her background.

9. Thalia

Instagram / @Thalia

Singer, songwriter, and actress Thalia is one of the most influential and popular Mexican artists in the world. Though she only goes by one name now, she was born Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda. She was also named in the Spanish tradition with her mother and father both contributing their surnames to hers. When Thalia began in the music business, she decided to go solely by her memorable middle name.

10. Rita Hayworth

Instagram / @theritahaywortharchive

Rita Hayworth was the most glamorous screen idol of the 1940’s. She was also a Latina. Hayworth actually dyed her naturally dark hair to the red she’s known for so she could be considered for more diverse roles. She also took on a less Spanish sounding stage name for the same reason. Hayworth was originally named Margarita Carmen Cansino but used her mother’s maiden name with her nickname “Rita” to form her now famous brand.

11. Shakira

Instagram / @shakira

The Columbian singer, songwriter, and dancer, Shakira, is another big time celebrity who only needs one name to make her mark. Like many other Latinx people, she was given both her mother’s and father’s family names as part of her own. Born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the name reflects both her father’s Arabic roots and her mother’s Spanish ones.

12. Anita Page

Instagram / @classichollywoodarchive

It may come as a surprise, but silver-era star Anita Page was a Latina. Often called the “blond, blue-eyed Latin” and “the girl with the most beautiful face in Hollywood,” she was born Anita Evelyn Pomares. When she joined MGM Studios, she was given the name Ann Page but another actress already had claim to that name. Instead, MGM let her combine her first name with their chosen surname to get a new moniker for the pretty star.

13. Kate del Castillo

Instagram / @katedelcastillo

One of the biggest stars in telenovela, Kate del Castillo is a household name, but, her real moniker is considerably longer. Born Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo, the actress was given both her mother’s surname and that of her famous father, Eric del Castillo. Additionally, it seems stage names run in this family. A fellow telenovela star and legend of Mexican cinema, her dad was born J. Eduardo Eric del Castillo-Negrete Galván and shortened his name for his career.

14. Salma Hayek

Instagram / @salmahayek

Salma Hayek is one of the most well-respected and popular Latinas in Hollywood. Though she made a name for herself in such movies like Frida, that nombre just happens to be a stage name. The actress/producer was born Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez. When she began her acting career, Hayek dropped “Jiménez” — her mother’s last name — and simply went with her father’s name.

15. Sofia Vegara

Instagram / @sofiavagara

Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV and, as such, has made her name well known all over the world. However, the name Vergara uses is a shortened version of her given name. She was named Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara and that double Vergara isn’t a typo. Both her mother and father had the surname “Vergara” so she was given both as part of her offical name. Understandably, she cut it down for her stage name.

16. Zoe Saldana

Instagram / @zoesaldana

You might know her as Gamora from Gaurdians of the Galaxy but Zoe Saladana’s parents gave her another unique moniker. Her birth name is actually Zoe Yadira Saladaña Nazario. Like many Latinas, she inherited names from both her parents. “Saladaña” is her Dominican father’s surname while “Nazario” is from her Puerto Rican mother.

17. Roselyn Sánchez

Instagram / @roselyn_sanchez

Puerto Rican actress, model, and singer Roselyn Sanchez is best known for her roles on Without a Trace and Devious Maids. Though Sanchez spends most of her career answering to the names of fictional characters, her stage name is also a bit fictious. She was originally named Roselyn Milagros Sánchez Rodríguez by her parents. To make it more memorable, Sanchez dropped both the “Milagros” and “Rodriguez” from her name.

18. Rita Moreno

Instagram / @theritamoreno

With an EGOT and the Presidential Medal of Freedom under her belt, the name Rita Moreno stands for Latina excellence. However, it’s not the legendary actress’ real name. Moreno was actually born Rosa Dolores Alverío. The Puerto Rican actress adopted the surname Moreno from her mother’s second husband. As a girl, she was often called “Rosita” which naturally evolved to “Rita”. Moreno’s nickname also has a connection with another famous Rita. When she came to the US as a girl, she traveled with dancer Paco Cansino, the uncle of Rita Hayworth.

19. Eva Mendes

Instagram / @evamendes

Actress and business woman Eva Mendes is well known for being a enchanting and sexy film star. As such, it’s only natural that she has a stage name. Mendes was originally born Eva de la Caridad Méndez. Not only did she drop the extra name, along her way to stardom the actress also changed the spelling of “Méndez.”

20. Katy Jurado

Instagram / vintage_stardust

During the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Katy Jurado played sultry femme fatales. She was such an iconic beauty that Juan Gabriel wrote the song Que Re’chula es Katy in her honor. However, Katy was never her real name. In fact, she was born María Christina Estela Marcela Jurado García. For her stage name, Jurado kept her father’s surname and took on the nickname Katy.

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