Just Gonna Leave These 20 Pics Of Celebrity Latino Zaddies Here In Case You’re Feeling Thirsty

credit: mackwilds / Instagram, ricky_martin / Instagram, leonardo_nam / Instagram

A while ago, People Magazine declared Blake Shelton as the “Sexiest Man Alive” and left the internet pretty much up in arms. Most of the sentiment was that Blake Shelton’s looks are average at best. Many believe the magazine is doing the world an injustice by mostly electing only white men (all but two men of color have ever been given the award. #sideeye).  Now, I’m not here to judge, shame or grill the country music star on his looks, but since the internet is talking about it…

Here’s a list of some of the babeliest, most ridiculously good looking Latinos who could blow People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title out of the water.

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