20 Times Hollywood and Spanish-Language Films Remade Stories

credit: @picturethisthen / Instagram

It seems like every other Hollywood movie or American TV show these days is just a remake, reboot, or redo of an older one. Many of these remakes found their inspiration in Spanish-language film and television, using popular stories to tell new ones in English. The trade has gone both ways, with plenty of Latin American directors deciding to put their own cultural spin on American classics.

Here are 20 TV shows and movies that show how Hollywood and Spanish-language films have remade stories from each other.

Ugly Betty

Credit: @primevideochill_es / Instagram

Of course, Ugly Betty tops this list. The show was a beloved Colombian telenovela called Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. It was a smash hit, with dozens of copycats worldwide. The American series ran for four seasons and starred America Ferrera in the title role as Betty, a homely fashion magazine intern.

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