20 Times Mariah Carey Taught Us That Extraness Is Next To Godliness

She’s Mariah, the elusive chanteuse. And while her unchecked diva attitude has resulted in some pretty hilariously nutty moments from her, she’s also – possibly inadvertently – taught us to embrace the extra-ness that dwells within us all. In that, we show the world how much we value ourselves and how much we absolutely need a dressing room filled with 20 kittens. I mean, she knows what she wants and she gets it. That’s something we can all learn from.

Here’s some of the times Mariah Carey taught us to unleash our extra-ness and the lessons we learned from that.

1. A girl needs to look good, even if that means 15 outfits in a day!

mariahcarey / Instagram

On her iconic episode of “MTV Cribs,” Mimi felt the need to give the audience costume changes. Fifteen of them, in fact. She basically changed outfits every time she exhaled, ending up nearly naked an in her hot tub for the camera crew. Like WHAT?? The whole segment was totally amazing and batshit, but proved that it’s okay to show off different looks when you know you got ’em.

2. Her obsession of Hello Kitty.

In that same episode of “Cribs,” Mariah showed off her extensive (to say the least) collection of Hello Kitty products. Her kitchen alone was completely decked out in Hello Kitty everything. Her bathroom as well has been known to have the cartoon cat plastered all over the place. It doesn’t matter that she’s a grown ass woman. She likes Hello Kitty and isn’t apologizing for it.

3. Her excessive use of dahhhling.

mariahcarey / Instagram

She’s fancy, ok. She says dahhling because she’s just that fancy. And you should feel comfortable speaking however you like as well, even if people make fun of you for it.

4. Her out of control tour rider.

mariahcarey / Instagram

When artists go on tour, venues offer them a rider, which is a list that artists provide of all the things they want in their dressing room to make the experience more comfortable for them and their crew. Normal riders will include food, drinks, and maybe some creature comfort items like blankets or candles. Not Mariah though. She’s asked for a pink carpet, 20 white kittens, 100 doves, confetti shaped like butterflies, and a pink podium. Never be afraid to ask for what you want. The worst anyone can say is no.

5. Her liberal use of photoshop.

mariahcarey / Instagram

Being in the public eye means having the media and millions of people scrutinize your body, often in really brutal and cruel ways. So it makes sense that any woman would want to adjust their photos. And while we encourage you to love your body as it is, it’s ok to also want to smooth out a few things when you post if it makes you feel better about yourself that’s ok. No filter or all the filters, just love you.

6. Air brushing her abs.

Credit: People

During a 4th of July show she showed up in a crop top with suspiciously cut abs. Like too suspicious. And the Internet quickly noted that her ripped abs looked airbrushed on, and the photos kind of proved it. It’s a reminder to love your stomach, abs or not, because airbushing them on is not something we need to do.

7. Walking ti the stage? On her own? Please, dahhling!

Credit: Giphy

This infamous gif of her on her phone being wheeled to the stage by a team of men is the epitome of lazy bitch goals. Like if I could get this treatment as I’m perusing the aisles of Trader Joe’s I’d be pretty happy. Sometimes you need to get the princess treatment!

8. Shades all day, and night, and indoors.

Credit: MTV/Giphy

So simple and yet sooooo extra. Just taking that moment to but sunglasses on indoors to let the haters know you can’t see them is so perfect.

9.  I don’t know her.

Credit: Giphy

While it was Jennifer Lopez that was on the receiving end of this now legendary moment of shade, sometimes we all need to look at the person who is making our life more stressful or leeching all the joy out of it and say “I don’t know her.” Cut people out of your lives if they’re not bringing something good to it.

10. No, really, cut them out.

Credit: Giphy

It’s totally fine to not acknowledge the presence of those that bring nothing but trouble to your life. Give them a Mariah “who?” when they show up scratching at your door with their drama.

11. Acknowledging her power, and what she can do.

Credit: Giphy

When you walk into a room to handle some business, whether it’s a conference room to ask for a raise or the bedroom where you’re about to lay it down, let them know you’re a confident queen. And you will definitely be shutting it down.

12. Keeping it cute even when you fail.

Credit: Giphy

Listen, not all of us have a wicked throwing arm or other specific talents. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look cute in the process of looking like ding dongs. If Mimi can do it, we all can.

13. Feeling yourself, and acknowledging it.

Credit: Giphy

Part of showing love to yourself is acknowledging when you’re feeling how good you look. There’s nothing wrong with saying, dang I look cute! We’ve been told that saying you’re pretty or feel good about yourself is tied to being conceited or self-centered. Nah. Love yourself and speak that love unapologetically like Mariah.

14. Love your hoops.

Credit: Giphy

I mean, the bigger the hoop the closer to God. We all know this, and Mimi knows this. So let’s not forget it.

15. Wanting to bring her children into the world with some “Fantasy.”

mariahcarey / Instagram

Apparently, during the childbirth process, Marian insisted that a live version of her song “Fantasy” be played in the delivery room so her children can come into the world to her singing and the sound of applause. Sure. Why not.

16. She’s not afraid to make a human tower out of sailors.

Credit: Giphy

When you need a boost in life there’s people you know you can turn to. While Mariah went with back up dancers, who lifted her onto the backs of other dancers dressed as sailors, you can do that for your loved ones with words of encouragement and support. But this looks fun too!

17. renewing her vows at Disneyland.

There’s no doubt that Mariah is often a kid at heart, and renewing her vows to her ex-husband Nick Cannon at Disneyland, and making him dress like Prince Charming, is just another way she leans into that spirit of childlike wonder.

18. Suing her ex for wasting her time.

mariahcarey / Instagram

We’ve allllll had at least one ex who wasted our time, either pulling us along on a string or taking advantage of us. Well, Mariah is just like us in that way. However, she took a step not many of us take and sued her ex fiance for $50 million, which she called an inconvenience fee. And she won. And she kept the ring. She knows what she’s worth and refuses to let any man take advantage of her.

19. She never backs down from anyone.

mariahcarey / Instagram

When she was on “American Idol,” the tension between she and Nicki Minaj was major. Most people at the receiving end of Nicki’s wrath might shrink, but Mariah is no shrinking violet. She is most definitely not the one, and she has the no. 1 and the success to back her up. She wasn’t going to be steamrolled and help her ground. And no matter whose team you were on, they proved to both be strong as hell.

20. On dealing with the haters.

Credit: CBS/ Giphy

Once again, when it comes to dealing with negative people in your life, it’s best to take the Mariah stance and cut it the hell out. You don’t hear or see those people trying to tear you down. They don’t exist. Doing that is very freeing.

No matter what you think about Mariah’s extra-ness, you’ve got to admit she’s exciting and entertaining as hell. She doesn’t pull any punches or stand for any nonsense, even if she’s bringing it herself. We love Mimi, and can learn so much from her. Now say it with me, “I still don’t know her.”

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20 Latina Celebrities Who Faced Hardships and Failure Before Becoming Successful

Fierce Boss Ladies

20 Latina Celebrities Who Faced Hardships and Failure Before Becoming Successful

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be successful. Society tells us that failure is something we should be ashamed of; that it means there’s something wrong with us. However, some of the most successful people have had to overcome failure and hardship before getting their big break.

Whether they were rejected from jobs, limited in their opportunities or hindered by personal trauma, these Latinas were all able to rebound. They picked themselves up and showed the world that failure doesn’t stop these mujeres poderosas.

Here are some of the famous Latinas who didn’t let failure stand in the way of their success:

1. Naya Rivera

Instagram / @nayarivera

Linda Ronstadt is one of the most popular female artists of the 70’s and 80’s but this came after a lot of trial and error. In the beginning, the singer found little success with her band Stone Poneys. She was later inspired to pursue a solo career and released several albums in the process of finding her sound. Despite her work, she didn’t hit it big until the 1974 single Heart Like a Wheel. 

Naya Rivera is best known for her role as fierce cheerleader Santana Lopez on Glee. However, the actress almost didn’t get the part. In fact, she didn’t pass her first audition. Still, producers must have seen something they liked because they brought her in for another audition. After crushing that one, she got the part. Rivera also was an American Idol reject. Pre-Glee fame, she was eliminated in the first round of auditions.

2. Joseline Hernandez

Instagram / Joseline_hernandez_bish

Singer and television personality Joseline Hernandez is a familiar face thanks to her time on Love & Hip Hop. Despite this fame, she has tasted failure. In 2007, Hernandez filmed a TV pilot for Showtime that revolved around Miami’s Diamond Cabaret and its dancers. Unfortunately, the show was nixed and it would take five years before she would have her big break.

3. Rita Moreno

Instagram / @ourlatinas

Before she starred as Anita in West Side Story, Rita Moreno was stuck with stereotypical roles. The actress hoped that this would change after her Oscar-winning performance but that wasn’t the case. Refusing to take these roles, Moreno was forced into a 7 year exile from Hollywood as she waited for parts that were worth her talent. That small period of hardship had nothing on the success that life had planned for Moreno. She made a series of acclaimed movies in the 60’s and 70’s as well as starred in decades of highly-praised television and theater. The talented actress’ work went on to earn her a Tony, a Golden Globe, a Grammy and 2 Emmy Awards.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Instagram / @jlo

When Jennifer Lopez first decided to pursue her dream of stardom, it caused a huge rift with her parents. They thought it was a waste of time for their high school aged daughter. Disagreeing, J.Lo moved out on her own and began acting in regional musicals. She was soon hired with the chorus of a musical touring Europe. However, the star was terribly unhappy because she was the only member to not have a solo. Leaving this job led to work in Japan as a singer, dancer and actress but nothing brought J.Lo any success until she landed her role as a Fly Girl. This led to over 25 years of fame and success beyond her parents’ wildest dreams.

5. Lupe Vélez

Instagram / @here_comes_the_classics

Nicknamed the Mexican Spitfire, Lupe Vélez had the talent and personality to transition from Silent Film to the Talkies during Hollywood’s Silver Era. Still, her road to success was full with failure. When she first started performing, her father violently opposed it. Having to change her name to continue entertaining, Vélez found some success in Mexican vaudeville but faced issues being paid fairly. When she switched to a new revue, she was quickly fired for her feisty attitude. In 1926, an American stage director had Vélez fly out to LA for her first movie role. However, once she arrived, the actress found the part had been given to another. Still, her time in the states led to a screen test that landed her a role in a Laurel and Hardy film. The rest is Hollywood history.

6. Shakira

Instagram / @shakira

It’s hard to think of international star Shakira as a failure but she had a hard time in the beginning. In second grade, she was rejected from her school’s choir because of her strong voice. In fact, the choir director said she sounded like a goat. Still, Shakira continued her singing and dancing. As a teenager, she auditioned for a record executive who was impressed by her sound. However, when he passed her audition on to the artist director, they labeled her a lost cause. Still, the music executive knew she was special and organized another audition. If not for her talent and the help of that executive, Shakira’s future success could have been lost to rejection.

7. Salma Hayek

Instagram / @salmahayek

Salma Hayek is a big name star now but she wasn’t exactly popular in the beginning. In Mexico, she was rejected by the entertainment industry and was told she’d never have a career in acting. After finally finding work in telenovelas, she tried to make in in Hollywood. However, Hayek was told that the parts she wanted didn’t exist for Latinas. Even after she made it big as a movie star, the Mexicana was rejected 3 times by networks when looking for a home for Ugly Betty.

8. Becky G

Instagram / @iambeckyg

Before her role as the Yellow Ranger in the Power Rangers reboot, Becky G faced difficulties reaching stardom. Her single Shower proved to be a popular hit, but followup singles went nowhere. Also, after 3 years of working on it, her debut album never materialized and was scrapped. Despite this setback, the singer found success as a Cover Girl representative, actress, and was able to successfully crossover to Spanish music.

9. Dascha Polanco

Instagram / @sheisdash

Dascha Polanco knew from an early age that she only ever wanted to act. Unfortunately, the realities of societal norms and fat phobia held her back. Polanco feared the rejection she could receive because of her weight and stopped herself from pursuing her acting career. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she decided to face her fears and audition. Ironically enough, she landed the very first role she ever auditioned for; becaming Orange Is The New Black‘s Dayanara Diaz.

10. Cardi B

Instagram / iamcardib

Today, Cardi B is a musical superstar but her beginnings didn’t make it easy on her. As a teenager, she worked at a grocery store as a way to keep herself feed and housed. When she was 19, she was fired but not before the manager told her she should become a stripper. Whether this was a mean spirited comment or a friendly suggestion, it proved to be a great idea. Cardi credits her stripping career for helping her return to school and giving her the financial freedom to pursue music.

11. Selena Gomez

Instagram / @selenagomez

Before Selena Gomez was the star of Wizards of Waverly Place, she started her career as a child actor. Unfortunately, her big break didn’t last long. After being cast as a regular on Barney and Friends, Gomez was released from her contract after only 13 episodes. The reason? Show runners said she was getting too old. The actress had the last laugh, though, when she traded up to Disney stardom and a music career.

12. Christina Aguilera

Instagram / @xtina

Christina Aguilera is well known for her overwhelming vocals but they weren’t enough to keep her from rejection. The singer competed in Star Search at the age of 9, singing an Etta James classic. However, Aguilera lost to her 12 year old competitor. Despite the loss, she soon went on to be a regular on the 90’s reboot of the Mickey Mouse Club and the star hasn’t slowed down since.

13. Camilla Cabello

Instagram / camilla_cabello

Camilla Cabello now has a successful solo career but she started out as a member of girl group 5th Harmony. Before they found success together, they were individual contestants on The Xfactor. While competing, the five were first named Lylas and then 1432 before rebranding as 5th Harmony. However, the group lost their competition; coming in 3rd place. Though they lost, they were later signed by Simon Cowell and found success with their debut album. When Cabello struck out as a solo artist, she faced her share of uncertainty but has had hit after hit.

14. Christina Milian

Instagram / @christinamilian

Christina Milian has made a name for herself as an artist but it didn’t come without years of hardship. She moved to LA at the age of 16 to pursue music. After 6 months, she met a producer who claimed to want to help. However, she spent a year and a half fighting to break into music business with little success. The producer Milian worked with would’t give her a copy of the demo she recorded and also wrote lyrics she didn’t agree with. She ended up having to cut ties with the producer and writing, recording and promoting her demo on her own. It proved to be a success though and, in 2000, she got her big break.

15. Dolores del Río

Instagram / @mariafelixdiva

One of the most important actresses of the Mexican Golden Age of Film, Dolores del Río was the quintessential movie star. However, her early life was full of hardships. Her family was a part of Mexico’s aristocracy but troubled in Mexico caused her family to lose all their money. Later, after she married, her husband also faced financial ruin. Things changed, however, when a Hollywood film maker met and fell in love with her. In an attempt to be closer to del Río, the film maker convinced the couple to seek fame with him in Hollywood. Even with his backing, it took several years of bit roles before the Mexican actress got her big break.

16. Melanie Martinez

Instagram / @littlebodybigheart

As a child, musician Melanie Martinez was a prodigy; writing poetry in kindergarten and teaching herself guaitar at age 15. However, all that musical talent wasn’t enough to win her first tastes of success. In 2012, Martinez competed in a televised talent competition but was eliminated in the second round. Later that year, she found a bigger audience as she competed in season 2 of The Voice. Unfortunately, the musician was eliminated in the fifth round. After the rejection, Martinez released her debut single and quickly developed a loyal fanbase.

17. Sonia Sotomayor

Instagram / @hardworkinglatino

The first Latina to ever serve on America’s highest court, Sonia Sotomayor is an example to girls and women everywhere. However, it wasn’t an easy path to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor had difficulties adjusting to college life at Princeton University. It was after she failed her first midterm that she decided to buckle down and turn things around. That failure inspired her to seek help in her studies and become the kind of student she needed to be to later make history.

18. Linda Ronstadt

Instagram / @mountainwinery

Linda Ronstadt is one of the most popular female artists of the 70’s and 80’s but this came after a lot of trial and error. In the beginning, the singer found little success with her band Stone Poneys. She was later inspired to pursue a solo career and released several albums in the process of finding her sound. Despite her work, she didn’t hit it big until the 1974 single Heart Like a Wheel. 

19. Yaya Decosta

Instagram / @glamourdays_champagnenites

Yaya Decosta has found fame as an actress and model but not before she faced failure in the latter. She was a contestant in season 3 of America’s Next Top Model. Decosta even made it to the finale but was eliminated at the end. Still, the model decided to pursue acting and found recurring roles on Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. She even played Whitney Houston in the Lifetime biopic of the late diva.

20. Aimee Garcia

Instagram / @aimeegarcia4realz

Actress Aimee Garcia now makes a living doing what she loves but it took her a while to get there. While in college, the Latina acted in local productions. However, she stopped in order to pursue her career in finance once school was over. For a year, Garcia worked as a mutual fund analyst but quit her job after a year because she was unhappy. She returned back to acting and made her big break in the entertainment industry.

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These Empowering Latina Jams Are Perfect To Add To Your Galentine’s Day Playlist


These Empowering Latina Jams Are Perfect To Add To Your Galentine’s Day Playlist

Happy Galentine’s Day, mamis! What, you never heard of the holiday? According to Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, who made it a thing, “it’s only the best day of the year.” And she ain’t lying. Galentine’s Day, observed February 13, is a day to celebrate love — between your hermanas!

As the fictional character played by Amy Poehler in the series said, it’s “ladies celebrating ladies.” Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s a time to bring your closest gals together, either for brunch, evening cocktails, mani-pedis or an old-school slumber party, and bask in the beauty, love and joy of your friendship.

No Galentine’s Day commemoration would be complete without some girl power tunes. Here, a celebration playlist you and your bella squad can bang out to while toasting to being ride-or-dies.

1. Remind your mamis what’s in store for them this Galentine’s Day with “Ladies Night.”

This Lil’ Kim classic, featuring Boricua Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat and Missy Elliot, will undoubtedly get the squad hyped for the Galentine’s festivities to come.

2. Today’s all about feelin’ good, so you have to bring out Demi Lovato’s “Confident.”

On Galentine’s Day, you shower your femme squad with compliments — as you probably do any day of the week — and try your best to make sure the whole gang knows their worth.

3. Remind your nenas they are bomb just as they are with Bomba Estéreo’s “Soy Yo.”

Sure, if we’re being real with our chicas, as we should be, there’s room for all of us to grow as individuals, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t great already. Colombiana Li Saumet will have all the gals loving on themselves, and all their complexities, with this 2016 banger.

4. If this is a single ladies kind of festivity, pull out Paloma Mami’s “Not Steady.”

If your squad is the type that yells “soltera para siempre” as they toast their champagne, you need this chilena’s bop about not wanting to settle down blasting at the pari.

5. Remind your amigas that lovers “Can’t Hold Us Down” with this Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim classic.

Even if your squad is mixed, with single ladies and mujeres in relationships, both will appreciate la ecuatoriana’s still-relevant message about not letting your boo, or the patriarchy, keep you down.

6. After all, you can’t tame a boss bitch.

Just ask puertorriqueña Kelis, whose 2006 jam “Bossy,” featuring Too $hort, will have all the girls embracing their inner jefa.

7. Ride out with the nenas as the car radio blares Selena Gomez’s “Me & My Girls.”

Pre-game: check. It’s time to hit the dance floor, and this young mexicana will have you and your chicas feelin’ alive and set to shake the night away.

8. Put your worries aside with Mariah Carey’s “It’s Like That.”

As the venezolana says, “no stress, no fights … no tears, no time to cry.” Tonight is all about you and your girls livin’ it up. So heed Mariah’s advice and “open off that Bacardi” and feel “so hot tamale.”

9. Feelin’ it yet? Good! ‘Cause Cardi B’s “Money Bag” is about to have all the mamis twerking.

Like the dominicana’s own “bloody gang,” your crew is so bad that you’re out on the dance floor lookin’ “like bridesmaids,” so do like Cardi and drop that confident ass low.

10. But make sure Ivy Queen’s “Quiero Bailar” reminds everybody else that this is a Galentine’s Day party.

Swaying those hips is catching some attention. No one hates when some of the girls dance up with folk who aren’t in the crew, but let the Bori reggaetonera let the desperadxs know this is a girls’ night and the crew is going home together — punto.

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