22 Cutest Photos of JLo & ARod *SO* Very Much in Love

If you’re anything like me, then you know Jennifer Lopez from her many movies and musical performances and Alex Rodriguez for being an incredible baseball player. However, did you know that the two of them are currently dating and incredibly in love? You probably do if, well, you’ve spent any time on either of their Instagram accounts lately.

JLo and ARod have been an item since early 2017 and still going strong. There are countless moments of love between the two. So much so, in fact, that they’re basically complete #relationshipgoals. And I have to admit: I am pretty obsessed with the two of them. They’re just so sweet and support each other so much that it is exactly this kind of heart-warming exchange that I strive for in my own relationship. And so, to inspire you and your sweetie, here are the 22 cutest photos of JLo and ARod *so* very much in love.

1. With love from Capri.

CREDIT: jlo/Instagram

What, doesn’t YOUR sweetie pie give you love bites? Seriously, this photo is absolutely adorable and makes my heart sing. The two are clearly in love and being intimate with one another is key.

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