9 Times ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Bibiana Served Latina Realness

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If you’ve been catching this season of “The Bachelor,” then you may have had the pleasure of seeing contestant Bibiana Juliana drop some Latina fire.

This week the 30-year-old executive assistant from Miami left the reality dating show rose-less, but during her time in the Bachelor mansion the Cubana constantly said what everyone in all 22 seasons of the show has been thinking.

Here are 9 times Bibiana was not the one to mess with.

First of all, stepping out of the limo looking like this.

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Like damn, girl. Officially starting a petition to turn the dancing emoji dress from red to green ??

When she made us rekindle our rebellious teenage years with one simple admittance.

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Seriously, if you didn’t take your parents’ car and go on a drive to at least 7-Eleven for some Slurpees with nothing more than an expired driver’s permit, you weren’t a real bad bitch.

And the fans were feeling it as a moment of Latin pride!

Things are just done differently in Miami.

Shit really got real when baby-voiced Krystal tried to interrupt Bibiana’s one-on-one time with Arie.

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When Krystal asked if Bibiana minds if she stepped in to talk to Bachelor Arie, Bibiana replied with “I actually do.” Then she sent Krystal’s ass back into the mansion to heavy breathe against the door until Arie came back inside.

In 22 seasons of “The Bachelor,” why has no one – like literally not a single contestant ever – just said “no” when a woman interrupts their time with whatever vanilla-ass fool they’re fighting over. Bibiana said what every Lauren with the beach waves needs to say instead of complaining about being interrupted.

Former “Bachelor” contestant and last season’s Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, backed Bibiana 100 percent.

And if Rachel, who always kept it real on her season, says it’s true then you know it’s true.

Ladies! Just. Say. No. It’s totally okay to do that, especially when ya’ll also love to talk about being aggressive in getting that time. If that’s the case then be aggressive, B-E agressive, when you get it! But also, please keep in mind that this is over a dude so basic he actually said the thing that excites him most about life is…excitement. Wow.

Even so, when Krystal tried to say she was just checking in on Bibiana, our girl didn’t disappoint with the response.

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She straight up has the talk-to-the-hand hand up in Krystal’s face AND called her “baby girl.” She is not playing.

When that ASMR voiceover bot contestant tried to pull a fake apology and Bibiana made this face.

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That look is the NOPE face every Latina has made at some point in her life. Whether it’s at a boyfriend you caught lying, a sister you caught taking your shoes, your girlfriend who called you “gordita,” or a manager at Zara trying to accuse you of shoplifting. That face isn’t here for your shit, and yes I paid for these skinny, high waist Trafaluc jeans, Emily.

And Bibiana really wasn’t here for Krystal’s condescending baby voice.

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I started slow clapping after Bibi served this girl that piping hot read.

And just in case Krystal kept trying to backpedal and play innocent, Bibiana let her know the convo was OVER.

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RIP Krystal. Ya done!

And when some GLOW wrestler tried to make fun of her name, asking if her mom knows how to spell, Bibiana was not about it.

CREDIT: The Bachelor / ABC

Never EVER bring a Latina’s mom into it or it will pop off.

Even though Bibiana is a fan favorite, a total babe, and knows how to shut it down like a baws, Arie sent her back to Miami because that Saltine crumb doesn’t know a good meal when he sees one.

It’s okay though. Bibiana had the last laugh on social media.

Miss you already ?

A post shared by BIBIANA JULIAN (@bibi_julz) on

She posted a photo of Arie at his peak second place Zack Braff look-alike contest winner phase with the caption “Miss you already ?.” I. Am. ????.

While she likely won’t be missing Arie, Bibiana’s fans won’t be missing her for too long.

She’ll be back bringing realness to Bachelor Nation next month on “The Bachelor Winter Games.”

Though some people have other hopes for Bibiana.

Wherever she goes, the people will be watching. See you soon, Bibi! Get your license!


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