9 Times Cardi B Got Clowned By Her Fans And She Laughed Along With Them

Cardi B is one of the biggest stars on the planet, and with that level of stardom comes a certain level of trolling from the Internet. While Bardi has thrown her fair share of punches in the club, and claps back like a bawse at her online haters, she’s always down to laugh along with the fans clowning on her.

And really, the memes her fans make are so damn funny how could she not laugh? In fact, she even screenshots them and posts them on her Instagram page!

Here’s nine times Cardi B’s fans hilariously poked fun at her!

When Cardi posted a TBT of little baby Belcalis looking hella awkward in a ’70s-looking outfit, a fan photoshopped her as a member of the Jackson 5.

First of all, that photo of her is ????! Listen, we all had an awkward phase but this is too much. I cannot with her little wide-eyes,  clenched smile, awkward pose, and big collar. Not sure how she would have held up doing back up on “i’ll Be There” but she had the outfit on point. This is A+ trolling.

When Cardi rocked a black bob and it gave someone Edna “E” Mode vibes.

Not gonna lie. I see it. The shine and blunt bangs are on point, and let’s not forget that sass. Maybe we can get a version of “The Incredibles” where Cardi does Edna’s voice. It’d be extra good if you take some incr-edibles.

Even Ellen comes for Cardi! Is there no end to Ellen’s savagery?

Though I won’t lie. That’s a hot look on Ellen. Those bangs are reaching for the heavens, and touching every inch of sky on the way. Can’t wait for this version of “Finesse” to drop.

This meme of Cardi holding a Photoshopped plato of Thanksgiving leftovers is not only a great meme, but highly relatable.


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If there’s one thing that is pertinent to the experience of Latinos, it’s packing a plate mountain high with leftovers you’ll be making recalentado with for days. And Cardi’s face is definitely our face when we’re giving no fucks leaving the house with more food than the host gets to keep, and cracking that plastic red plate with weight of our mashed potato needs. Bye tiaaaaa!!! Gracias por la comiditaaaa!!

True fans of Bardi know that the rapper LOVES her purple blanket. Like really loves it.

I can’t believe she dress as my purple blanket ?????

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Trap Selena once lost it and it broke her heart, so naturally one fan decided to pay homage to the hunt – and return! – of Cardi’s prized blankey. The fan even added a little sign that reads “If found please return to Cardi B.” That’s a hyper-specific and incredibly clever costume idea. Even Cardi approved!

Speaking of cute Cardi-inspired costumes, these babies dressed as the “Bodak Yellow” rapper and her fiancé Offset are only kind of a troll.

???❤️❤️❤️ @offsetyrn

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Head-to-toe, these kids got the look on point. The tongue hanging out on Baby Bardi is perfect! And little Offset just kind of standing there in a wild outfit is also very true to the real thing. It’s so cute, but also so close to the real thing it’s hilarious.

When someone tried to say anyone who knows all the lyrics to “Bodak Yellow” is a bird (meaning: stupid), this fan clapped back and Cardi approved.


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Like they say in “The Notebook,” if you’re a bird I’ma bird. And if loving “Bodak Yellow” and knowing every single word makes me a bird, then flap flap! Also, the nest in the meme posted looks so cozy!

Someone out there used Spongebob to make a “Bodak Yellow” meme that calls out the times we can’t really tell someone they’re a worker bitch.

?????I hate yaaaa..it still money moves

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Sometimes you gotta smile and take some shit from the assistant manager at your work, who is THE WORST. But Cardi came back to reassure us all that even when we can’t tell our lame boss we don’t fuck with them you can still be making those money moves. And maybe one day you can’t stomp into that Sbarro in your bloody shoes and smack the breadstick out of their hand.

And the biggest fan troll of all….

My grandma wanna let ya know ????????????

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Cardi’s abuelita isn’t here to play games. Not with her, or with you. And honestly, it’s the cutest thing ever. Don’t mess with her!

No matter how many haters are out there, Cardi B has way more fans who even when they’re giving her a bit of shit it comes from a place of love.

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