A Rundown of The Best of Shondaland’s Latinx Characters

Shondaland's Latinx Characters Callie, Huck, Andy, and Soraya credit: Credit: Callie Torres. Digital Image. NY Daily News. October 1, 2010. Huck. Digital Image. Hollywood.com. Nov 25, 2013. Andy Herrera. Digital Image. Romper. Mar 22, 2018. Soraya Hargrove. Digital Image. TV Guide. November 3, 2016.

If you’re like the millions of American’s that tune in to ABC on Thursday nights to get your weekly dose of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and until recently, Scandal (#RIP), then you’re a Shondaland fan. For the more casual viewers, Shondaland is production company named after it’s superstar founding writer, producer, and showrunner: Shonda Rhimes. Not only are Rhimes’ shows renowned for their great cast of characters, but a Shondaland’s Latinx characters are some of the strongest out of all of them. You could argue that Rhymes’ commitment to diverse casting has pushed the entertainment industry towards valuing representation more than it ever has.

In light of this, we compiled a definitive list of Shondaland’s Latinx characters that always light up the screen. They may not all be honorable or admirable, but they’re always entertaining.

1. Callie Torres – Grey’s Anatomy


First and foremost, out of all of Shondaland’s Latinx characters, let’s give credit to the character that started it all: Callie Torres. Significantly, Callie was the first Shondaland Latinx character to appear as a lead actress in Shonda’s crown jewel, Grey’s Anatomy. Not only that, but Callie was also groundbreaking in that she portrayed a queer woman of color in the early 2000s. After marrying George in season three, Callie went on to start a fan-favorite relationship with Dr. Arizona Robbins. She is arguably the best of Shondaland’s Latinx characters, and definitely the most iconic.

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