Amara La Negra’s New Track Is An Ode To The Caribbean Beat And Twitter Just Can’t Stop Vibing To It

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When Amara La Negra made her debut on “Love & Hip Hop” fans of the show got a clear message: she is an Afro-Latina force to be reckoned with. Not only did the Miami-based Dominicana layout the law when it came to her artistry she also proved herself to be a genuine voice, someone who always stayed true to herself, no matter the risks. Within just a matter of weeks, her personality, hard work, and talent blew up across the biggest music media platforms and brought her support from a loyal fan base. These traits also allowed her to secure a rather impressive record deal with one of the country’s biggest labels.

Now the long-time singer’s efforts and work are finally paying off. Earlier this week, the music artist dropped a her “first official single” and it’s already quickly making its way up the charts.

The new track is everything your Caribbean hear will need this summer while hitting up the club.


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It’s been weeks since Amara first teased the single back in late January. Fans were pleasantly surprised when the pop and hip-hop singer dropped the preview and have waited gingerly ever since. The bilingual song is a little bit more slow-paced than the “What A Bam Bam” Tidal exclusive. Still, it has the very Caribbean feel that she has expressed an eagerness to produce in the past. Within just a matter of days, the song has managed to achieve the Top 10 of US Itunes Pop slot and is currently rising through iTunes Top 30 in all genres.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Amara’s new hit is mustering up all types of emotions with fans.

Literally, every Amara fan on Twitter is begging for her new album to drop ASAP.

Seriously if you haven’t listened to the new single yet, get on it because you are missing out.

Seriously, if being in love with Amara La Negra’s tunes makes me crazy, call me loca with a capital L, boo.

Check out Amara’s new song below!

Amara’s new hit single was produced by Theron of Rock City. The producer has previously worked with Rihanna, Priscilla Renea, Supa Dups, and Di Genius.


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