Ana Brenda Contreras Is Officially Part Of The ‘Dynasty’ Cast

credit: The CW

There’s no denying the roller-coaster of emotions that fans of CW’s “Dynasty” have felt this year. First, there was that shocking season 1 finale and then earlier this summer, Nathalie Kelley the actress behind Cristal revealed she wouldn’t be coming back for the series’ second season. Now, a new bit of news dropped by the network reveals that the plot twists and turns for the show both on and off-screen continue.

WARNING: The below is not a *spoiler* free zone.

Back out now if you don’t want to know what to expect this upcoming season.


Do it now.

A recent announcement from the CW reports that while the original face of Cristal Flores will disappear, a new one will be taking over.

According to a report by Deadline, while Nathalie Kelley will no longer be taking on the role of Cristal, in true soap-style, telenovela star Ana Brenda Contreras will. As any “Dynasty” devotee will know, Cristal, Alexis and Michael’s fortunes were left dangling in the Season 1 finale cliffhanger. Remember, all three were still trapped in that fire after Cristal was shot. (BTW did anyone get major O.C. vibes from that?) While Kelley did spoil the big plot twist of her departure for fans earlier this summer, CW’s president Mark Pedowitz tells Deadline that fans still have quite a bit of surprises to look forward to. “We have plans for other characters too. (Showrunner) Sallie (Patrick) has a fun twist and turns in store.”

But back to Ana Brenda Contreras. Some noveleras may recognize the Mexican actress from her work in these uber-popular telenovelas such as, Teresa…

CREDIT: Televisa

She played Teresa’s super sweet best friend who almost forfeited her love for Mariano.

Then she went from supporting actress to lead in “La Que No Podía Amar”.

CREDIT: Televisa

And her career seems to have taken off ever since.

Fans cannot contain their excitement now that Ana Brenda is jumping from Televisa to the CW.


Some claim this is the best news.

Same, tbh.


And Latinas are showing their full support.


Because we need this representation now more than ever.

Thank you, CW!


The show may even land new fans because of this change.

I know I’m going to start tuning in ????????‍♀️.


Ana Brenda is ecstatic for this new opportunity.


Congratulations to Ana Brenda on this major crossover.


This is her first English-language project and we’re sure she’s going to dominate.



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