A ‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff TV Series Is On Its Way And It’s Starring Gabrielle Union And Jessica Alba As Leads

credit: Sony TV

If you’re a lover of ‘00s action-packed rom-coms, it’s time to get excited: A “Bad Boys” spinoff TV series is on its way, and it’s starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as leads.

LA’s Finest will center on Syd Burnett (played by Union), Marcus Burnett’s (Martin Lawrence) little sister in the 2003 hit “Bad Boys II.” In the series, she leaves her complicated life taking down drug cartels, and possibly also her hidden romance with Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), in Miami to become an LAPD detective, where she is paired with new partner Nancy McKenna (Alba). The partner, a working mom who also has a complex past, and Burnett rarely see eye to eye, but they make it work when it’s time to go after major lawbreakers in LA.

The idea for the series came after Union and her friends pondered what her character Syd would’ve been up to today. Amused by the thought, she called up “Bad Boys” franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer to see if bringing her back was an option.

“Thankfully, she was so underdeveloped because it wasn’t really about her,” Union said to EW about her character. “There’s so much more to Syd than even I realized.”

The 13-episode series was picked up by Charter Communications as its first major original series for its new platform Charter’s Spectrum. The Sony Pictures TV production will be executive produced by Bruckheimer, with Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier serving as showrunners. The cast also includes Ernie Hudson as Joseph Burnett, Zack Gilford and Duane Martin as Ben Walker and Ben Baines, and Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna.

LA’s Finest will premiere in 2019 exclusively on Charter’s Spectrum, ahead of the “Bad Boys 3” Jan. 17, 2020 release date.

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