Look What Someone On Twitter Made Women Do After They Asked Us To Find A ‘Badder Bitch Than Taylor Swift’

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Being a super fan in today’s age of social media means that sometimes we use absolutes to proclaim our love when discussing our favorite celebs online. For example, a look at my own FB history will reveal quite a few bold statements like “Cardi B is the best rapper in the game,” “Beyonce is goddess of life” and “William Levy is everything.” (LBR both statements are arguably fact though.)

Last month, a Twitter user became one such fan when they demanded others to challenge their passion for singer Taylor Swift. The dare appeared to be largely rhetorical, but thousands of users rose to the challenge to school everyone on what was what.

Twitter user @xnulz put out a pretty daring challenge to the Twitterverse.

It was pretty bold considering the fact that we all know how much Twitter LOVES a dispute, particularly one that involves Taylor. At the time of the tweet, the account had a fairly low profile. But over the weekend attention to it picked up as replies flooded in with examples of famous women in history who have arguably done the “bad bitch” label better than Taylor. Users named women like Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart and Malala Yousafzai.

And of course, Latinxs showed up to point out that we do “bad” pretty damn well.

Yes, Taylor Swift’s Reputation might be smashing the pop charts these days, but can anyone really dispute the fact that Sonia Sotomayer’s role in smashing the patriarchy has been less stellar?

Some even schooled us on some powerful Latinas we probably missed in history class.

A majority of the tweets took the time to highlight famous women in history whose achievements go well beyond the limits of a “bad bitch” label.

And basically, the responses have been everything.

Pretty sure, everyone’s abuelas can beat Swift out on this one.

Even Miguel’s abuela, Coco, got a mention.

Seriously, @xnulz must have missed this smack down from Coco, because how is TSwift (no matter how much we love her) gonna be more of a BB than abuelita when she’s defending her grandson? Don’t think so.

So to summarize, there’s a hell of a lot of women who deserve the bad bitch title, and Latinas will not be written out of that equation.

Not now or any time soon, because even though we might have been left out of textbooks, we have been and are 100% here with our bad selves.

Lesson: never underestimate women or pit them against each other. Because we can all be equally bad bitches.


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