Anyone Who Has Ever Been Asked For A Sexy Pic By A Guy Will Feel Seen AF By This New Natti Natasha Video

Latinas are firing up the music industry and showing cero signs of toning themselves down for modesty’s sake. On Friday, April 20, reina de Latin pop, Becky G, dropped her newest collaboration with Natti Natasha and despite having only been up on the internet for just a few hours it has already racked up millions of views.

The new music video “Sin Pijama” features the two singers at a lavish sleepover and even the English-only world can’t stop watching.

The video, which was dropped early Friday, is #1 trending on Youtube and has already had over 4 million views just 13 hours after its launch.

The video didn’t just break Youtube though, it also has Twitter on fire.

The video has itself has so much heat, that it’s trending on Twitter and the music charts.

Seriously, the video is so good kids are ready drop TF out of school.


I wouldn’t go running to show this to my parents but if your ‘rents are cool like that then cool cool cool I guess…

It’s even making non-Spanish speakers tune in.

Literally, if there was ever a time for you to answer your abuela’s prayers and learn Spanish this is it. Because not only is the video insane, the lyrics are better.

But the best part of the video comes at the very end.

Because apparently amid making a video that was complete fuego, the artists had time to fit in an epic plot twist that will have you feeling so SEEN it’s not even funny.


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