J.Lo Burns Stacks Of Cash, Walks Her Ostrich And More Bougie Antics Alongside Cardi B For Their ‘Dinero’ Video

credit: Dinero / Joseph Khan

J. Lo left the block for a palatial mansion. On Thursday, the Puerto Rican royal dropped her luxurious new video for “Dinero,” and it’s even more bougie than our proletariat minds could’ve imagined.

The Joseph Khan-directed visual, shot in black-and-white, shows Jennifer Lopez living a life of excess. The queen rolls a diamond-studded bowling ball down a shiny hall, roasts marshmallows over burning stacks of cash, barbecues a fat steak in pearls and black lingerie while holding a bejeweled pimp cup, walks her pet ostrich and accumulates more wealth during a game of poker with a trio of shirtless men.

She’s not alone in her affluence, either. The video includes cameos from regal artists Cardi B and DJ Khaled, who also flaunt their wealth. Rapping her verse, the Dominican-Trinidadian hitmaker sits beside J.Lo in a four-poster bed, where the pair read each other’s Time cover stories before heading outside to play croquet with actually coins.

“Dinero” is Lopez’s third new song of the year, following “El Anillo” and “Se Acabó El Amor,” so the pop star’s net worth will likely continue to swell by the end of 2018.

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