Rosa Diaz Finally Came Out As Bisexual On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ And Fans Are Screaming

credit: Fox / Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Christina Henderson / mitú

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” celebrated its 99th episode with a special gift to fans: Officer Rosa Diaz came out as bisexual!


Stephanie Beatriz, the genius behind Diaz’s character, is an openly bisexual Latina IRL and now she gets to play one on the show and give us another great LGBTQ character to look up to.

“I was really excited about it,” Beatriz told Entertainment Weekly in an interview. “I hadn’t really seen much of that representation in television that I personally watch. I know it’s out there, but often times it’s written in a specific way.”

Officer Diaz’s coming out is a welcome addition to the show’s representation of queer people of color.

This is truly some groundbreaking stuff for television. Sure, bi characters exist (in small doses), but seeing women of color on the screen having bisexual relationships is pretty rare. And the fact that it’s a character as cool as Officer Diaz makes it even more amazing.

Fans are so grateful to see this kind of representation on television.

? ? ?

Seriously. The show is finally quenching fans’ thirsts for diversity and we are here for it.

“Supernatural” is super white, TBH.

Fans are literally screaming with excitement.

Can you blame them?

Even people who don’t watch the show are celebrating the news.

“For me, the most important thing about this part of Rosa was to show that she isn’t just a steel wall,” said Beatriz. “She does have vulnerabilities, and one of her vulnerabilities is now whether or not she will be able to continue to blossom the relationship that she has with her family who she really cares about, but whose value system is different.”

And now people are begging for this show to stay on the air.

Even if you don’t like the show, just turn it on, leave the room and return when it is done. Sometimes things are bigger than you and you have to take one for the team, okay?


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