Camila Cabello Did A Psychic Reading As Part of An Interview And Got Real About That Breakup

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Life after Fifth Harmony has pretty sweet for Cuban-born, Florida-raised singer Camila Cabello. She’s set to debut her first solo album “The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving,” and in the meantime her songs “I Have Questions” and “OMG” are tearing through and topping charts. To promote her upcoming album, Cabello sat down with Rob Markman of Genius and opened up about the stories that have peppered her creative process. Heads up: this is not your everyday music interview because Genius combined the Q&A session with a tarot card reading. What came out was a deeper look into the unexpected path that brought Cabello to stardom, the influence of her Cuban culture on her music, and the struggles of a recently failed relationship.

For the video interview, Cabello and Markman sit with a third generation psychic named Lily.


Together, the three dive into Cabello’s past, present, and future in different areas of her life including business, health, and love life. Of course, Cabello admits that before walking into the interview her skepticism was pretty high up there. After all, a quick Google search of Cabello’s name could literally bring up all of these things. Fortunately, the psychic brought in for the interview has no idea her cards will lie in front of a breakout star.

“I didn’t really think of it as a plausible thing.”

During the interview, the psychic pretty much nails Cabello’s past on the head. The psychic reads that for Cabello, music wasn’t something that was on her radar. It’s an observation about the artist’s past that Cabello admits is pretty spot on. “I initially was not trying to do music at all,” Camila confesses to Markman. “I came to the United States, my family came and my parents made that choice. My mom came over to Miami. Her main thing was just like, ‘We don’t have money to get you into college, so you’re going to have to get a scholarship and you’re going to have to study your butt off.’ That was always my main focus. I was a book nerd. I was just studying, studying, studying. I didn’t really think of it as a plausible thing, even though it was always my escape.”

Things took a turn when the psychic hinted at a rift in one of Cabello’s relationships.

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At one point during the interview the psychic brings up a relationship having a negative impact on Cabello. “There’s going to be something going on with somebody that you’re going to take concern for,” Lily says as she looks up from her cards. As it turns out, Cabello knows exactly what rift the psychic is talking about. (And we suspect we all do.) “That is actually going on right now,” she says. Later, the songstress reveals that this very relationship is the same one that motivated her to write the song “I Have Questions.” Later, while talking with Markman, Cabello shares that the song reflects on a friendship that blindsided her when it suddenly cut short. “I had a friend and we were so close,” Camila says. “Then it was like literally a day after we didn’t even know each other anymore. It was weird.”

As an artist, the road of a solo artist comes with a mix of fear and success.

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Towards the end, the psychic points out that Cabello’s cards have a lot to say about her writing aspirations. “It’s almost as if you’re gonna have a little fear of going in that direction,” says Lily. “Once you let go of that fear, you’re gonna move forward.” Speaking up for herself in studio sessions is already proving to be part of the process of quashing Cabello’s fears of writing. “When I got into the studio for the first time to work on this album which was January, they came in with this attitude of like, ‘I have an idea for you. Play it for me,’” Cabello says. “I was like, ‘Let’s do something from scratch.’”

For Cabello, starting from scratch has meant infusing bits of her own culture into the lyrics and beats of her newest songs. Her breezy, laid back song “Havana,” which has peaked at No. 44 on the Billboard Hot 100, is flavored by the strong influence of her Cuban culture. Cabello shares that the songs greatest reward gave her the experience of playing it for her abuela “I put headphones on her ears. You know in the first verse? She was like ‘Dios!’.”

Check out Camila’s full psychic reading below.


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