Camila Cabello’s Immigration Story Is The Definition of The American Dream

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Camila Cabello is only 21 years old, but she’s experienced a life reboot at least three times in her life that we can count. There was the time she went from being axed from “The X Factor” to being brought back as the fifth member of a girl band. There was also the time she left said girl band and started her solo career. Now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Cabello is opening up about her first ever life reboot, a time that came as a result of her parent’s effort to immigrate to the United States.

For an interview with Rolling Stone, Cabello spoke about the first time she started her life over.

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In her latest interview, the singer told the magazine about her immigration story, one that any Latina who has ever seen her parents, abuelos or bisabuelos to endure only so that they could give their kids the lives they didn’t have can relate to. The Cuban singer shared how at just six years old, she left her hometown of Havana with her mother on a trip she thought would take her to Disney World. From Mexico, the singer traveled to the United States through Texas where she left on a 36-hour bus ride to Miami. Together, Cabello and her mother started off a backpack that held onto their possessions and $500. “Her goal was always to end up in the United States,” Cabello told the magazine in her retelling of the story. “When she got pregnant with me, she wanted me to be in a place where there was no ceiling to whatever I wanted to do.”

The truly heart touching aspect of Cabello’s story concerns how much her parents were willing to give up for her in order to ensure she had the best life possible.

While Cabello’s mother had been an architect in Cuba she worked in the U.S. at a Marshalls. To ensure Cabello could attend a public school of the highest quality her mother used a fake address associated with an affluent neighborhood. A year later, Cabello’s father, who is from Mexico, swam the Rio Grande to join his family. To help his family make ends meet her father washed cars at a mall. In 2016, he finally received his green card.

Now, that’s an immigration story that really speaks to how much our parents are willing to give up in order to give us the best.


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