Cardi B Surrendered To Police This Morning After Alleged August Fight At Flushing’s Strip Club

Cardi B turned herself in to police Monday morning following a summons seeking her in connection with an alleged strip club fight.

Surrounded by bodyguards and ignoring the calls of reporters, Cardi appeared at the 109th Precinct in Queens where she surrendered to charges related to an alleged incident back in August. The Bronx rapper was booked, fingerprinted, and had her photograph taken before being released until her October 29th desk appearance for these charges.

According to E! News, Cardi was charged with reckless endangerment in the second degree and assault in the third degree as well as a second count of reckless endangerment in the second degree. These charges come from a fight at a Flushings strip club back in August of this year. Per TMZ, the new mom is being accused of ordering an attack on two female bartenders. Allegedly, Cardi believed one of the women was involved with husband, rapper Offset, and this relationship sparked the attacks.

The rapper has since denied any connection to the alleged fight and appears to be cooperating with police in their investigation. Her attorney, Jeff Kern, spoke to reporters outside the police precinct, stating, “Today she received a summons charging misdemeanors only. We’re aware of no evidence that she caused anybody any bodily harm at the club that night. We expect that the matter is going to be resolved expeditiously.”

Joe Tacopina, an attorney representing both claimants in this matter shared with E! News that Cardi “bragged to multiple people and on social media that she orchestrated these vicious attacks.” He continued, “But reality is setting in, as justice does not care whether her name is Cardi B or Carly B, and she will now answer for her crimes.”

These same allegations were brought up against Cardi by Nicki Minaj after their fight during New York Fashion Week. On an episode of Queens radio, Nicki said of Cardi, “You getting girls beat up because of what your man doing? Real bitches never do that— you never attack the woman… you take that up with your f—-ing man.”

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this investigation will be but we hope that justice is found for all bodies involved.

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