Cardi B Fans Are Schooling Her On The Deadly Consequences Of Her Transphobic Jokes And Comments

credit: lovingcardib / Instagram

The trans community and its allies have officially put Cardi B on notice about their request for an apology. Over the weekend the “Invasion of Privacy” rapper upset her fans and followers on social media after posting a transphobic meme to her official Facebook account on Sunday.

The transphobic meme quickly made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.


The meme featured an illustration of a person  looking out an open door with the words “I hope nobody see this tr—y leave my house.” The image was followed up with a series of laugh and skull emojis. In the hours after it was first posted, the meme was promptly taken down, but not before various commentators slammed the rapper for the meme and created the hashtag #CardiBIsOverParty.

Soon after, various prominent faces of the trans community spoke up to condemn the meme.

Various users on Twitter and Facebook expressed their pain over the meme including “Orange Is The New Black” star Laverne Cox and “Pose” actress Angelica Ross. Both women responded to the meme by underlining the ongoing epidemic of violence and homicidal acts against trans women.

“Black trans women are being killed because of jokes like this. These niggas are killing us to keep women like you @iamcardib from finding out. Cause you’ll make fun of their manhood. This is how you encourage toxic masculinity that only ends up hurting you too sis! Apologize,” Ross wrote in a post to her Twiter account.

In response to the backlash, the rapper took to her social platforms to explain that she had not been responsible for the post. “It’s come to my attention that there have been offensive posts made on what used to be my Facebook page. For the past year and a half a FORMER team member has been the only one with access to the account.”

“We’ve tried educating her she clearly doesn’t care and it’s time to hold her accountable. The average life expectancy for a trans woman of color in America is 35 years old, we don’t need Cardi putting transphobic content out” one user wrote in response to Cardi B’s apology and meme.

It’s not the first time Cardi has faced backlash for similar comments. An older video of the rapper using the slur “tr–ny” began to resurface in the hours after the meme was posted. The video shows Cardi B suggesting that she would punish a male partner by having him take part in a threesome with her while being unaware that he was also sleeping with a trans person.

The rapper has been forced to explain her use of the slur in a previous interview. “Like I didn’t know that that was a word that you cannot use, especially because my trans friends use it and growing up, my parents never told me that that was a bad word,” Cardi B said. “You know, there’s bad words that your parents teach you that you’re not supposed to say. Nobody taught us that. Nobody taught us that in our school.”


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