Cardi B Drops Her First Collaboration With Bruno Mars And Twitter Wants Their MTV Back

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Two years ago, Bruno Mars’s attached the song “Finesse” to his 24k Magic album. Slotted next to chart hits like “That’s What I Like” and “24K Magic,” the song was a bit dormant in comparison to the other attention grabbing hits that made the album. Then… Cardi B happened.

In her first time ever collaboration with Mars, Cardi B has managed to give the song new life and an audience that’s already dubbing it their all time favorite.

Last night, Cardi B and Bruno dropped a remix of “Finesse” that is quickly climbing the charts.

Credit: Atlantic Records

Bruno Mars and & Cardi B’s “Finesse” remix video transports us back to an era where “In Living Color” played on the screens of bulk TVs with ’90s-inspired denim, bumping choregraphy, and playful sets. But the time travel isn’t just visual. Cardi’s lyrical flow acts as a clear hat tip to 90s female rap legends like Lisa Lopes and Queen Latifah. It’s smooth, it’s bouncy, it’s nostalgic.

Cardi B amps up Bruno’s song with her own lyrics and style on screen.

Credit: Atlantic Records

Oh yeah, and she breaks out some seriously fly ass bump and grind moves too. The song’s music video features the two musical artists in fresh outfits reminiscent of those on “Different Strokes.” It also has some pretty boss outfits that give promise to the sustainability of the 90s nostalgia trend. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon folks.

No surprise here, Cardi B’s feature in the video has Twitter stirring over her finesse.

Because she’s dripping in it and setting it on fireeee.

Seriously, folks, it seems everything Cardi touches these days turns to gold.

Her musical work in the past year has put her at the top of historical music charts. Last year she became the first rapper in history to have three songs at the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 slot at the same time. It’s a feat only ever achieved by Ashanti and The Beatles.

So basically everyone is pumped AF about what her twist on the song will do for it this year.

Now she says she gon’ do what to it?? If we don’t see it grab a few Grammy nods, we’re pretty sure we’ll see it takes its grip on the Billboard charts.

Check out Cardi B in “Finesse” below:

And BTW if you still have to ask… she’s what’s poppin’.


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