Cardi B Mentions Her Daughter Kulture in Her Newest Song and Our Hearts Just Exploded

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Cardi knows how to multitask. In her the Dominican-Trinidadian rappers latest single, which dropped on Tuesday, October 23rd, the “I Like It Rapper” proves that when she makes moves they’re all about the mommy and money profits.  In her latest song, aptly titled “Money”, the Bronx-born rapper avows an un-apologetically indulgent celebration of the things that matter most to her in life.

Among this list is “checks” “boardin’ jets”, “morning sex” and of course her newborn daughter Kulture.

Cardi’s new song “Money” is the kind of quality banger we expect to get from her.

The charismatic MC rattles of her verses business as usual, flexing about her bank account and her love of dinero. Still, she takes the listener by surprise in her final verse when she changes the lyric from “But nothing in this world that I like more than checks” to “But nothing in this world that I like more than Kulture”. Although it’s a small nod to the massive change of becoming a mother that’s she’s experienced, that doesn’t make it any less powerful. In this verse, Cardi displays that she’s the same person we’ve grown to love, but with a different, more mature, even more responsible outlook on life.

As usual, Cardi B stans on Twitter were all about her new single.

Each time @iamcardib comes out with a song I feel like I relate to it more than the last.

“Money” has reached us on a whole other level.


In the past, Cardi has made no secret of the financial struggle she endured before finding success, telling stories of how she felt compelled to stay in an abusive relationship because of her financial situation: “I was dictated to, and had to do things I didn’t want to do because I was living under a man’s roof…and I didn’t have money”. Additionally, she’s talked about the struggle her parents went through raising her on a limited income, stating, “I have real good parents, they poor….They real good people and what not, I was just raised in a bad society”.



This isn’t the first time Cardi has been upfront about how much money means to her.

It’s hard to believe that Cardi’s chart-topping single “Bodak Yellow” was released in June 2017, just a little over a year ago. Since then, she’s released her incredibly successful debut album “Invasion of Privacy,” been on the cover of Rolling Stone, been the first female rapper to have two number one singles, and of course, gotten married and had a baby. Recently, she took to Instagram Live to discuss the work she’s doing on her latest album and how she hopes to finish at least ten more songs before the year’s end. With a drive like this, it’s no wonder she’s sometimes referred to as the hardest-working rapper in the hip-hop game today.

As for arguably the most important job she’s had so far, that of a new momm, Cardi’s journey has just begun. She recently told Jimmy Kimmel that she plans on having three or four children because she’s loved the experience so much. As for us, we’re most excited that Cardi is finally able to break the cycle of poverty she was born into and provide for her daughter in a way that her parents were unfortunately never able to do.


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