Cardi B Says She Didn’t Drop All Of The Music She Made For ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ And Now’s Releasing A Mixtape

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Quen Belcalis knows how to put on the ultimate juggling act. The new mom and recent receiver of fame and acclaim might be stretched for time but she still has big plans to continue her hustle. Despite having dropped her first studio album back in April, the Dominicana from the Bronx is already planning to debut new material this fall.

In a post to her Instagram account, the “Invasion of Privacy” rapper revealed that she plans to drop some new tunes in the very near future.

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The rapper, who just gave birth to her daughter Kulture this past July sat on a coach and talked to fans in an Instagram Live feed where she spoke about her struggle to keep up with all that she plans to do.  On top of taking care of her newborn and finding time to replace that very familiar blue wig she’s been rocking, the rapper announced that she plans to drop a new clothing line with her beloved brand Fashion Nova in November. She then revealed that she also plans to debut a new album.

“Let me tell you how things are right?” The Latina explained to those 70K plus viewers watching her live feed. “There are like about five songs I was supposed to put on ‘Invasion of Privacy’ but I just didn’t finish it didn’t make sense. So I’m going to put on this project — I really want to put it out on September 1st  but I’m missing like four, five songs and I just and this is the thing I’ve got 4,5 songs I gotta finish for this project and I’ve got six features, there’s like six features I gotta do and six songs I gotta finish for my project.”

For fans who were disappointed to learn of the rapper’s decision to pull out of her tour with Bruno Mars, things might be feeling a bit brighter. On top of her decision to remain committed to her appearances at Mala Luna Music Festiva and  Tropicália Music Fest this fall, it looks like Cardi will continue her hustle.



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