Cardi B Just Professed Her Love For Selena… By Changing The Lyrics To ‘Dreaming Of You’

Wearing pantunflas and a bandana, Cardi B and her sister Hennessey Carolina just blessed the internet with the gift of a Selena remix — that’s what the internet is calling it, not us. Cardi B sang lead vocals while sitting on a grand piano as her sister, and camera person, provided some support.

Things started off pretty well until Cardi B forgot changed the lyrics:

Late at night when all the world is sleeping

You’ll stay up and think of me

And you’ll wish on a star

That I will be gone

But I’m still here

Cause I’m blessed by Jesus Christ

And tomorrow I’ll still be around

And there’s no one in this world

That could take that from me

Because my mother prays for me

And Hennessey

Check out the remix below:

I will forever looooveeeeeee Selena !

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One would expect the trolls to come out if anyone ever dared to change Selena lyrics, but most of her followers left comments with the laughing crying emoji. Gotta love Cardi.

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